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RUSH: I’ve gotta play for you what happened on Red Eye last night, the show at 3 a.m. on Fox hosted by Greg Gutfeld. They had Nick Searcy on. Last night was season finale of Justified, and I’m sure some of you haven’t had a chance to see it yet and have TiVoed it or otherwise you’ll stream it later and watch. So I’m not gonna give anything away.

But I’ll just tell you that if you had been following this season, you won’t be disappointed in the… (interruption) Weeell… No, you won’t. I wasn’t. It was satisfying. Nick Searcy plays Marshal Art, Raylan’s boss in the US Marshal’s office in this series. Searcy was on last night, and earlier in the season, we played this. Grab sound bite 1A.

Earlier in the season on previous episode, Art was on a stakeout in his car outside a diner somewhere in Kansas, and he had the radio on, and he was listening to this program, and that sound. He was listening to me on this program doing a Morning Update, not actually listening to the program. They got permission. We knew it was coming. We didn’t know when it was gonna happen. They sought permission, which we naturally granted it, and this is how it happened…

RUSH ARCHIVE HEARD ON JUSTIFIED: National Low Income Housing Coalition issued a report. And they found that low-income households can only afford $495 a month in rent. (music starts) Nationally, the average two-bedroom apartment rents for $977. (Cell phone ringing SFX) Now the plight of homeless families is not front-page news. There arenÂ’t any crying TV-talk-show hostesses interviewing homeless children.

RUSH: All right.

RUSH ARCHIVE HEARD ON JUSTIFIED: Poor, homeless children, whose only wish is to have their own bed to lay their heads down at night, next to the stuffed animal that keeps them company, as they sleep on outdoor grates on cold, rainy nights.

RUSH: So Art’s sitting there in the official car, unmarked. He’s watching bad guys — he has an eye on somebody coming/going in the diner — and listening to this program. He later goes in the diner; it’s a great scene. They had him on Red Eye last night, and they brought this up, the fact that this was used, this tape of my program or the Morning Update. Greg Gutfeld said, “These are characters that you don’t see in other shows, the characters on Justified. They’re subtle, but they’re very interesting people.”

SEARCY: The writers do a really good job about keepin’ it real to what that part of the country is. A lot of veterans there and, you know, also one of the things they’ve done with my character this year is they had me listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

GUTFELD: Yeah. It’s in keeping with what Kentucky’s like.

SEARCY: It makes perfect sense that I would do that. My wife is from Kentucky so we go to Owensboro quite a bit. It’s great fun.

RUSH: By the way, his real wife portrayed his wife in the last three episodes of the series this year. He’s right. We own Kentucky. But we own everywhere. He’s absolutely right, but we don’t want to limit our ownership of the country to one state. Nothing against Kentucky. We do own it. No question about it. But anyway, Nick’s a great guy.

I’ve since gotten to meet him. I went out and spoke to the Friends of Abe group, a secret… Well, no, it was not a secret location. It was at a secret time. It was at the Reagan Library, and he’s a big fan of this program, a huge fan. He’s a tweetster, tweets a lot out there. He’s in direct and daily contact with his fans.

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