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RUSH: This is Tom in Spring, Texas. Hello, sir. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: And good day to you, sir. It’s a privilege to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m gonna go back to your open when you were talking about how TV shows aren’t based on ratings anymore. Now, your show is highly based on ratings to attract advertisers. You have a loyal base of listeners who support those advertisers, the products they sell, the services they provide. But when you get to the late-night TV, it doesn’t matter as much if you don’t have the advertising. What they’re advertising for is votes, to push the liberal agenda, to appeal to the low-information voter, to shine a good light on liberal candidates and shine a bad light on conservatives. And that’s what they’re selling. They’re not selling products; they’re selling votes.

RUSH: You know, I did not go there, but that is an interesting observation that you’ve made, because the advertisers know where the dollars are going. If you’re gonna advertise at a late night show that’s gonna be trashing Republicans and promoting liberal candidates — and you don’t mind your dollars being spent there and your product being associated with it — then it’s an obvious conclusion that you’re making. So your point is that the advertising dollars are actually in-kind donations to liberal and Democrat causes?

CALLER: It’s just part of your pillars of corruption: Science, media, education. They’re just playing their part. They have their marching orders, and they’re following through.

RUSH: Well, now, that is gonna be a tough one for people to believe. But you may have a point. People don’t think of advertisers that way. They’re not gonna think… Pick your favorite late-night advertiser, ABC Widgets. “Are they really buying X show in order to fulfill or promote the liberal agenda?” Well, folks, make no mistake that the media buyers at advertising agencies are predominantly leftists. I mean, most people that come out of college are, and you may have a bit of a benefit here. But the end of the day it’s —

CALLER: Real quick on Benghazi. Real quick on Benghazi, sir.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: What happened in Benghazi is just unspeakable. To leave those people over there and not respond — first not provide any help, but then not respond to their calls for help — and then to cover it up is just criminal. It’s completely criminal.

RUSH: It’s heartless.

CALLER: You have a good day, sir.

RUSH: Thanks very much for the call. It’s heartless, is what it is. Criminal, whatever, it’s heartless. From the people who claim to have the biggest hearts. From the people that claim to have all the compassion, all the tolerance. One of the Navy SEALs was over there painting a target.

The reason he got killed is because he lasered a targeted, a terrorist target ’cause he thought he was helping a laser-guided bomb from an American-borne airplane fire on the target. And all he did was expose himself and got killed. So they thought that they had some support. These are the guys that ran to the guns. That’s what the brigadier general was talking about.

“You run to the sound of the guns.”

When this all happened, the Regime didn’t assign anybody. You had four rogue military people head over there trying to help the ambassador and whoever was caught in this terrorist attack. One of the things that one of them did was find one of the shooters and light him up with a laser thinking that there was some American around that was gonna then send a bomb or some other kind of ammo at the target he was painting.

All he did was expose his own location and get killed.

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