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RUSH: Now to John Kerry and what he said. It was about 24 hours ago that we found out about it. He basically said that Israel, if they’re not careful, is going to end up being an apartheid state, an apartheid nation. It’s just simply outrageous. Twenty-five percent of the population of Israel, I think, is Palestinian. If it’s not that high, it’s close. Palestinian Arabs are in the Knesset. They run for office and are elected. They live peacefully in Israel. There is no comparison whatsoever.

Now, Kerry, it turns out, said this in a private setting to the global conspiracy group, the Trilateral Commission. They’re part of the New World Order gang. And somebody from The Daily Beast got in there. I got the story here from the Politico.com. “Secretary of State John Kerry’s private remarks to a meeting of influential world leaders last week were allegedly taped by a reporter from The Daily Beast, a charge that led to a personal apology from Trilateral Commission chairman Joseph S. Nye on Monday.

“In a letter to Sec. Kerry, obtained by Politico, Nye expressed ‘my deep apology and dismay that a reporter form The Daily Beast, Josh Rogin, somehow sneaked into the meeting room in which you were speaking to the Commission this past Friday.'”

Can you imagine Lurch getting this letter? Here’s Kerry and he’s got the letter from the New World Order gang. These are the guys that want to take over the world and put in a one-world government. They can’t keep a reporter from The Daily Beast from sneaking in. So Kerry gets his apology letter, and it says, “My deep apology and dismay that a reporter somehow sneaked into the meeting.” Sneaked in!

“‘He was not invited,’ Nye wrote. ‘Althought how Mr. Rogin slipped past both Commission staff and Diplomatic Security is unclear to me, we have confirmed that he indeed was present and apparently recorded the session.'”

So The Politico is outraged at The Daily Beast reporter, media versus media! Media angry at media for sneaking into the precious Trilateral Commission secret meeting where John Kerry told prestigious, distinguished New World Order leaders that Israel runs the risk of becoming an apartheid state. The Politico is mad at the reporter Josh Rogin for reporting on Kerry’s comments because he broke the rules of the Trilateral Commission.

You know, it’s funny, we don’t recall such concern from The Politico after Mitt Romney’s 47% remarks were taped at a private event by a Democrat operative. Instead, The Politico, like the rest of the media, celebrated that tape. They played it as a near endless loop about Romney and his 47% comment. But whenever a Republican’s private remarks are made public, it’s all about the substance and the people’s right to know. Whenever a Democrat’s private remarks are made public, it’s all about the process by which they were obtained and who snuck in someplace and who cheated the system.

Anyway, will Josh Rogin get a Pulitzer Prize here for his courageous reporting? I’m just kidding. He’ll be lucky if he keeps his job. Daily Beast. It’s a lib bunch. The Daily Caller is Chatsworth Osborne Jr.’s website. The Daily Beast is Tina Brown’s. So a lib reporter got in there. Well, a reporter from a lib website got in there. Now, what did Kerry say? Well, John Kerry released a statement yesterday which amounted to a refusal to apologize for his grotesque smear of Israel.

He said, “If I could rewind the tape, I would have chosen a different word. … First, Israel is a vibrant democracy and I do not believe, nor have I ever stated, publicly or privately, that Israel is an apartheid state or that it intends to become one.” Yes, you did, John! He’s being too cute by half here. He didn’t say Israel is, and he didn’t say that it wants to be. He said it runs the risk of becoming an apartheid state. That’s why he issued this humiliating non-apology, which is as inappropriate as Hillary Clinton’s “what difference, at this point, does it make” response to her gross negligence in Benghazi.

I think that Obama’s foreign policy team is a joke, a dangerous joke from the beginning. We’ve got a dead ambassador, three other dead Americans in Benghazi. I ran through it earlier in the program. The world’s on fire. The Iranians ramping up on their nuclear weapons. We’ve got communist outposts being established here in our hemisphere. Putin is reconstituting the Soviet Union, and everybody’s absorbed and consumed here with Sterling and the Clippers.

