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RUSH: Look, folks, we’re gonna get into Benghazi today and we’re gonna turn it upside down and inside out. When I finish you’re not gonna have any questions remaining. Everything is gonna be explained to you, and it’s pretty much gonna confirm our original instincts and suspicions —massive lying at the White House.

Jay Carney is continuing to lie, and he’s not very good at it, which distinguishes him from other White House press secretaries. They’re normally good at lying for liars. He’s not. But it’s gonna confirm most everything we’ve always thought. It’s gonna confirm Sharyl Attkisson. The Regime is really wide open and exposed on this, and the Drive-Bys are starting to pay some attention but they’re still in cover-up mode for the most part. What impact all this is gonna have on low-information voters, who knows.

I think the best thing we could do is find a way to link Benghazi to Donald Sterling. If we could find a way to link Sterling to everything involving Obama, we might be able to actually make some headway. But I’m gonna tell you. There’s one way I think to know that there was an early plan for a cover-up involving this Benghazi thing. I’m gonna tell you what it all hinges on. It all hinges on Cairo, folks. The Regime put this silly story out that this video caused all this unrest in the Middle East. And if you’ll recall, some Looney Toon in our embassy in Cairo, which is not near Benghazi — well, it’s close on the map, but it’s not Benghazi. Benghazi is Libya. Somebody in our embassy in Cairo in Egypt apologized for something that hadn’t happened yet. Do you remember?

We sent out an apology for offending people. It was the anniversary of 9/11 and we knew that there was gonna be some sort of protest, or we suspected. So we sent out an apology in advance of anything happening. The theory, when it was later learned this is what we’d done, the Regime’s explanation for this was (paraphrasing), “Well, we’re trying to limit any protests. We’ll just apologize in advance and hope that will quell the mood.” This whole thing has been a cover-up from the start.

I mean, even Ron Fournier, who used to be and maybe still is one of the biggest promoters of Obama and the Regime, made it clear on TV today that as far as he’s concerned now everything the Regime has done in the aftermath of Benghazi has been political. It has not had anything to do with foreign policy. And that’s exactly right.

One way to know that there was an early plan for a cover-up is that Obama never sent in a rescue team. Obama didn’t send in a rescue team. That’s unprecedented. He left people under his command exposed and behind. And in addition to that, Obama never went to the Situation Room. At five o’clock he talks to Hillary and Panetta and says you guys have the ball, and I’m outta here. And he ends up off the grid.

There’s a plan from the beginning to pretend the attack was a protest, not worthy of the president’s time, this silly video. And, by the way, there may be evidence that the whole video story, that whole concoction can be traced back to Hillary. It may well be that that was her idea. That’s unconfirmed as of yet. But, you see, a coordinated attack would contradict Obama’s claim that Al-Qaeda was dead and gone. Remember what Obama was saying at the time, GM is alive and Al-Qaeda’s dead. And they had to protect that. It was their slogan at the convention just weeks earlier.

So we’ll get into this with the assistance of my good buddy Andy McCarthy. This, of course, is Andy’s bread and butter, is terrorism, foreign policy, Al-Qaeda, jihad, militant Islam. He’s done yeoman’s work here, with my assistance, of course, in trying to piece things together. But before we do, before we get any further into this, I just wanted to set the table there.


RUSH: Hillary Clinton could be the source of the Benghazi video lie. What do we know about Benghazi? Let me tell you what the main point is, and then we’re gonna work backwards from this. The main point is the rioting at the American embassy in Cairo was on 9/11, the day the Benghazi event occurred. Earlier in the day, the rioting at the American embassy in Cairo was not about an anti-Muslim video.

For Obama and Jay Carney and the rest of the Regime to pull off this series of lies, that Susan Rice lie that the Benghazi attack, “Oh, it’s a horrible thing, and it was all because of that video…” The only way that works is if they can make people believe that the rioting earlier in the day at the American embassy in Cairo was because of the video.

The main point, what I want to try to convince you of here today is that the rioting at the American embassy in Cairo on 9/11 was not about that anti-Muslim video. The Regime’s blame-the-video story has been a fraudulent explanation for the rioting in Cairo every bit as much as it was a fraudulent explanation for what happened in Benghazi.

