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RUSH: So a guy just asked me, “Hey, Rush, if Donald Sterling had ripped into gays would the same thing have happened?” You have to ask? (snorts) You have to ask? (laughing) So he tells V Dot Stiviano, “Look, I don’t like you hanging around with those gays. I mean, I don’t care what you do, but don’t bring ’em to my games. I don’t want them there.” Do you…? (snorts)

The first guy they would have found would be the player that came out, Jason Collins, and asked him, “What do you think of this?” Jason would have weighed in on it, and then they would have gone… It would have been the same thing, folks. (interruption) Sensitivity classes like who did with the Fort’iners? (interruption)

Oh, yeah, well, he was just a player. He was not a owner. An owner is a different thing. An owner’s gotta go. Chris Culliver was an African-American player who said (paraphrased), “I don’t want any gay people in our locker room; that ain’t happening here,” and they sent him to reeducation camp. He’s just a player. Nobody ever heard of him before he made the comment. So he’s not worth — and, of course it didn’t represent the view of the Fort’iner ownership.

All right, Dingy Harry. Dingy Harry says (imitating Reid), “Look, okay, so we got Sterling. What about Dan Snyder? When we gonna get Dan Snyder? Redskins, Redskins, why don’t we do something about that?”

REID: The leadership of the National Football League, the NFL, that money-making machine, wonder if they’ve taken notice of the NBA’s decisive action. How long will the NFL continue to do nothing, zero, as one of its team bears a name that inflicts so much pain on Native Americans? It is untoward of Daniel Snyder to try and hide behind tradition. Tradition? That’s what he says. In refusing to change the name of the team. Tradition of — what tradition? A tradition of racism is all that name leaves in its wake.

RUSH: You notice the NFL is “that money making machine.” That’s its crime. That money making machine. You can also tell, since Dingy Harry is out there, if you’ve ever wondered, Daniel Snyder is obviously not a Democrat donor. In case you’ve wondered. But he has Democrat guests in his suite every game. I mean, they’re all over. You know who featured guests are in that suite? Jay Carney and Claire Shipman. You know who else are featured guests? Andrea Mitchell and Greenspan. Featured guests. Lesley Stahl, featured guest. Every Sunday in Snyder’s suite. I don’t know if Dingy Harry’s been invited. And here’s more. This is what Dingy Harry now says, he’s appealing to Roger Goodell to drop the hammer on Snyder.

REID: Since Snyder fails to show any leadership, the National Football League should take an assist from the NBA and pick up the slack. It would be a slam dunk. I say to commissioner Roger Goodell, it’s time for this good man to act. Remove this hateful term from your league’s vocabulary. Follow the NBA’s example and rid the league of bigotry and racism. Your fans will support it.

RUSH: You forgot hatred, Dingy Harry, it’s hatred, bigotry, and racism. Not just racism and bigotry, hatred, you gotta put the hatred in there or you’re not gonna make the point. Obviously Goodell donates to Democrats; he’s a good man. We learned that in the sound bite.

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