What we have here is John Kerry and what he said about dealing with the Russians. This is the actual report from Josh Rogin, The Daily Beast. “The United States has proof that the Russian government in Moscow is running a network of spies inside eastern Ukraine because the US government has recordings of their conversations, Secretary of State John Kerry said in a closed-door meeting Friday.”

In addition to what he said about Israel, he talked about Russia to the Trilateral Commission on Friday, and that’s what he said. He said, “‘Intel is producing taped conversations of intelligence operatives taking their orders from Moscow and everybody can tell the difference in the accents, in the idioms, in the language. We know exactly whoÂ’s giving those orders, we know where they are coming from,’ Kerry said at a private meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Washington. A recording of KerryÂ’s remarks was obtained by The Daily Beast. Kerry didnÂ’t name specific Russian officials implicated in the recordings. But he claimed that the intercepts provided proof of the Russians deliberately fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine — and lying about it to US officials and the public.”

And then he said this. This is what’s dangerously naive and just, to me, demonstrates Kerry is unqualified. “ItÂ’s not an accident that you have some of the same people identified who were in Crimea and in Georgia and who are now in east Ukraine. This is insulting to everybodyÂ’s intelligence, let alone to our notions about how we ought to be behaving in the 21st century. ItÂ’s thuggism, itÂ’s rogue state-ism. ItÂ’s the worst order of behavior.”

Who does he think he’s dealing with here? For crime in Italy’s sake! These people, folks, I’m telling you they’re dangerous. What, it’s the Twenty-First Century, so everybody’s supposed to be as wussified as you are? It’s the Twenty-First Century, so everybody’s supposed to be as big a pansy as you are?

It’s the Twenty-First Century, and so everybody’s supposed to be as concerned with feelings and not being offended and gay marriage and whatever as you are? Do you not realize who Vladimir Putin is? He’s KGB! Do you not realize what he wants to do? Do you not realize who communists are? They lie, just like you do!

Folks, it really is dangerous, the degree of incompetence here that this man is willing to demonstrate. This is like a little kid in the sandbox in kindergarten, crying about his best friend. “He insulted my intelligence and our notions about how we ought to be behaving in the Twenty-First Century.” What is the magic of the Twenty-First Century, anyway?

That Obama’s president?

Is that supposed to be make everybody be nice now?

This is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. It always has been. This is not a world that has been put together with negotiation. This is not a world that’s been put together with doctors and nurses and clean water and Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross and all of that.

This is a world that’s been put together by force; the borders of this world exist because of the aggressive use of force. It is undeniable. And we are a great nation at risk in this dangerous world, and we have people in leadership positions in the White House and over at the State Department diplomatic circles, who have no clue, apparently, about the genuine intentions of our enemies.


RUSH: Here is the rest of what John Kerry said after complaining about the behavior of the Russians. “Right now there is not a negotiation; there is a confrontation.” He’s talking to Trilateral Commission, these New World Order people. “I’m sad to report I’ve never seen such a complete, miserable, unaccountable, disgraceful walk away from a set of promises and understandings than what has taken place.”

I can’t believe this guy. Sadly, I can believe it, but it’s just… Oh, Lord, folks. You know, I once joked that John Kerry is one of these guys that wanted to be secretary of state because, in his own mind, he really thinks that because he can speak French, that the rest of the world would finally throw down their arms in opposition and realize the good guys have finally arrived.

Just like every leftist thinks the only reason liberalism/communism/socialism has failed in the past ’cause the right people haven’t yet tried it. Well, these people are the latest to think they’re the right people. They thought Obama was The Messiah, and he was gonna show up, and the world was gonna love itself and others, and Kerry was much the same.

Can you believe this? We’re talking about the KGB, and Kerry’s practically crying to these Trilateral Commission guys, “I’m sad to report I’ve never seen such a complete, miserable, unaccountable, disgraceful walk away from a set of promises and understandings than what has taken place.” Can you imagine if we’d have had to have this guy deal with Gorbachev?

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