But the Regime says Benghazi happened because of what happened in Cairo, and what happened in Cairo happened because of the video, and it isn’t true, and that is what they are lying about. And we will come back to this point, as I steer you through this intricately woven web of Regime deceit.


RUSH: Benghazi. Let me get to this. Grab sound bite 26. Just to show you how important this is to their series of lies they’ve been caught telling. Judicial Watch has caught ’em. Sharyl Attkisson has caught them. This is a sorry, sorry episode. This is disgraceful. There was never any real military or foreign policy reaction to what happened in Benghazi.

It was purely political from the moment it happened ’cause everything with these people is. The moment it happened, the only thing they were thinking about at the White House was, “How do we shield Obama? We got the presidential race coming up in November. My gosh, what do we do? How do we protect Obama? How do we keep this from happening and affecting and touching him?” blah, blah, blah.

It’s just a dereliction of duty. It’s sickening. Four Americans are dead, and that didn’t matter. All that mattered was Obama’s political fortunes. This video? It’s never been about this video. I still can’t believe that we’re really talking about it. But we are because that’s all the Regime has, is convincing as many people as possible that this video caused it — a video that nobody saw.

Well, some people saw it, but not enough to cause whatever unrest happened, and it certainly had nothing to do with what happened in Benghazi. But they’re trying as hard as they can to make people believe that it did because it started in Cairo. Now, they had a press briefing today. Jay Carney was questioned by Ed Henry.

“Retired Brigadier General Robert Lovell testified under oath today,” and we’ve got these, “that by 3:15 a.m. after the 9/11 2012 attack, they dismissed the video as a cause for the attack and very quickly identified this as a terrorist attack.” Retired Brigadier General Robert Lovell said under oath that the video had nothing to do with it, Jay.

“In light of that, why on 9/14, two-and-a-half days later, was Ben Rhodes,” who’s a White House guy whose brother works at CBS News. Ben Rhodes’ brother is an executive at CBS News. Ben Rhodes’ brother is an executive at CBS News. Sharyl Attkisson is gone. Ed Henry said, “Why … was Ben Rhodes writing an e-mail about the general state of affairs, as you say, highlighting the video and not highlighting terror,” a terrorist attack?

Jay, it was a terrorist attack. Everybody knows it.

Why were you still talking about the video?

CARNEY: (haltingly) Ed, the e-mail was about protests around the region. If you want to tell me today —

HENRY: But Benghazi was part of it, right?

CARNEY: Right.

HENRY: Okay.

CARNEY: And I would refer you to the CIA-produced talking points on that that referred at the time to currently available information suggesting that the protests out… There were protests outside the facility in Benghazi inspired, uh, by demonstrations outside of Cairo. What inspired those demonstrations outside of our embassy in Cairo? Do you even remember? There was a lot of tumult in the region that were in reaction to what people felt was an offensive video, and there were demonstrations outside of US facilities because the video was produced in the United States.

RUSH: So they’re sticking to the video theory. This is just moments ago that this happened. Cairo is the key. I’m telling you, this is just another case of brazen lying. Carney is not good at it, I don’t think. I don’t think he’s bringing this off. I think Carney himself is giving credence problems to this. “What inspired those demonstrations outside of our embassy in Cairo?

“Do you even remember? There was a lot of tumult in the region that were in reaction to what people felt was an offensive video…” It was not! They were planned protests because it was the anniversary of 9/11. Nobody had seen this video. And again, this is for down the road, but there are traces back to Hillary as the person who came up with the video story.

Hillary found out about it, consigned the theory and the strategery, and went to town with it. Let’s listen to the Retired Air Force Brigadier General Lovell. This is this morning on the House Oversight Government Reform Committee hearing on the attack. We have a portion of his remarks here.

LOVELL: The discussion is not “could” or “could not” of time, space, and capability. The point is we should have tried. As another saying goes, “Always move to the sound of the guns.” We didn’t know how long this would last when we became aware of the distress, nor did we completely understand what we had in front of us, be it a kidnapping, rescue, recovery, protracted hostile engagement or any or all of the above.

