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RUSH: “Monica Lewinsky Breaks 10 Years of Silence on Affair with President Clinton — After a decade of near-total silence, Monica Lewinsky has taken to the pages of Vanity Fair to discuss her affair,” when she was 19 “with President Bill Clinton — and her subsequent efforts to move forward with her life. ‘It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress,’ writes Lewinsky in the magazine. ‘I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.’

“In the excerpt from the article, she also denies rumors that the Clintons paid her for silence (‘I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth’) and talks about moving forward with her life (‘I am determined to have a different ending to my story.’) She also reaffirms that her relationship with President Clinton was strictly consensual:

Sure, my boss took advantage of me –” That’s no big deal. She didn’t write “no big deal.” I just threw that in ’cause that’s the way it’s been treated by the Clinton machine.

“Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship. Any ‘abuse’ came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. […] The Clinton administration, the special prosecutor’s minions, the political operatives on both sides of the aisle, and the media were able to brand me. And that brand stuck, in part because it was imbued with power.”

Now, there’s much more to this. Vanity Fair doesn’t do short stuff, so it is very long. So she admits that she was taken advantage of, but that it was a consensual relationship. She also alludes to the fact that in the aftermath of this, it was Hillary — we all know this — it was Hillary that ran the bimbo eruptions.

It wasn’t just Monica Lewinsky that Hillary went after and then Betsey Wright and the others. It was every one of these bimbos that popped up and claimed or was gonna claim or thought to claim or was rumored to claim a dalliance with former President Clinton. The thing that’s always amazed me is people forget a lot of things about this.

Clinton got her to commit perjury in a sexual harassment trial, and we’re just supposed to forget that. He committed perjury, which is why he was impeached. He wasn’t impeached because he had the affair. He got her to commit perjury in a sexual harassment trial. But that’s not the point. She says it’s consensual. Fine and dandy.

But when it was learned and discovered, she loved the guy. I mean, she may have been 19, and love is love at whatever age. It’s a different thing to different people, but she loved the guy. They destroyed her. The group — the people — that claim to be protecting women, that claim to want to shield women from the evils of the world including conservative Republicans, led the charge in destroying this woman, after the fact.

After Clinton got what he wanted, after he got his jollies, after he got his consensual whatevers, then it was time to destroy her — along with every other woman that popped up, not just Monica Lewinsky — and it was Hillary right in there. The left and every supporter, the hypocrites that they are, didn’t think anything of it. At first when Clinton lied about it, they accepted it.

Madeleine Albright runs out there with about 25 other women that they could round up in a half hour at the administration, and they claimed they totally believed Clinton when he went out there and he said, “I just want to say this. I never had sex with that woman.” Who is it? “Ms. Lewinsky. Not one time. I never lied. I never asked anybody to lie.” It was all a lie. Every bit of it was a lie.

They knew it, and they stood behind the guy. “No big deal. Just sex. It didn’t get the way of his work, didn’t affect his job.” A19-year-old girl was led on, manipulated, used. None of that mattered. It was cruel, it was actually mean, and then what they did to her afterwards is what she’s even acknowledging is the abuse in this sordid thing that occurred after.

She cites Drudge.

She gets mad at Drudge for making all this public and making all the news public.

But Drudge has linked to her story today at Vanity Fair. So Drudge is helping her get her side of the story out now. It just… I don’t know. The whole thing. I think the country has always been… No matter at what point you put yourself in the timeline of the country, you’re always gonna have people who think that morality is going to hell, that standards are declining and evaporating.

Every generation thinks that that’s happening. But I really think that when the Clinton administration began to operate the way they did, it took a plunge. I don’t think it was just a gradual decline that was taking place. It wasn’t an overnight thing. It was a dramatic plunge, and it was necessary to save the administration, to save Clinton. They had to go out and destroy all of these people.

The hypocrisy here from the people that claim they have all the tolerance and all the love and all the compassion, and it’s us, conservatives, waging this War on Women. Yet every time you look around, it’s women who are been torn apart from their families or damaged or disrespected or whatever are really mistreated by these people.

They’re discarded after being used. And if they dare speak up at the wrong time and the wrong place, they get destroyed not just discarded. There’s Hillary. Monica Lewinsky is making the point that it was Hillary blaming all the women that were involved, including her. Lewinsky, she says she considered suicide. So Hillary and Bill… I mean, War on Women?

