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RUSH: Kate, Carson City, Nevada. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Well, hello, Rush, dear. How are you doing?

RUSH: I’m just dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m so glad. You’re so awesome, what you do with that Leukemia Lymphoma drive. You’re such an awesome guy. I just want to say real quickly that that chick that was on Neil Cavuto? She’s never fed baseball players. I’ve been doing that for 30 years. They eat more junk and they are so skinny and it drives me nuts. So, anyway, that’s all.

RUSH: It’s clear she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

CALLER: She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I can’t keep food in those boys. But anyway, the reason I called is because you talked about conservatism and how the conservative mind-set is to challenge people to do their best, be their best, do more than they think they can do. You talked about coaches and teachers and those kind of folks — and they do, absolutely — but I think fundamentally it’s parents, and especially dads, that really push kids to do more and be better than they thought they could be. That’s one of the reasons, not the only reason, that the liberals are hell-bent — and I mean that literally — on destroying the family. It’s because if they can get dad out of the picture, then the government becomes their provider.

RUSH: Well, now, the latter part of what you say there, there’s no question. Liberalism… You know what first put me onto this, too, folks? It wasn’t something I came up with myself. This is years and years ago now. We had a black woman that called, and she was just livid, and she lit into the federal government for destroying the black family, and she laid out how it has happened over the years. She gave a chronological history of it.

You go back the average black family in Harlem in the sixties and you had kids doing well on test scores, competing with kids from other schools, and it was a whole different family… (interruption) Thomas Sowell does talk about this. It was a whole different family dynamic. Now you’ve got single-parent families, largely single-mother families with the father nowhere to be found, nowhere to be seen. And the government’s come in and taken over, which happens to be just fine with the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party, in fact, is trying to… They’ve got a turnout model, folks, for this upcoming election in November targeting single women. They hope to beat back what they think is this Republican juggernaut. They’re gonna be doing all kinds of gonna infuriate you. The process is gonna involve two things. They’re going to try to dissuade Republicans from turning out, depressing you, making you think it’s hopeless or a lost cause.

“Don’t worry about it. What you think is finished. What you want is over. Your America is gone; yu’ve been defeated.” That’s the kind of marketing campaign they’re gonna have. On the other side of it, they’re gonna be promoting and ballyhooing single mothers as the backbone of America. They clearly benefit from it. So on that score, you’re right — and then the absentee of a father in the home as a motivational and inspirational figure.

There’s no question that is a relevant thing.

I’m glad you called.


RUSH: Now, I’m really going back and forth on something, ’cause I heard something profound not long ago that I didn’t expect to hear. It could cause problems. ‘Cause every time I’m with people, I assure them whenever we’re talking, if it’s on the golf course, if it’s at dinner, everything’s off the record, don’t worry. I’m never gonna tell people what you said by name. I don’t do it unless you specifically say it’s okay, and even then I won’t probably do it ’cause you don’t want the attention that would result from it.

And just like we had a caller yesterday who said she thought that Hillary’s shoe throwing incident there was staged, that ends up in the news as I said it, not the caller. All over the news today, Politico, USA Today: “Limbaugh says Hillary staged shoe incident.” I didn’t even see it. Anyway, it goes back to what our caller in the last half hour said about busted up families and the absence of fathers. And she was bouncing off, you know, my little riff on the great things about conservatism: self-reliance, rugged individualism, wanting everybody to succeed, teaching people how to do it and the observation that we’ve all met somebody in our lives that somehow showed us that we are capable of more than we thought we were, that we’re better than we think we are.

Most people have limitations that are self-imposed and “can’t” is an easy word for everybody, and a lot of people think greatness is something they’ll never really aspire to. But more people are capable of it than they know, and a lot of people who are fortunate will run into somebody who will accidentally or purposely demonstrate to you that you are capable of much more than you think you are, that you are better than you think you are. And I happen to think it’s true of most people, frankly. And for some people it’s a coach that gets more out of physically. For some people it’s a teacher. And the woman called to say, “A lot of times, Rush, it’s fathers that do it.” And that’s true. It can’t be denied.