But what we did know quite early on was that this was a hostile action. There was no demonstration gone terribly awry. To the point of what happened, the facts led to the conclusion of a terrorist attack. The AFRICOM J2 was focused on attribution. The attacks became attributable very soon after the event.

RUSH: So here’s the retired Air Force brigadier general saying there was no demonstration gone awry. This was terrorism. So the Regime’s calling this guy a liar. Here’s more of General Lovell. He was asked by Darrell Issa, “What time did you first hear that there was a video?”

LOVELL: It was early on in the evening of September 11th.

ISSA: Before 3:15 in the morning?

LOVELL: Yeah. Absolutely. We were… Absolutely. I would have to say we probably dismissed that notion by then by working with other sources.

ISSA: As the deputy and the highest-ranking person that moment working these issues, you dismissed the idea that this attack was in fact a demonstration that went awry and that was based on a YouTube video out of Los Angeles?

LOVELL: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Meaning, “Yeah, we dismissed that notion.” And then Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said, “You said in the last sentence of your testimony that the attacks “became attributable very soon after the event.” What do you believe they were attributable to?”

LOVELL: That they were attributable to an Islamist extremist group.

ISSA: Al-Qaeda?

LOVELL: We felt it was Ansar al-Sharia.

ISSA: Which was affiliated with Al-Qaeda?

LOVELL: Yeah. Yes, sir. Yes, largely.

ISSA: How quickly did you come to the conclusion that you believed that there were Al-Qaeda affiliates or Al-Qaeda themselves involved and engaged in this attack?

LOVELL: Very, very soon, when we were still in the very early, early hours of this activity.

ISSA: Was it a video?

LOVELL: No, sir.

RUSH: But the Regime is sticking with it. Let’s go back, let’s listen to the Regime. We’ve got a review of the lies that a number of American leaders fed the American people and the world between September 20th and September 28th of 2012.

OBAMA: I don’t care how offensive this video was, and it was terribly offensive, and we should shun it.

HILLARY: This video is disgusting and reprehensible. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose: to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.

CARNEY: Let’s be clear. These protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region.

OBAMA: You had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character, who is extremely offensive video.

CARNEY: The unrest we’ve seen has been in reaction to a video.

OBAMA: Is a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage through the Muslim world.

RICE: It was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response, a direct result of a heinous and offensive video.

OBAMA: I know there are some who ask, “Why don’t we just ban such a video?” The answer is enshrined in our laws. Our Constitution protects the right to practice free speech.

RUSH: That last comment happened at the United Nations with a room full of dictators and thugs, “Why don’t you just get rid of it then? Why don’t you get rid of the guy?” Well, ’cause of our laws. We can’t do that ’cause of our laws. Tell Donald Sterling. And tell it to this guy. They put him in jail. The video maker’s in jail, and he’s scared to death now. He’ll say whatever they want him to say. He’s scared to death. So there you hear everybody lying about it.

And let’s not forget this. This is January 23rd, a year later, 2013, in Capitol Hill during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Benghazi. We’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this, and they keep lying about it. And Senator Ron Johnson, Republican, Wisconsin said, “We were misled that there was supposedly protests and assault sprang out of the protests, and that was easily ascertained that was not the fact. The American people could have known within days, and they didn’t know that.”

HILLARY: What difference, at this point, does it make?

RUSH: Hillary Clinton was livid. What difference does it make? What difference does it make how four people died? Right, now what difference does it make? So we’ve heard from General Lovell. We’ve heard the montage of the Regime and their leaders and they’re lying through their teeth, and Jay Carney today. It all goes back to Cairo, folks. If you’ll recall, our embassy apologized before anything had happened. I mean, that’s the thing I remember. That’s the thing that first got my attention. I said, “What the hell is this?” They are something like seven or eight hours ahead of us so it was well known by the time this program started. Why in the world are they apologizing? Nothing had happened.

And then I heard, “Well, we’re apologizing hoping that it will mollify any protests.” And then the protests happened, and Obama — if you want to know why they’re still desperate to blame this video, and why they were then, they’re desperate to blame it now to support the lies they told then. Back then the reason they blamed the video was, Obama had told everybody he’d killed off Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was dead. There was an election coming up and terrorism had been vanquished. Obama did it. Yeah, the pictures of Obama in the Situation Room. They went in there and got bin Laden and Osama’s dead and GM’s alive and all that stuff being said at the convention.

