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RUSH: Folks, time is dwindling, but you still have some. I mean, I don’t want to sit here and tell you that you better act fast, but you’ve only got another day and a half. I’m talking about the latest TwoIfByTea.com sweepstakes. We’ve got an annual sweepstakes here that kicks off tea season, summertime, and it’s real simple here. All you do is go to TwoIfByTea.com, my little tea site.

Did you see, by the way…? I had these sound bites and I didn’t get to ’em from Monday. Oprah has started a tea company? Yes, she has! She started a tea company and they made a big deal about it on CBS This Morning on Monday, as though, “How brilliant and how courageous,” and, “Oh, gee, you know, Oprah loves tea, and it’s just a natural thing!”

They’re all just on there strumming the violins. Yeah, Starbucks is a partner, and they’re all strumming. “Oh, how wonderful it is! Oh, how unique it is! Oh, Oprah is starting a tea company.” Well, been there, done that. I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t tried it, Two If By Tea is the best-tasting iced tea you’ve ever tasted.

I’ll stack it up against anything.

We’ve got regular. We’ve unsweetened. We’ve got regular sweetened. We’ve got diet. We’ve got raspberry. We’ve got peach. I’m telling you it’s the best iced tea ever — and we ship it to you free, and during this big sweepstakes we’ve reduced the price of the tea. You can’t afford not to get some. You can’t afford not to try it. Here’s the deal.

All you do is you go to TwoIfByTea.com and sign up by shopping — and what are you signing up for? You are signing up to be one of three winners to come here and watch this program. It’s three days/two nights in really nice digs here in south Florida, and one of the days you spend here. We’ll have lunch for you. You’ll sit here, you’ll watch the program, and you’ll get to sit behind the Golden EIB Microphone.

You’ll have your picture taken with or without me, whichever you want. You’ll sit in there on the other side of the glass and watch the program take place. You’ll hear Snerdley screen calls, which many people find entertaining and fun. You’ll see how it all happens, but you’ll be here in the middle of all it.

It’s so simple to win. All you do is go to TwoIfByTea.com and shop. You have to do that by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time tomorrow (Friday). So I say, “Time is running out,” but you still have some. You don’t have to do it today, but you do have to do it by 11:59 Pacific Time Friday. We’ve cut the price of the tea and the shipping is free. We ship it FedEx and UPS so it comes overnight in some cases.

We don’t guarantee that, but sometimes it just happens that way. It’s just an added bonus how good the stuff is — and it ought to be. Kathryn and I do all the taste testing. We pick the flavors, we come up with the secret recipe for each flavor, and it goes to the bottling factory and it gets made and bottled. We have the best-looking bottle in the business, and it’s not one of these crinkly little bottles that basically falls apart when you pick it up.

This is a really good bottle.

Great label.

Great icon.

Rush Revere, who now is a star of his own history book series, is on each bottle.

So, TwoIfByTea.com by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday. There’s also some other prize winners, 100 superb prize winners. Nothing is ever done chintzy here. Everything top flight, everything top floor. We fly you in here, state-of-the-art luxury accommodations. You spend a day at the EIB Network, then whatever else you want to do while you’re here, and all you have to do to have a shot at winning is go to TwoIfByTea.com and shop. Random drawing. It’s three winners. Each can bring a guest. Six people. You don’t have to bring anybody. You can come alone if you want. Or you can gift it to somebody, whatever. If you’re one of the winners, we call you, that’s also a big moment. You can hear some of the other winners who have been called at the TwoIfByTea.com website.

I just want to remind you that we are a proud sponsor of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. A phenomenal organization directly gives financial aid to the children of fallen heroes killed in action, Marines, provides college scholarships. So we do this every year in honor of the military and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. This is how we kick off tea season, also known as the summer, our favorite sweepstakes, an annual tradition.

So, again, now through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday, Two If By Tea, T-w-o, Two If By Tea, one if by land, Two If by Tea, Rush Revere, Paul Revere, all works out. And none of this New Age gobbledygook kind of flavors that Oprah’s gonna do. This is real tea. It’s real iced tea. It’s the best damned iced tea you’ve tasted. I’d stack it up against anything. We’re even working on a new flavor. We’re going to do our version of the Arnold Palmer, which is half iced tea, half lemonade. It’s not ready yet. I probably shouldn’t say anything. I’m probably gonna get in trouble. Yes, I could get in trouble as the CEO of my own company.

I know it’s not too late. We can still bleep it. But I’m not gonna bleep it, we’re working on it. But here’s the thing, if we can’t get it right we will not release it, that’s the point. If we can’t get the flavor the exact way we want it, we won’t release it. That’s the difference. We only put out what we love in every one of these flavors. So 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time tomorrow (Friday) night, the last chance, think about it, shop TwoIfByTea.com, got a reduced price, shipping is free. You can’t lose. Well, I mean, you can lose, but you really can’t. When I said you can lose, not everybody’s gonna win.

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