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RUSH: What do you mean? Of course he’s gonna be a campaign issue. What is it gonna take for people to figure this out? I just got an e-mail, “Rush, do you think Sterling will be a campaign issue?” Damn right he’s gonna be a campaign issue! Not only that, somebody in Hollywood right now is rushing into production The Donald Sterling Story, the miniseries for TV. They gotta get it done before the midterms.

It’s all they’ve got.

The Democrat Party is who makes this all possible, folks. Look, let me be dead serious for a second. I know we’re getting to the giddy, laugh-about-it stage with all this, but I’m telling you: The Democrat Party promotes this. The Democrat Party makes people comfortable with their racism. The Democrat Party makes people comfortable with their bigotry opinion. The Democrat Party opens the doors for all of this.

The Democrat Party’s responsible for two separate speech codes. The Democrat Party is responsible for the fascism, totalitarianism of their voters. The Democrat Party promotes it, encourages it. It’s all politics. It’s been one of my big points for the longest time to try to convince people everything that happens is political — and if it’s in the media, it’s the Democrat Party’s agenda.

Everything’s political. Of course Sterling is gonna be a campaign issue! You’re saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He gave to Democrat causes. He gave to the NAALCP.” That doesn’t matter. By the time they’re through he’s gonna be the chairman of the Republican National Committee. By time they get through with him… (interruption) Why do they care? (interruption) Let me go through the list here.

Let’s just take a look here at the pattern. Just this year, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson goes out there and gives an interview in GQ. All hell breaks loose, and nobody watches anymore. Okay? Their numbers are down. The Walking Dead is walking all over Duck Dynasty. Well, they always did. But their numbers are not what they were. By design.

Do you think that show ever had a chance? They were just waiting for one of the people on that show to do what Phil Robertson did. They were just waiting for it. That show is what is most embarrassing about America, to these elitist libs in the Northeast and on the Left Coast. The fact that that show is the most watched thing in the country is the biggest scare they ever got.

They had to destroy it.

Okay. The Mozilla guy, Brendan Eich. What did he do? He gave $1,000 to a ballot initiative in California that won, and all it did was maintain that marriage is that between a man and a woman. The guy was destroyed, and it was said he engaged in hatred and bigotry by giving $1,000 to the idea that marriage exists between men and women. He had to be destroyed.

Cliven Bundy. (It didn’t take long there.)

Hank Aaron? It was one of the most disappointing things. Hank Aaron says the only difference in the Republicans today and the KKK is that they used to wear white hoods and now they coats and ties, not white robes. Then Donald Sterling. I’m gonna predict to you that between now and September, there are gonna be a whole bunch more of these that will be trumped up, ginned up, made to order, ’cause this is all the Democrat Party’s got.

Obamacare. I got a story today. You know what the percentage of people in the latest poll who think it’s working for ’em is? Eight percent! Obamacare is an absolute, total disaster. The only way the Democrats get what they want is when Obama does an executive order outside the Constitution. That’s the only way they get what they want. They have to bend the rules. They cannot get what they want any other way.

All of their policies, every Obama policy is now shown to be a complete and total failure. Minimum wage? Chuck Schumer, sound bite today. The minimum wage, he says, is the American dream. They want to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and it’s gonna fail. The minimum wage is gonna fail in the Senate, and Chuck Schumer is calling the minimum wage the American dream. (interruption)

I know! It’s like saying a shopping cart’s the American dream. The US economy is so moribund and so nonexistent that the ChiCom economy is gonna soon replace us as the world’s biggest and fastest-growing economy. The US economy in the fourth quarter grew after all of Obama’s policies at one-tenth of 1%. The Republicans have supposedly been waging a War on Women.

The truth of the matter is that women have lost more salary in the past five years. Under Obama, women have gotten poorer. Married women, single women, single women with children, single women without children, Julia, single women, lesbians, you name it, every woman has gotten poorer under Obama. Yet it’s the Republicans waging the War on Women!

Keystone pipeline. Everybody wants it but Obama will not sign it, making us less domestically energy independent than we could be. Amnesty? For illegal immigrants? Only the Republican Party can make it possible for the Democrats to get what they want.
Only the Republican Party. That’s how precarious this is. Scandals, Benghazi? The latest that we’re learning on that: Sharyl Attkisson is out with a smoking gun.

We now know everything we suspected is true, that everything that was done was rewritten and edited and redacted to protect Obama, who is incompetent and doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing — and doesn’t care half the time. Fast and Furious. NSA surveillance. IRS targeting. Fake science at the Environmental Protection Agency. Obamacare rollout a total disaster.

What do they got?

They’ve got nothing to hang their hats on!

Everything they’ve done is an abject failure. I don’t believe Obama’s at 41% approval. I think it’s much lower than that, but nobody’s got the guts to actually print the truth. California? Look at Illinois. Look at Detroit. Everywhere they are running the show is either falling apart or has fallen apart, and people are doing their best to get out. People are fleeing all those places, mostly due to high taxes.

The problem is the liberals that flee pollute wherever they end up with the same policies. Meanwhile, Republican governors and states are showing how well their policies work. Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, Louisiana are proven successes. Scott Walker has rewritten the rule book and the recipe on how to revive an economy.

I’m telling you, the only thing the Democrats have is Donald Sterling and Brendan Eich and Cliven Bundy and Duck Dynasty and all of these things that they just wait and hope for. That’s why they’re so desperate to find the next thing. What’s the guy, the candidate in Missouri? What was his name? (interruption) Who? (interruption)

No, the guy that said rape, you know, depends on whether or not… (interruption) Todd Akin! Todd Akin, right. They’re just waiting for the next Todd Akin. They’re hoping and praying for the next Todd Akin, because that’s all they’ve got, folks. And that’s why there’s gonna be more of this. That’s why Donald Sterling is gonna become a campaign issue.

That’s why they’re working on The Donald Sterling Story the miniseries. It will take a month to watch the whole thing. They gotta get it done before the midterms. They have no issues. They have no record of achievement. They got nothing. The Democrat Party has nothing. Five years of the Democrat Party getting everything it wants, and where are we? Losing to a communist country!

Everything is in such a state of decline that young people literally have no experience with a dominate, positive, winning, victorious, economically advancing America, all brought to us by the Democrat Party. And to a certain extent the Republican establishment, by not opposing any of this the past five years, has played their own little role in it by not trying to stop any of it, other than not voting for Obamacare.

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