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RUSH: Here’s Joe in Memphis. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I wanted to disagree with Ian who called last week. At the time I had a comment about your audio books.

RUSH: Okay, fine. Ian is the 33-year-old who called, if I remember right. He said he was scared, or it’s scary or something like that?

CALLER: Yeah. He was saying that the conservative message just doesn’t resonate. It’s too scary to people.

RUSH: Yeah, right.

CALLER: I wanted to completely disagree with that. Personally, I hate defeatism. I think what we need in a presidential candidate is muscular conservatism. I think people follow a strong leader. I grew up in the eighties, and I saw it work with Ronald Reagan, and I also remember —

RUSH: I agree. I go back and forth. I have people telling me, “Rush, we’ve gotta be real gentle with the way they we approach these people ’cause they’re scared and they don’t like being yelled at.” I’m thinking, “That’s just not how this has happened. I’ve responded to confident, forceful, aggressive, optimistic people in my life.”

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. I remember a voting block that came forward called the Reagan Democrats, and I’ve never heard of a McCain Democrat or a Christie Democrat, by the way.

RUSH: Well, we’re looking for Christie Republicans, actually, but that’s another story.

CALLER: Yes. (laughing) Well, I think there’s millions of conservatives out there that don’t even know they’re conservatives yet because they’ve never had a presidential candidate for president.

RUSH: Well, there’s some truth in that, like that 33-year-old has never seen a conservative win anything. That doesn’t help, either.

CALLER: Right. I may sound silly, but I thought of it this way: If somebody their whole life has been fed hot dogs, and then one day somebody gives them a steak, imagine how they would respond.

RUSH: Okay. Enough of that. We got 40 seconds. Get to me. Get to my books before we run out of time.

CALLER: You’re my fourth favorite book reader at this point right now, and I’m an aficionado.

RUSH: Fourth?

CALLER: I’ve probably listened to hundreds or thousands of audio books and I love you as Rush Revere.

RUSH: Fourth …

CALLER: Fourth.

RUSH: … favorite?

CALLER: Yeah, fourth.

RUSH: Well, I ought to hang up on you.

CALLER: I can’t lie, Rush. I’ve listened to the Harry Potter books, I have to admit. They’re at the top of ’em. But you’re going up against a lot. You’ve only put out three or four audio books, to my knowledge, but I think you’re excellent.

RUSH: No, I got two. I got two out.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: And they’re out at the same time.

CALLER: I have The Way Things Ought to Be —

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, that’s right. That’s right. I forgot.

CALLER: — going back to the nineties and then See, I Told You So.

RUSH: Yeah, but those are two different genres. The children’s books now, which… Look, it’s good. It’s good for me to hear that I’m fourth in something. It’s actually good for me to hear that, folks. It’s a dose of cold water right smack-dab in the face so that I, too, can understand what it’s like to suck.


RUSH: That’s right, folks. You are listening to the fourth best reader of audio books. You’ve gotta get ’em to find out what fourth best sounds like.

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