Then we had a terror attack on the anniversary of 9/11 while Obama’s in office. Oh, my God, we can’t have that. Oh, gee, that undercuts everything Obama stands for. So they all got in gear. Somebody found this video, heard about it, came up with it, supposedly Hillary, and they ran with it, 12 different redactions or revisions of the memos back and forth to explain all this. It was a purely political cover-up, and now they’re engaged in a cover-up of the cover-up. That is what is happening now, a cover-up of the cover-up.

Carney was grilled about this. You know, these just released e-mails that Judicial Watch found. A lot of us have been arguing all along that this blame-the-video thing was a lie that the Regime crafted through and through, intended to run through the 2012 campaign. And we remember the debate where Romney let it go and then Candy Crowley dumped on Romney when he did call Obama out on it. We sit here scratching our heads. A lot of that made sense later on. Well, it made sense in a sense. I mean, it didn’t make sense ever, but we understood why it happened.

But the point is the Regime had to obscure that Obama’s foreign policy was empowering Islamic supremacists. And the president’s reckless stationing of American government personnel in Benghazi and his failure to provide protection for them was driven by a political campaign imperative to portray the Obama Libya policy as a success. And then Benghazi happened, oh, no, I mean, they had so much riding on this. Obama, the vanquisher of bin Laden. Obama, the vanquisher of terrorism. And then terrorism happens.

Well, it couldn’t be terrorism, so they came up with this lie and they’re just digging deeper and deeper now on this lie. They’re trenching in and, you know, one of the e-mails that Judicial Watch has come up with refers expressly to a call that prepped Susan Rice Saturday afternoon before all those Sunday appearances about what to say.


RUSH: As I mentioned earlier, Andrew McCarthy, National Review Online, studied — this is his bailiwick — Islamic jihad terrorism, militant Islam. It is his area of expertise, working closely with me. He has this piece at National Review Online today, posted early this morning with a front-to-back analysis of this whole thing the Regime is attempting. There’s two points that need to be made about this.

The first involves the Regime’s just blatant, over-the-top lying about this. Remember those five TV show appearances Susan Rice did? Why do that? Why did they even send her out? Benghazi. Benghazi was the only reason that Susan Rice went on all those TV shows. And why? Why would a video-inspired terror attack require Susan Rice to appear on every TV show? The reason is is that nobody bought this video business. Or the Regime wanted to make sure they didn’t buy the terrorism aspect. They wanted to make sure everybody did buy the video aspect of it.

But if the massacre at Benghazi had not happened, there would not have been an administration offering one of the top Obama officials to five different TV networks to address a calamity that had happened a few days before. That’s point number one. So she’s out there. They sent her out anyway. It was a cover-up. Also, “as is well known to anyone who has ever been involved in government presentations to the media, to Congress, to courts, and to other fact-finding bodies, the official who will be doing the presentation is put through a [rigorous rehearsal] preparation process.”

They are hit with every possible allegation of lying, every possible point of criticism. They are grilled in this rehearsal like good trial lawyers rehearse their defendants on the stand before they put ’em up there. It’s a session in which the questions likely to be asked by TV people are posed. Potential answers are then proposed based on the questions that are discussed and massaged. “The suggestion that Rice, less than 24 hours before being grilled by high-profile media figures,” on five TV shows, “was being prepped on something totally separate and apart from the incident that was the sole reason for her appearance is so farfetched it is amazing that Carney thought he could make it fly.”

But that’s what he said, Carney said (paraphrasing) “Oh, no, she was not to talk about Benghazi. That’s not why we sent her out there.” Jay Carney actually said that. That’s why I’m saying he’s not a good liar. He actually said (imitating Carney), “No, no, no, Susan Rice’s TV appearance had nothing to do with Benghazi. There’s something totally separate and different and apart from that, why we sent her out.”

“The second point brings us full circle to Egypt. Why would Carney claim, with a straight face, that Rice was being prepped ‘about protests around the Muslim world’?” That’s what he said was the reason for her five TV appearances. (imitating Carney) “Well, there were all these protests around the Muslim world because of the video, and we had to prep her.” Why would he say that with a straight face? “Because, other than Benghazi, the ‘protest around the Muslim world’ that Americans know about is the rioting at the US embassy in Cairo.”

