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RUSH: Ten years ago… Maybe not even that long ago. Six years ago, the polling data on gay marriage was different. You could hardly find a significant percentage of people who were for it. Now five/six years later, the polling data has done an amazing reversal, something like — if I remember this right, and I don’t have this in front of me. There was voluminous stuff I read over the weekend.

I think 60% of the country now favors gay marriage. Now, do you think…? I’ll just ask a question. It’s an open-ended question. I just want you to think about this: Has there really been a 50 to 60% shift in active support for gay marriage? Well, I’m just asking. People are saying it. I’m not challenging the polling data. Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not challenging the data.

I’m accepting the data that 60% support gay marriage and in 10 years it’s gone from 50% to 60%. I’m accepting the polling data. Well, I can draw you an analogy, I think, in perhaps answering this. How many people voted for Barack Obama ’cause they really supported what he intended to do, versus how many people were afraid not to? I think what’s happening here is fascism equals intimidation, and the intimidation is working.

You know as well as I do that people are scared to death to tell you what they really think. The left has politicized everything — everything — to the point that people are afraid to go against what they know to be political correctness, which is nothing more than liberal fascism, nothing more than censorship or what have you. They’re afraid to speak up against it.

They see what happens to people who speak up against it. They see it. Brendan Eich’s just the latest example. They see what happens to Dan Cathy. We had a woman call here. “I didn’t want to tell a pollster I didn’t like Obama. No way! I don’t want to get involved in anything controversial.” Most people don’t. I don’t think that most people really believe that David Koch is filled with hatred or that I am or anybody else.

But they’re afraid to say they don’t believe it, and low-information people buy it. There are some people that do. They’ve been successful with the low-information crowd creating this notion, but there’s just a whole lot of bullying going on out there in the midst of an anti-bullying movement. The real bullies are claiming victim status. They are the ones being bullied while they do the bullying, and they shut everybody up, or most people.

But back to this woman at Mozilla. Her name is Mitchell Baker. The reason why she calls herself “Mitchell,” I don’t know. Her first name is Winifred. Name is Winifred Mitchell Baker, and she’s from Berkeley. She’s been schooled in all the women’s studies and bigotry studies and all. She comes right out of that. This paragraph here: “Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech.”

“Equality is necessary for meaningful speech.” This is absurd. Speech, free speech doesn’t get balanced. That’s why it’s called free speech. The First Amendment to the Constitution codified, for the first time in human history, the notion of free speech — meaning a government couldn’t shut you up for saying the wrong thing. Although guess what’s happening?

The Tea Party says the wrong thing, and the government sicks the IRS on you, under the guise that you’re just filled with hatred and bigotry. “You’ve got to be shut up for the public good.” Free speech doesn’t get balanced. Political speech — free speech under the First Amendment — was wide open. Nobody could stop any of it. Not according to the Constitution, not according to the Founders. It doesn’t get balanced.

“Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech.” That is just … lunacy! It’s absurd. That’s gobbledygook. It’s absolutely meaningless. You cannot balance free speech. You can’t say you have free speech “if,” free speech “but,” free speech “only if.” You can’t do that and have free speech!

You go on to talk about how diverse you are and how open you are, which they do later in their statement, and how you’ve listened and how you engaged and how you’ve been guided by the community. Yeah, guided by the community. Eich is found guilty! He gave $1,000 to traditional marriage. “Oh, no, he didn’t! He gave $1,000 to hatred,” they said. “He gave $1,000 to bigotry!”

Now, what happened to Brendan Eich and Dan Cathy and any number of people I could name? These are people that engage in tolerance left and right in their businesses, in their companies. A fat lot of good it does ’em. That’s the next thing that’s the real kind of frustrating thing. People who engage in acts like of tolerance, it doesn’t do ’em any good. Bill Koch, David Koch, donate all this money.

“That doesn’t count! It doesn’t count because they don’t really mean it. Their intentions are evil and mean-spirited and filled with hatred, and they know it, so they’re just trying to cover it up.” I’ve had e-mails on this. I forget, I don’t have the number in front of me, of how many millions we’ve raised for leukemia. I can’t tell you how many e-mails I get every year, “You’re just doing this to try to cover the fact that you hate people.

“You can’t fool us! You don’t really mean to be doing this. You don’t really care. You’re just doing this ’cause you know people are on to you.” Well, I think, you know, those things go in one ear and go out the other. The fact of the matter is for all 25 years I’ve been thinking that nobody’s gonna believe this crap, and maybe they don’t, but they’re certainly intimidated by it. A lot of people are.

But this is the result of everything being politicized. The left has assigned to themselves the right or the privilege of determining everybody else’s motivations and everybody else’s intentions. Theirs are good, and everybody else’s are bad. And because their intentions are good, you cannot judge their results. And because Obama’s a good guy and a likable guy, he didn’t really mean to do what he’s doing

“He wouldn’t do this! No, no, he’s trying. He doesn’t mean this. He didn’t mean to screw up health care, despite the fact that he did and is and does. He didn’t mean to.” So his approval numbers plummet not because people had mad at him. They’re losing faith in the country, and that’s the real sad result here. The thing about Obama is he’s the leader of this bunch, folks. Barack Obama is the guy enabling all of this.

Barack Obama makes Brendan Eich being fascist’d out of a job possible. It’s Barack Obama who’s running the never-ending campaign against these powerful, mean-spirited forces trying to undermine his good intentions and his good works. He’s the first president in my lifetime who’s actually said of his opponents, “They don’t care about you. They don’t have any good intentions.”

