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RUSH: The Today Show, Willie Geist interviewing Larry King. The guy said, “You’ve been very open about the fact that you miss live TV. You miss the daily interaction with the staff and with the guests. I’ve gotta tell you, CNN’s prime time, they’re in a little bit of flux. I mean, your old spot opened up not long ago. Piers Morgan was sent back to London. If CNN called you today and said, ‘Larry, we want you back,’ what would you say?”

KING: I’d have to do both. I could not leave the internet. IÂ’m committed to it. ItÂ’s a wonderful show. I love the crew. Great cast. But I’d be interested. I’m a workaholic. I’d be interested in doing it. The tough time I would have at CNN now, I think, would be doing the airplane story because I think I’d crack up laughing. I think I would have — you know, how many times can you cover a plane? Six weeks and all we know is it made a left turn. What if they forced me to? I would probably not want to do it. I think it would get embarrassing after a while.

RUSH: You know, it is embarrassing, and CNN knows it and they are still doing it.

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