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RUSH: Judy in Clarkston, Michigan. I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, my friend. I’m calling regarding the news headline, “Growing Talk of Bush vs. Hillary in ’16.” First of all, that just blew my mind, because what do we have, royal families in this country? The Kennedys, the Bushes, the Clintons? I said, “Next it’s gonna be Chelsea and Sasha.”

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing) You know, I hear you, and I feel for you, and I’m saying, “What the heck is this? Is this the best we’ve got to offer?”

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: You know, Jeb’s out there. I think what Jeb’s doing in preparation for maybe running, is saying things to get the conservative backlash to him out of the way. I really think when he says, “Hey, people come in here as an act of love,” that’s designed to tick us all off or tick the Tea Party people off now. Get it done with and over with and then out of the way, and move on.

But look. I know they’re setting it up that way in the Drive-Bys, but it’s not a lock that Hillary is gonna get the nomination. Even then it’s not a lock she wins. I don’t even think it’s a lock she gonna run. And if she does run, it’s not a lock she’s gonna get the nomination, and it’s not a lock that Bush is gonna get it if he runs.

CALLER: If Jeb Bush did get the nomination, I wouldn’t be done voting. I know that’s terrible thing to say but if the GOP is that stupid… Like even his own mother said whatever it was. We’ve got how many millions of people in this country, and I’ll tell you what: My son or his wife, either one, would make a better president than Jeb Bush.

RUSH: Yeah, but they probably couldn’t handle the anal exam that they would get if they tried it.

CALLER: But mine could.

RUSH: But they might not want it. What do you mean, “Mine could”? If your son or daughter are Republicans and it looks like they can win, they’ll make it up about ’em!

CALLER: (laughing) I got you. But I had to talk to you. My head was just blowing off yesterday, and you’re my sounding board. Sorry.

RUSH: Well, you can call any time.

CALLER: Thank you so much.

RUSH: Call from the ledge, from bed, wherever.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Call any time.

CALLER: (laughing) Okay.

RUSH: We’ll walk you back. Thanks much.


RUSH: We’ve got Barbara in Middletown, New Jersey, who wants to weigh in on Jeb Bush. Hello, Barbara. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi. What a great honor. Thank you so much-for-taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Yeah, that Jeb Bush. I think the GOP is really throwing away a great opportunity here. We all see what’s going on. The media and the GOP is getting ready for the great anointment, and I just kind of thought to myself, “I wonder how many people are feeling how I feel, that I’m not going to do it this time?” I mean, we did it with McCain, we did it with Romney, and they kind of know that we’re just gonna fall in line.

They know that. You talk to people, and they’ll say, “Well, if it is Jeb Bush, I guess I’ll do it.” But I’ve been finding different, because I’ve been calling Tea Party and conservative groups all over the country within the last couple of weeks. I’ve been calling them and asking them if they wanted to sign on to this list that I’m compiling, a statement, and it’s become like a full-time job at this point.

People are excited. I call them, and there’s no doubt in their mind, they’re enthusiastically asking to be signed up — you know, put on as a signatory to this statement — saying that they will not support a moderate, a RINO. They’re not gonna do it. Just from calling all these different groups, I’m amazed that from Alabama to California, New York, Maine, everywhere, everyone’s feeling the same frustration.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: And I do think that the GOP is definitely throwing away a great opportunity to finally win.

RUSH: Let me run a theory by you. A friend of mine said, “What if Jeb really doesn’t want this and is just saying things that guarantee he won’t win, such as, ‘They’re not coming here for anything other than love’?”

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I’ve got a guy who thinks that Jeb is trying to disqualify himself right now just ’cause he doesn’t want to run and he doesn’t want all these people trying to draft him. So he’ll say something that he knows is not gonna be accepted and get it out of the way. What about that theory?

CALLER: The purpose of that, sir, is because they’re pressuring him to be the anointed candidate?

RUSH: I know. My answer to that is, “If you don’t want to run, just say so, rather than disqualify yourself.” I mean, yeah, I think Tea Party… We know that four million Republicans in 2012 stayed home. Stop and think. I still can’t believe it. I mean, I believe it, but in 2012, four million Republicans stayed home for the very reason she’s talking about here.

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