That’s the only thing Americans knew about. What protests around the world? Where were these protests taking place before Benghazi? The only place they were taking place was Cairo. They can’t let go of Cairo. They’ve got to make as many people believe that this video inspired protests in Cairo, and those protests inspired what happened in Benghazi. That’s the Regime’s line, and they are sticking to it.

“When Benghazi comes up, the administration — President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jay Carney, et al. — loves to talk about the Cairo ‘protests.’ Why? Because the media, and thus the public, have bought hook, line, and sinker the fraudulent claim that those ‘protests’ were over the anti-Muslim video.”

So Obama is calculating “that if you buy ‘Blame the Video’ as the explanation for Cairo, it becomes much more plausible that you will accept ‘Blame the Video’ as the explanation for Benghazi.” So the Benghazi fraud hinges on the success of the Cairo fraud. And if you’re hoodwinked by the Cairo fraud, if you can be made to believe that what happened in Cairo earlier in the day is responsible for what happened in Benghazi. And what happened in Cairo happened because of the video. Then the Regime thinks they’ve got you and that you will believe them and not believe what anybody else is telling you or what the evidence says. “But ‘Blame the Video’ is every bit as much a deception when it comes to Cairo.

You know, Obama had a policy of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. You remember this? Egypt? In the post-Mubarak Cairo. “And post-Mubarak Cairo became a very hospitable place for jihadists.” Once they got rid of Mubarak and the brotherhood was in there, there wasn’t any reason to protest anything! They got what they want. Tahrir Square and all this. “That included al-Qaeda leaders, such as Mohammed Zawahiri, brother of al-Qaeda emir Ayman Zawahiri. … In the weeks leading up to September 11th, 2012,” when Benghazi-Cairo happened, “these jihadists plotted to attack the U.S. embassy in Cairo. In fact, the Blind SheikhÂ’s son threatened a 1979 Iran-style raid on the embassy.”

We knew that these things were gonna happen in Cairo. That’s why we apologized in advance. Some employee in the State Department, the embassy in Cairo, puts this apology out. We knew that there were gonna be anniversary Al-Qaeda protests in Cairo. Nothing to do with the video. The video was just used later as an explanation.

“The State Department knew there was gonna be trouble at the embassy on September 11th. … It was well known that things could get very ugly. When they did, it would become very obvious to Americans that President Obama had not ‘decimated’ al-Qaeda as he was claiming on the campaign trail. Even worse, it would be painfully evident that his pro–Muslim Brotherhood policies had actually enhanced al-QaedaÂ’s capacity to attack the United States in Egypt.”

We had the facilitated this whole Tahrir Square thing getting rid of Mubarak who, for better or worse, was our ally. The Muslim Brotherhood’s in there. Obama helped make that happen. And then if there are Islamic type protests at our embassy, that cannot look good for. It just can’t. Because he was the guy that was gonna be wipe this stuff out. He was the guy that was gonna end all of this.

“The State Department also knew about the obscure anti-Muslim video.” Hillary knew about it. “Few Egyptians, if any, had seen or heard about it, but it had been denounced by the Grand Mufti in Cairo on September 9.” When the Grand Mufti on September 9th denounced it, it didn’t cause any protest. It didn’t cause anything. There was barely a ripple. “Nevertheless, before the rioting began but when they knew there was going to be trouble, State Department officials at the embassy began tweeting out condemnations of the video while ignoring the real sources of the threat: the resurgence of jihadists in Muslim Brotherhood–governed Egypt.”

That’s how we first heard about the video. The State Department sends out this apology for this video before anything had happened, folks. That’s what we couldn’t figure out here. What the hell is this? We figured that somebody had gone rogue and made a mistake and put this apology out in advance; that it was prepared, ready to go if needed. But it wasn’t gonna be used if not. Then it goes out if anything has happened and blames this video. That’s where we first heard about it.

