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RUSH: From United Press International: “Researchers at Cornell University conducted a study about biting versus chewing habits in children and found that kids who eat chicken on the bone are more likely to disobey adults and be aggressive.

You heard me right.

“The study, which was published in Eating Behaviors, found that children were ‘twice as likely to disobey adults and twice as aggressive toward other kids’ when eating food they had to hold and bite.” So it’s better I guess to go get chicken strips? I don’t know if these researchers are thinking about it, but if the problem is eating food they have to hold and bite makes ’em more aggressive, then what are they pushing? They’re pushing being civilized, eating with a knife and fork. But that means these aggressive kids are gonna have a knife in their hands.

Oh, no. We can’t win!

We either have kids eat chicken all the way to the bone and that makes ’em twice as aggressive as other kids. Or we give ’em a knife and fork which means they’ve got a knife and could attack their parents at any moment if their parents don’t let ’em watch The Daily Show. Now, it says here not everybody agrees with these findings. You think? How ridiculous is this? But it’s out there, a study that finds eating chicken on the bone makes children more aggressive. There’s no way this is real. I mean, they may have studied it, but it’s just absurd. This is patently, ridiculously absurd. It’s worth an afternoon of laughing at.


RUSH: Beth in Everett, Washington. I’m glad you waited. You’re next. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. Good morning. I could respond to virtually everything you say every day, but I had to take a minute to say thank you for correctly responding to this retarded article, or study about how to raise our children not to be violent or whatever, with food. I mean, this is dumb, and how dumb do they think parents are to be told this? And there are studies like this repeatedly, and the PSAs that are out there, they just treat parents like they’re dumb.

RUSH: What she’s talking about here, folks, there’s a study from Cornell University that said if you give your kids fried chicken on the bone and they eat it all the way to the bone that they’re gonna end up being twice as aggressive and mean to their parents and anybody else. And you ask, “How in the hell does anybody even come up with this concept to study, A.” Then you worry, okay, who — and you know there are going to be some — will believe this?

CALLER: We were smart enough to have children. We were smart enough to, you know, go out and buy the food, but we can’t teach our children to eat properly at the table and that we think that this is gonna create violence in our children because we let them eat with their fingers once in a while?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know how much — look, it obviously doesn’t take a whole lot of brains to have sex and have kids, that’s obvious.

CALLER: Well, you got me there.

RUSH: (laughing) Pretty much anybody can do that blindfolded.

CALLER: Well, who put the money on the study?

RUSH: But the study, I mean, who even conceives the idea, “You know what, we think kids that eat chicken on the bone are twice as violent. Let’s study that.” And then they study it, and they be they report it and the media picks it up and it’s not even questioned.

CALLER: Guarantee there will be a PSA out there and we’ll have to hear it over and over on the radio about how to teach our children to eat properly at the dinner table.

RUSH: Well, before that, we’re gonna find out who does this. You know, what kids do eat chicken all the way to the bone? I don’t know. I’m with you. It’s preposterous, but it’s the news. I mean, it’s right there in the news. Thank you, Beth.

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