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RUSH: This is just unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen. I haven’t seen a news story that rocked my world like the one that happened this morning. (interruption) No, no, no, not Sharpton. I don’t care about that. No, no, no. (interruption) He was wearing a wire for the FBI? I don’t… (interruption) No, not the fact that W is hanging around with Clinton at the NCAAs.

I don’t think that’s helpful, but it’s not my business. What good is that? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Clinton. (interruption) Well, I said he’s good to have a couple beers with and chase women, yeah, or go to a ballgame. I guess, yeah. That’s true. But, no, that’s not what I’m talking about, either. I’m talking about… This is incredible. This newly elected Republican congressman from Louisiana, Vance McAllister.

Yeah, it’s amazing. This guy… I mean, the Drive-Bys, they’re totally obsessed. If it weren’t for the… Well, throw CNN out. They’re still looking for the airplane. No, they’re not. They’re up there covering Obama and his bogus equal play thing. You know, they drag that out like they drag out the minimum wage, like they drag out all of their greatest hits when they’re in trouble, and this is to perpetuate the silly War on Women.

They are the biggest culprits in paying women unequally. Details coming up. But aside from that story, the equal pay thing which the media loves, they’re just totally absorbed in the incredible news that this new Republican, Vance McAllister from Louisiana, got caught on tape kissing a member of the opposite sex. That’s what this is about. The guy engaged in hetero affair.

Well, not even an affair. The guy had a hetero kiss experience. I think it was at a Christmas party last year. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Have you ever heard of a members of Congress kissing a female member of the staff? (interruption) It is. It’s an outrage. (interruption) Well, I don’t know if it was on the lips. It eventually got there, if it wasn’t.

But needless to say, the Drive-By Media is completely outraged and absorbed by this story — and, of course, who can blame ’em? Both the congressman and the woman staffer he kissed are married.


RUSH: Now back to Vance McAllister who got caught kissing a woman at Christmas party. The media is up in arms over this. Media and social media are already flooded with demands that Vance McAllister resign from office. He was caught dead to rights kissing a woman who was not his wife at a Christmas party. Come on! Can you imagine a Democrat be caught doing something like this?

Can you just see Bill Clinton being caught at something like this? Can you imagine the howls of outrage there would have been? Oh, that’s right. There weren’t any — and Clinton did much more than just kiss a woman at a Christmas party, as you well know. But Bill Clinton’s a modern American hero. Former presidents hang around him. They go to basketball games, have a beer.

Well, I’m sure have they didn’t have any beer, but they maybe they chased women after the game. Who knows? But advanced McAllister, classic illustration of what I was talking about yesterday, Vance McAllister has to be. This is proof that he’s an untrustworthy philanderer. Bill Clinton’s a trustworthy philanderer. Bill Clinton is great, ’cause sex doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t affect the way he does his job. It didn’t affect the way he did his job. Come on. And he lied about it? It’s just sex! Everybody would lie about it. Bill Clinton and every other Democrat engaging in this, it’s fine. Bob Menendez? I saw him on TV today. He’s the guy that’s flying down on donor’s corporate jet somewhere in the Caribbean to pal around with women he doesn’t even know who are being paid, on his behalf.

No big deal. Ho-hummer!

Why? Because Menendez cares about people and is pro-choice and he’s probably for gay marriage. He’s a real good guy. You know, he intends to do good things. But this McAllister guy, we can’t have him anywhere near Washington. This is guy’s a hypocrite! Every story about this incredible scandal, this kiss at a Christmas party, points out that McAllister ran on “family values.”

For some reason everybody forgets that Bill Clinton ran on family values when he ran 1992. He brought it up. Everybody forgets that. It doesn’t matter ’cause he didn’t really mean it. The left knows he didn’t mean it, but this McAllister guy? Rotten to the core! He has to go. No two ways about it. Audio sound bites.

We had a montage on this just to illustrate the media’s absorption. This is from this morning. Now, there was just a Democrat crime spree, folks, where the word “Democrat” was barely even mentioned. And now we got a Republican congressman caught on tape kissing a staffer. His party ID is the lead of the story, and the fact he’s got to go is the second most important thing.

CHRIS CUOMO: Did you hear about this? A Republican, Louisiana congressman, got caught kissing a female staffer on tape!

CAROL COSTELLO: Republican Vance McAllister, the Christian conservative…

BILL HEMMER: First-time Republican, Vance McAllister…

MARY CALVI: Newspaper obtained surveillance video of Republican Vance McAllister…

FRANCES RIVERA: Republican congressman Vance McAllister from Louisiana.

ERIN MCPIKE: A compromising image for a southern Republican!

RUSH: See how it works? No presumption he might be a good guy. He can’t be. He’s a Republican! So he’s obviously hateful, a bigot, probably a homophobe, probably against gay marriage. He’s probably a really mean guy and just trying to cover it up. He’s actually trying to pretend he’s cool and hip by kissing a female staffer.

We know Republicans are not cool and hip. He not gonna get away with that! There isn’t Republican alive who can keep up with Bill Clinton. It’s not even worth trying. Don’t even try it. He will nail you. I have a poll here, and it’s from TheHill.com. It comes just a day after the video went viral showing Vance McAllister kissing a female staffer who wasn’t his wife.

That footage, by the way, was caught on a security camera, and was provided to a local newspaper by an anonymous source. Two weeks after numerous Democrats arrested for abuse of power, and I couldn’t even find the name “Democrat” in those stories. The Hill doesn’t even mention that story, but the story in this Hill story is this:

“Voters in the United States dislike an elected official who abuses power more than one who is caught in an extramarital affair, a new poll suggests. A Quinnipiac University survey released [today] said nearly half of voters presented with a politician caught in an affair said they wouldnÂ’t vote for him.

“More than 60% of voters said the same when presented with one who abuses power.” So the point is if a guy has an affair, it’s not a big deal. But if he abuses his power in Congress, that bothers us. That’s what the polling data says. It doesn’t kind of jibe here with forcing Vance McAllister out of office.

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