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RUSH: This is Alex in Augusta, Maine. Welcome, sir, good to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. My question is, “What’s the major difference between a Democrat and a Republican?” I had some sort of perspective on it and I think one side is more or less about helping America and one of them is about helping themselves.

RUSH: So you’re 14; is that right?


RUSH: You’re 14, and that is what you think the primary difference in the two parties is? That one side is more for themselves; the other for the people?


RUSH: Interesting. I’ll ask. I’ll go wading into the pool. Which party, in your opinion, is which?

CALLER: Could you ask that again? I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you.

RUSH: Which party is out for itself and which party is actually trying to help other people?

CALLER: I think the majority of Democrats are for themselves, and most of the Republicans are for the American people.

RUSH: Blasphemy! Blasphemy! But hallelujah. Can you…? Alex, I misread the clock when I took your call. I thought I had a couple of minutes. Could you hang on for the break here?


RUSH: Good. Thank you. Interesting, isn’t it? I’m going to find out why he thinks this.


RUSH: Back to the phones and Open Line Friday. It is Alex, 14 years of age in Augusta, Maine, and it’s interesting that you — the vast majority of people would conclude the opposite because of the way they’ve been educated, taught. The media perception is that it’s the Democrats that care about people and it’s the Republicans that are selfish and out for themselves. Why do you think it’s the other way around?

CALLER: Well, from what I hear you saying sometimes and what my father says. He listens to you all the time. I think about it because it’s more, I think, that it seems like they’re making more problems. Democrats are making more problems and that kind of got me under the impression that they’re more for themselves because they’re making problems. But I wasn’t sure.

RUSH: Your instincts are exactly right. I’m really fascinated that at your age you would think this. It’s a testament to your parents. For example, in Congress, the wealthiest among us are more likely to be represented by a Democrat than a Republican. Of the ten richest House districts, only two have Republican Congressmen. Eight of the ten richest are represented by Democrats, both coasts. The rich districts seem to prefer Democrats. The ten richest House districts are New York 12, California 33, New York 10, California 18, Connecticut 4, Virginia 8, New Jersey, 7. You take a look at the wealthiest counties in America, most of them, not all, the vast majority are close to Washington, DC.

But Alex, you’re very shrewd and very perceptive. Let me change one thing, because the Republican Party really can’t be said right now to be a conservative party. In fact, the Republican Party is doubling down on its efforts to get rid of the Tea Party. But Alex, conservatism, throw out Republican and Democrat, and let’s use the terms liberal and conservative. When you do that you are right on the button. This is the thing that’s so frustrating to all of us conservatives, we love everybody. We want the best for everybody. And we happen to believe that that happens with people working for themselves, using their God-given talents and desires and ambitions to be the best they can be. And when everybody is doing that you have a great neighborhood, you have a great town, a great city, a great country.

The Democrats, the liberals, want everybody depending on them. They don’t want people to be self-sufficient or self-reliant. Those people threaten liberals and Democrats. They’re not going to vote for them. Liberal Democrats get away with this notion they have all the compassion, they have all the tolerance, they’re the ones that care. They’re the ones that came up with the speech code for political correctness. They’re the ones that are exhibiting fascist-like tendencies and shutting up and trying to ruin and destroy people that don’t agree with them.

It is the exact opposite of the conventional wisdom. And I applaud you, Alex. There’s going to be increasing pressure on you as you get older to change your mind on that. But you watch. Nevertheless, congrats.

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