After Monica Lewinsky’s affair with President Clinton, she nearly almost considered suicide. Anyway, that’s that. There’s gonna be more. I haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing. I mean, it just popped here before the program began, so this brief summary is all I’ve had a chance to look at. I reserve the right to comment further after I have read further.


RUSH: It looks like, folks, that despite everything the Clintons did to her, part of Monica Lewinsky’s new strategery here is to blame the Internet. She starts with Drudge, for example. She says that thanks to Drudge, she was the first person to be humiliated before the world on the Internet. So in her mind, the humiliation was having people find out what she did.

Yet she said it was consensual.

If it was consensual and she agreed to it, what in the world was humiliating about it? Oh, well, wait a minute. Why was it humiliating for people to find out about it, if it was consensual? Yeah, she wasn’t married to him. Bill had a wife. But the humiliation was not the engaging in the act itself. For crying out loud, Monica, you were in bed with… Well, you were on your… You… Uh…

You were in the bathroom there with a married man, and that wasn’t humiliating. That was consensual. But then when the world finds out about it and started reporting it, that was humiliating? I mean, I can understand that it is, but what about the act itself? So, once again the point is what people think of you sometimes matters more than what you’re actually doing.

So she has decided now, 10 years later, that her life’s work “is to get involved with efforts on behalf of victims of online humiliation and harassment and to start speaking on this topic in public forums.” Really? That’s where this is all headed, “to get involved with efforts on behalf of victims of online humiliation”? Like who, and what constitutes it?

(interruption) No, I’m not piling on. Maybe I’m making a point that nobody else would think of. But the humiliation was having people find out about it? My logic says if you engage in something and it was consensual, meaning you both agreed to do it, there must not have been anything in your mind that was wrong about it, or you wouldn’t have done it.

When people find out about it, that’s the humiliation? (interruption) No, I don’t think Monica’s gonna defend Donald Sterling. I don’t think that’s what she means. Anyway, that’s that, and as things get produced from this story, if it’s worthy of comment, we’ll get on to it.


RUSH: Let’s go to South River, New Jersey, this is Walt. Thank you for waiting and welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? Fallout shelter Baby Boomer here. Anyway, my take on this Hillary situation —

RUSH: Wait. What Hillary situation?

CALLER: Well, the Lewinsky —


CALLER: — profile coming out.

RUSH: Right. The Monica situation.

CALLER: Knowing what we know now about her, I really don’t think she gave a rat’s tail about Bill. She’s just looking out for her own political future.

RUSH: You mean Hillary or Monica?

CALLER: Hillary.


CALLER: Running for president, and —

RUSH: Hey, Walt, I don’t mean to sound like a smart ass here, but when did you think she did care about Bill?

CALLER: Oh, I don’t know. They never spent too much time together. I think a lot of that was only a show.

RUSH: It’s a political arrangement and has been ever since she agreed to give up everything and move to Arkansas.

CALLER: Absolutely. Occasionally you saw ’em going to church and holding hands, but I mean, you know, when the heck were they ever together?

RUSH: Look, I think that the Clintons — look, who knows, you know, how people define love, relationship, this kind of thing. But it’s mutually beneficial to these people in their professional lives to hang in there and be tough and defend each other, because if one drops, the other one goes. They have to prop each other up for both of them to have a political life. Now, after all this time together, they either hate each other’s guts or there’s something else. There’s a whole attitude of we can’t live without each other. We may see other people, do whatever we do, but at the end of the day we’re always gonna be a couple at some point in Chappaqua. Who knows. You know, trying to analyze those kinds of things, that’s a fool’s game.

But the business aspect of this, if Hillary, back in the Gennifer Flowers Arkansas days, if Hillary wanted — look what she did. And remember, now, at the time the left was saying that this woman could write her ticket. Coming out of Wellesley, writing term papers on Saul Alinsky, proving that she got it. Knockout lawyer, gonna be this brilliant woman, smartest woman in the world, and then she married this guy and they go to Arkansas, and she gave all that up. Now, I guarantee you that the only way she was going to have any political future was making sure he did. And that’s why the bimbo eruptions, all that had to happen. Whatever happened, no political harm could come to Bill or else it would descend on Hillary, too. Now, is that love? I don’t know. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Life makes strange bedfellows.

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