So they’d already prepared to blame the video before any protest had even happened. And they knew the protests were gonna happen because of intel and because the Muslim Brotherhood had taken over Egypt and was pretty much running Cairo at the time. It’s just an abomination, folks. You know, Pelosi’s out there (impression), “Why is everybody so focused on Benghazi?

“Why is everybody talking about Benghazi? There’s so much else to talk about. Why’s everybody talking about Benghazi?” Because the chickens are starting to come home to roost. Slowly but surely, the chickens are starting to come home to roost. (No forgiveness to Reverend Wright.) But the reason people are talking about it is ’cause there are still millions of Americans who are outraged.

There are four dead Americans, and this Regime has never taken that seriously. This Regime didn’t do anything to protect them. This Regime didn’t do anything to defend them when they were under assault and has turned this whole thing into a political event to protect our Dear Leader. Nobody’s been brought to justice except this stupid video-maker. Nobody’s been brought to justice on this.

That’s why people are talking about it.

It’s an abomination.


RUSH: Here’s Chris in Charleston, South Carolina. Glad that you waited. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush! It’s a huge honor. This is about Benghazi. We know that the 9/11 anniversary happened right during the campaign of the last election, and the way I see it is, the Regime knew a 9/11 attack or something similar was probably imminent. So they needed a protest. There’s no real guarantee that just because it was 9/11 there’d be some minor protests.

I think someone — Sharyl Attkisson, someone brave — needs to investigate. Get to the bottom of who was it at State Department that Google searched “offensive Islamic videos” just to find one, then pre-apologizes basically to cause a protest that they could then say, “Well, everything that happened in the region sprang from that.” I mean, this to me looks like they know that if someone says anything denigrating about Islam, there’s bound to be a protest, which is a cynical view on the Regime’s part.

RUSH: Well, you know, that’s the thing. When you apologize in advance for something nobody’s seen — when the State Department, when the embassy apologizes for this video before anything happens — you’re inviting something to happen. Hillary Clinton ran the State Department. Whether she knows how to Google? Who knows?


RUSH: I have an article here from BuzzFeed that was published the day before the Benghazi attack. That would have been September 10, 2012. Headline: “Obama’s Plan to Use National Security to Beat Romney.” From this article that ran the day before the Benghazi attack:

“One of the most aggressive parts of President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last week included a series of jokes mocking Mitt Romney’s foreign policy chops — indicating a breezy confidence rarely seen in Democratic candidates.” Okay. So there’s BuzzFeed reporting, reminding people that Obama had been making fun of Romney at the Democrat convention.

If you remember what that was about, Romney had gone over to Europe and had taken a trip to Poland and the media and the Democrats made fun of everything he said and they portrayed him as unqualified and incompetent. And then the next day, Benghazi happens. So the media’s out there just applauding Obama and laughing.

They’re supporting Obama and this notion that Romney’s a jerk on foreign policy and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And then Benghazi blows up. You think you don’t have something to cover up? You don’t think they have something to make it look like it’s not terrorism that made that happen? Because it couldn’t be!

“Obama’s the foreign policy expert. Obama’s the great vanquisher! Obama is the eminently qualified president on the foreign policy stage now.” The very day before the Benghazi attack the Drive-Bys are all over making fun of Romney and what a joke he would be in foreign policy. So Benghazi happens, and they had to start circling the wagons, which included blaming the video, finding the video.

That was done at the State Department somewhere. Just to remind you again, this is so important in this. The State Department memo… This is the last thing I’m gonna say about this. The State Department apologizes on September 11, 2012. The State Department — the embassy in Cairo — apologizes for a video before any violence had taken place, before any attacks anywhere, before any protests.

Jay Carney’s lying through his teeth over protests in the region. There weren’t any! The Muslim Brotherhood owned everything. So they send out this apology for this video before anything had happened. This is a bunch of… Folks, we’re dealing here with just… (sigh) In this case, it’s like the Clintons all over again.

These people, everything they do is a cover-up because they can’t be honest about what their real intentions are, what their real policies are, what they really are doing and what they want to do. They can’t be honest about it, so everything they do is a cover-up or a distraction. Everything! It was the hallmark of the Clinton administration, and here it is again. It’s not coincidental that Mrs. Clinton’s part of this bunch, when something like this begins to happen.

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