It reminded me of something I heard some time ago. It’s not recently. I was on the golf course and was with a person of color. And I was just listening to the conversation. And this person of color who is in a prominent position in one of our professional sports was asked, “What do you think the biggest challenge and problem in your sport is?” And this person of color said, “There’s no question, single-mother families. That fact has led to more cultural problems that we have to deal with than anything I could think of.” And I was floored. I was literally floored. And I’m not gonna tell you what sport because I don’t want the Drive-Bys trying to find out who said it, ’cause there’s no good that can come of that. But you would know, and you would be pleasantly surprised and appreciative.

But the point is, when I heard it, it really caught me. It’s the last thing I expected to hear. And I got to thinking about it. You know, gang culture was part of the discussion leading up to it, and a whole discussion of where the country was going. And then since this person happened to be a prominent sports figure, the questions eventually turned in that direction, as a business. And that answer just came out of left field at me, and I’ve been thinking about it more and more, and with the last caller that we had. I read a couple things today — in fact, let me find it. I think I’ve got it here. Yes, it’s a Huffing and Puffington Post and it’s by somebody named Margie Omero: “What You Think You Know About The Midterms Is Wrong.”

This is a liberal pollster, and a liberal pollster and strategists are debunking the idea that Democrats are counting on single women to win, demographic sense. The purpose of this piece is saying, yeah, the demographics matter, but what everybody forgets is that the message has to be there, otherwise the demographics won’t matter. Now, listen to a couple of pull quotes here.

“We only need to look at Republicans’ systematic vote suppression efforts to know they agree. And make no mistake, my record on urging Democrats to make their messaging more women-centric is long.” The woman’s claiming credit for this. What vote suppression effort in the world is she talking about? Probably voter ID. So this convoluted left winger thinks that voter ID is about voter suppression. And if we’re trying to suppress the votes of illegal immigrants, then, yeah, may have a point. There isn’t any voter suppression. The dirty little secret is that Republicans don’t know how to turn out their own vote, much less suppress the Democrats. Four million Republicans didn’t vote in 2012 in the presidential election, and this woman’s running around, vote suppression efforts of the Republicans.

“But there is more to our past success — and failures — than simply getting more women, minorities and young people to the polls. Turnout doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and demographics aren’t destiny. As in the past two midterms, the party with the overall message advantage–not merely a turnout advantage — won decisively. Right now Democrats are far less unpopular than Republicans.” Meaning the Republicans are more unpopular than Democrats. We’re not even talking about popularity. Just the Democrats’ advantage is that the Republicans are despised more, in her view. And so the Democrats hold the advantage in that, they “hold the advantage in party identification, and hold a slight advantage in the generic ballot” No, they don’t. The Republicans hold the advantage in the generic ballot right now.

Anyway, “If Democrats are to stave off tough challenges in November, it’ll need to be because of messaging, not just a secret turnout sauce.” Which means that the message to single women is going to have to be, you just can’t say, “Hey, we’re Democrats, you’re single women, we’re made for each other.” Isn’t gonna work. Her point is, the Democrats are gonna have to have a message. Well, what do you think it’s gonna be? Is it safe to assume that the message is gonna be one of admiration and promotion and you’re the backbone of America. There’s no question that it is.

When they do that, I just want you to keep in mind that Washingtonian story on the Carneys, the modern equivalents of Ozzie and Harriet, Democrats say that’s not possible for you and me. Oh, no, no. The new America is single mothers abandoned by irresponsible predatory men. You wait. That’s how they’re gonna try to do it. This voter suppression thing. Nobody’s ever kept from voting. The biggest problem we have with voting is illegal voting, not too few people voting. People voting once, twice, the dead voting.

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