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RUSH: Less than a minute into his speech at the Boston Marathon bombing memorial yesterday… By the way, Obama went out there and spoke, too. Do you know he never used the words “terrorism” or “militant Islamist” or anything of the nature about what it was? He just called it a “tragedy.” But the real fun began when the vice president stood up there.

Less than a minute into his speech, Vice President Biden went tragically off script and told the crowd of survivors, “It was worth it.” You want to hear? It’s only 14 seconds. We’re gonna have to replay this. I’m sure the shock here is such that we’ll have to play it a couple of times.

BIDEN: Let me say, uh, to, uh, those, uh, quote, “survivors,” my God, you have survived, and you have soared. It was worth… It was worth it!

AUDIENCE: (stunned silence)

RUSH: He said it twice. What in the world could he be thinking here? I mean, I can easily translate this. I know exactly what he was thinking. I’ll tell you in a minute. But stop and think of this. You’ve got these survivors out there. People died. Things were blown to smithereens. The Boston Marathon was tarnished forever. Every time they run the race now, there’s gonna be this fear, “Is it gonna happen again?”

Some clown showed up yesterday with this fake rice cooker. (He must be from Cuba. They gave away rice cookers down there one year.) The rice cooker is one of the latest weapons of destruction used by our terrorist friends. So they’re always gonna have that in the back of their mind there, and the vice president tells them, “It was worth it.” How in the world…? What in the world…?

If you do not understand liberals, you will not understand how somebody could say something like that. I guarantee you that when Biden said that, he thought he was being as empathetic as possible. He was being brilliant. He was praising them. He was complimenting them. He was telling them how tough they are. “It was worth it! Losing that member of your family, it was worth it.”

“What was worth it? What’s the value here? What was worth what?” people are asking.

But in his mind, he was addressing the toughness. He was complimenting the toughness of the people. “It was worth it to show that we can handle these people. It was worth it to show that we at the Regime could help you through this. It was worth it to demonstrate that these people who committed this tragedy (don’t say “terrorism”) can’t get away with it. It was worth it so that we could show you how qualified, competent, and good we are.

“It was worth. It was absolutely worth it.” You talk about insensitive and out of touch? It just boggles the mind. Listen to it again. He went off script, here. He’s trying… I know this guy. He’s trying to be really sensitive. He’s really in touch. He’s really empathetic, really feels everybody’s pain, and he wants to praise ’em. They’re the toughest people in the world; it was worth it. Here he is saying it again…

BIDEN: Let me say, uh, to, uh, those, uh, quote, “survivors,” my God, you have survived, and you have soared. It was worth… It was worth it!

AUDIENCE: (stunned silence)

RUSH: He went on to say, “I mean this sincerely. Just to hear each of you speak, you are truly, truly inspiring. It was worth it. I mean this sincerely. Just to hear each of you, it was worth it,” to find out how good you were. It was worth it to find out how strong you are. It was worth it to find out how strong we are. The audience, of course, sat there in stunned silence.

And after a moment of stunned silence, Biden then said, “I’ve never heard anything so beautiful than what all of you just said.” They didn’t say anything. “I’ve never heard anything more beautiful than what you’ve just said.” Of course, the Democrats say, “That’s just Joe being Joe. Ah, it was just Joe being Joe.” Let Bush or Cheney show up at this thing and tell ’em it was worth it and you see what would happen then.


RUSH: It’s fascinating, by the way, to take a look here, folks, at how the left reacts. I call ’em the left-wing first responders. Whenever Biden steps in it or Obama or any Democrat makes a mess of things and causes an emergency, then you have the first responders (i.e., the Drive-By Media) come out and deal with the carnage and try to recast it. In this case, the Regime’s first responder was the Atlantic.com website, rushing to Biden’s defense.

Here’s what they said: “We, like most viewers of the speech, assumed Biden was (poorly) talking about coming to the event, rather than the bombings themselves. Despite getting flagged by a Fox News reporter, the quote didn’t even make it into the news channel’s write-up of the tribute. ” Of course not! Of course. That’s what the first responders do, is they keep it out of the news. But we, ladies and gentlemen, found it. We’re not gonna shield you from it.

So the Drive-By first responders’ emergency services personnel arrive on the scene, and clean up the mess that Biden makes. “Oh, no, he wasn’t talking about the bombing being worth it! No, no, no, no, no. He was talking about it was worth it attending the event, that everybody in the audience attending the event was worth it.” Okay. Well, let’s listen again. What is a “quote, ‘survivor,'” by the way?

He says, “Let me say to those, quote, ‘survivors’ …” What is that? Why do you have to put quotes around “survivors”? They either did or they didn’t. It’s like my buddy Phil Mushnick’s latest column in New York Post, talking about how the media is trying to really ratchet up emotions the way we report crime — the “grisly” murder scene, for example.

What’s grisly about it? My favorite was the “stray bullet.” Somebody got hit by a “stray bullet,” yeah. The bullet was just marching along and decided to change directions and hit somebody. What is a stray bullet? Anyway, here’s Biden, “quote, ‘survivors.'” Let me listen to this again.

BIDEN: Let me say, uh, to, uh, those, uh, quote, “survivors,” my God, you have survived, and you have soared. It was worth… It was worth it!

AUDIENCE: (stunned silence)

RUSH: The first responders say he was talking about attending the event. “You, quote, ‘survivors,’ it was worth it. It was worth it to come listen to me speak. It was worth it to come hear the president.” I don’t know. The thing is, these are the people that get all the credit for tolerance and compassion and feelings. Another example: Biden gets away with this. This is a major, major gaffe.

But yet, “He didn’t mean to! His intentions are good. His intentions are honorable. He didn’t mean to be stupid. He didn’t mean to insult any. So it’s okay, whatever he did, because he didn’t mean to do it. We know he’s a good man.” So according to the Atlantic, if the survivors hadn’t given good speeches it wouldn’t have been worth it for Biden to come. He listened to some survivors make the speeches.

“Oh, quote, ‘survivors,’ my God you survived. It was worth it. It was worth it.”

I guess it was worth coming to hear the survivors speak. But if they hadn’t given good speeches, it wouldn’t have been worth it for anybody to show up.

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