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RUSH: “This Just Might Be the Worst Poll Yet for the Democrats.” They don’t give you a name, and historically the generic ballot has always been won by the Democrats. Traditionally, the closer Republicans are in the generic ballot, it has been an indicator how well they’re gonna do. And if they ever are leading in the generic ballot — particularly the last one before the election — it usually has meant big, big gains. But it’s the Drive-By Media, it’s Pew and USA Today doing the poll, and there’s one thing that we know.

Correct me if I’m wrong. USA Today and the Pew Research Center have no interest in Republicans winning elections, number one. Number two, we suspect (because we know) that any polling unit can get any result it wants based on the way it asks questions. So I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but what if they have attempted to light a fire under the Democrats here by producing a poll that’s absolutely horrible?

It’s not just these guys. Greenberg and Carville have a poll out, their latest whatever the name of it is. I have a mental block on the name of the poll. But it’s bad for the Democrats, too. There isn’t one poll that looks good for the Democrats going into the November midterms. The polls all show a different variation of success for the Republicans. (interruption) Democracy Corps. Yeah. That’s the Greenberg and Carville poll.

Now, common sense tells you that this is gonna be a huge, huge sweep for the Republicans. I think there are so many things going on underneath the radar that the Washington press corps is totally unaware of — and even if they are aware of it, they’re ignoring it. I just don’t think the average American media organization has the slightest idea what most people in this country think.

I don’t think they have the slightest idea what their lives are like. I don’t think they have any way of understanding or appreciating how tough it has become for people — economically, you name it — because this administration has been a disaster. And it is also my contention that we’re being ruled by a minority. I think we’re being ruled by a pretty small minority, actually.

But they’re all bullies, and they own the media, which makes it look like they’re the majority. I don’t think they are, and 2010 was the last midterm elections, and the Republicans had a huge sweep all the way down the ballot into local races. I mean, it was a massive landslide. That was the Tea Party midterm. As was the case then, as is the case now, there’s no competing set of Republican ideas on the ballot.

There’s no single Republican leader that people can figuratively vote for. This is a total anti-Democrat, total anti-Obama mind-set at the moment. It’s a total anti-Democrat, anti-Obama, anti-Obamacare, anti-Obama-economy mind-set right now. If we lost the country, if we were actually being governed by a true majority, the 2010 midterms wouldn’t have happened. We’d have lost those, instead of winning them big.

All of these polls, let’s say they’re right. Let’s say this is a huge Republican sweep. It will just be further evidence that we really are being governed by a minority. The question then becomes: What to do about it? Because most Republicans are permitting themselves to be bullied. Everybody is permitting themselves to be bullied by various elements of the left. But the Democrats are in a panic mode over this.

Some of them are lying to themselves about it’s not as bad as it looks. But at the same time, it’s only May. Things can change. For example, what’s different between now and last October? We’ve had this massive shift in the generic ballot. What really has changed? See, I don’t accept conventional wisdom very much. This story in USA Today says, well, the Democrats were winning big in the generic ballot last October because the Republicans are being blamed for the government shutdown. Really? I don’t think that many people were affected by the government shutdown to be that upset about it. That was a total creation of the Washington media soap opera. It’s made to look like the people of this country have a massive, adoring, loving relationship with government, bigger and bigger all the time, the better it is.

It is kind of conflicted. The Millennials, on the one hand, they’re out there expressing opinions that are not at all supportive of Big Government, but they vote for it every chance they get. But there is panic on the left with this Pew/USA Today poll. It might be the worst poll yet for the Democrats. There is nothing the Democrats can run on, issue-wise. They can’t say, “Elect us for more Obamacare,” “Elect us for more of our economic policy.” There’s nothing good happening. All they got is to gin up racial issues and gay rights issues and get their turnout up. That’s pretty much all they’ve got. It’s just like 2010. It was such a tremendous opportunity.


RUSH: By the way, that Pew Research Center and USA Today poll that shows this massive advantage for the Republicans in the generic ballot, it points out that by more than two to one respondents assess the nation’s economic conditions as poor or not excellent or good. And that’s essentially unchanged from a year ago. Meaning, the number one thing that people respond to as being the reason they’re unhappy with the Democrats and their desire to vote Republican is the economy.

And, remember, there was a poll last week, a stunning poll, NBC/Wall Street Journal or ABC/Washington Post, but this was frightening for the left, because this poll actually had a result which said that more people wanted Republicans elected to stop Obama than wanted Democrats elected to help Obama. It was stunning. Now, the Drive-Bys can be making all of this up. I doubt it. I know some of you think that it’s all made up, designed to sandbag us, get us overconfident. But some of this stuff, it rings too true. People ought to be fed up with this economy. People ought to be and are fed up with this economy, 92 and a half million Americans not working. All the other economic news.

There isn’t any good economic news. The Obamacare news, the health care news, it’s all disastrous. The polling data ought to be bad, and it is. But because of this result, that the vast majority of people say it’s the economy, you can bet that the Drive-Bys are gonna become even more relentless in telling us how well the economy is doing. This is how they react. This is how they respond, just go out and lie. And you’re gonna see Obama on TV. You’re gonna see Biden. They’re all gonna be out there praising and talking up this recovery, like you heard Obama last week in the Rose Garden when the unemployment number came out, this totally bogus 6.3% unemployment number.

So Obama comes out and he started talking about what? Fifty straight months of job creation. All of this hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo. They’re just gonna ramp all that up, and they’re gonna start talking about this massive recovery and how great the news is and we’re back on track. And people are gonna be scratching their heads, “It’s not happening to me, but I guess it’s happening to somebody. Okay, cool, country’s coming back.” That’s the desired effect that they’re going to have.

Get this result. “By more than 2-1, 65%-30%, Americans say they want the president elected in 2016 to pursue different policies and programs than the Obama administration, rather than similar ones.” I’m telling you, folks, we are being governed — we’re not even being governed. We’re being ruled by a minority, a bully minority that the Republican Party’s afraid to death of. They’re literally shell-shocked, posttraumatic stress disorder, I guarantee you. This is stunning. Sixty-five to 30% of Americans want the next president to pursue policies different than the Obama policies, 65 to 30%.

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