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RUSH: The Reverend Jackson from the NAALCP honoring Sterling.

JACKSON: That was a mistake. But often you end up tolerating rascals trying to survive. NAA is very honorable, very strong. The national NAA will not go along again now that we know what we know. 12 Years a Slave, 12 years a Clipper. It was unacceptable.

RUSH: Geez. 12 Years a Slave, 12 years a Clipper. How many years of the Reverend Jackson have we had to put up? Do I have time? I do. He also announced, the Reverend Jackson announced the next shakedown, and if you are at Google and Facebook, you had better pay attention.

JACKSON: There’s been destructive race-based negative action, 246 years of legal slavery, 100 years of legal Jim Crow, and today, you can measure the absence of blacks and women and people of color in every dimension of American life. They can find black athletes. They can find them to stimulate their image and to raise their money because they want to. I look at HP and Google and Facebook and Twitter, there are no blacks on the board of directors, for example.

RUSH: Well, not for long. Not for long, folks. The Reverend Jackson just identified the next targets. HP, Google, and Facebook, and Twitter. And like Rachel Nichols said yesterday, the next target is Rich DeVos. So they’re lining up their targets out there.

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