It’s Barack Obama who last week went out to a group on the campaign trail and said he couldn’t understand why Republicans “don’t want people to have health insurance,” smiling and laughing (impression), “I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know why folks want to take health insurance away people. I really don’t.” Nobody does! The only person actually causing people to lose their health insurance is Barack Obama.

By virtue of his own work. By virtue of his own policies. But anybody who opposes him — anybody who opposes, for example, Obamacare — just wants to take people’s health care away. He always says, “I’ll listen to anybody with good idea,” but there aren’t any good ideas outside of his. He categorizes the Republican opposition as mean-spirited, cruel. They want to take everything away from you.

They want to take away your Social Security. They want to take away your health care. They want to cut your food stamps. They want take away your benefits. His entire presidency is built on slandering the opposition. Not debating it. Not working together with people. Not being bipartisan, which he claims he wants to be. No, no. It’s spent defaming, and this creates an open highway for his supporters to do the same.

(impression) “They bring a knife to the fight. We bring a gun. They put one of ours in the hospital; we’ll put one of theirs in the morgue. It’s the Chicago way.” He says this stuff as a president, folks! He says this stuff. Republican budget last week he called “a stinkburger.” Paul Ryan’s stinkburger. But never, never does anybody associate ill will or bad intentions or mean-spiritedness or hatred (which he has in abundance) to Barack Obama.

He has it in abundance.

He’s got the biggest chip on his shoulder any man that has served in this office. He’s got more anger welling up in him every day, anger over this country and its past and his lack of speed and success in totally transforming it. He thought he’d be away ahead of where he is now. Of course, the media’s right in there, folks, enabling all of this by echoing it and parroting it, by creating what my friend Andy McCarthy referred to as “the DC soap opera” every day, and the DC soap opera needs villains.

Every soap opera needs a villain, and, “Hello GOP! Hello, Fox News! Hello, conservative talk radio!” That’s who it is. It’s just the way they exist. In fact, they don’t even have to listen to this program to know that it’s filled with hatred and bigotry. They have a website that will tell them every day, which does its best to lie about everything in so-called conservative media.

But Barack Obama makes all this stuff possible with his “good intentions,” defining everybody else’s intentions, and making sure that everybody — or as many people as possible — believe that any opponent to Obama just is either racist or filled with hatred. Now, some of this may not be news to you, and it’s not news to me, either. The Mozilla thing, what happened to Brendan Eich, kind of focused what really is going on here.

It demonstrates it in terms of the fascism and the power in the minds of voters, people outside politics, the power of intentions, good intentions and how that inoculates you. It’s been staring me in the face for 25 years. It’s taken me way too long to put this together. I’m kind of embarrassed it’s taken me this long. I’ll say the reason is I didn’t think it’d be this successful. No way.

I remember when Media Matters first opened up for business and they started with a front page of me and the 25 most outrageous things I’d said about feminism. They were hilarious. I looked at this and thanked them. I said. “This is some of the greatest comedy material.” No way were people gonna think it was real. But they did. That’s where I missed it. They believed these mischaracterizations and lies.


RUSH: I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen. One more addendum before we gets to the phones. I meant to mention this. The website that got everybody at Mozilla scared to death was something called OkCupid. OkCupid is part of the Match.com apparatus. OkCupid put people together. They tried to pass themselves off is a gay matchmaking service, and they announced that they were gonna boycott Mozilla and Firefox if Brendan Eich stayed.

So Brendan Eich’s gone.

It has now been learned that the head honcho of OkCupid is a guy by the time of Sam Yagan. He started a company called eDonkey, was a peer-to-peer site dedicated to stealing apps and programs. It’s a pirate site. But, this guy personally gave money to Utah Republican Chris Cannon, who served in Congress from 2007 to 2009. He left Congress in 2009.

He voted against every gay marriage initiative that came up, and this guy at OkCupid supported him. The guy at OkCupid funded, according to the left, anti-gay bigotry. He funded anti-gay hatred. Chris Cannon. I remember this guy. He was in 2007 to 2009 for Utah and strongly opposed same-sex marriage. He even supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a man-woman-only thing.

The guy that ran OkCupid gave money to him.

The guy that ran OkCupid suggested a boycott of Mozilla.

It was a publicity stunt. The OkCupid guys were not down for the struggle. They were not into the cause. It was a pure publicity stunt — and it worked. They got a guy canned. They got a guy forced out. So actually a guy who has supported “anti-gay bigotry and hatred” in the form of donations to a Republican congressman from Utah — and, by the way, I’m being euphemistic, of course.

Chris Cannon simply opposed gay marriage.

That now equals hatred and bigotry. You must understand that. It doesn’t mean love of tradition; it doesn’t mean that you have a religious belief; it doesn’t mean you believe in man and woman and reproduction and nuclear family and that’s how you keep a society going. It doesn’t mean you believe any of that that. No. If you believe in same-sex marriage, you believe in hatred and bigotry.

That’s what they mean now. So, by their own definition, this guy funded anti-gay bigotry by donating to Chris Cannon, and he’s the guy who said, “We’re so offended by this Eich guy that we’re boycotting Firefox and Mozilla!” When that happened, then this Mitchell what’s her name said, “Oh, no, no, no! Please don’t boycott us. We’ll get rid of Brendan. We’ll do whatever.

“We’ll write some meaningless pap here about equality being ‘necessary for meaningful speech.'” They got punk’d by a PR stunt. None of it matters, of course, because the left is happy with the scalp of Brendan Eich. The whole thing — OkCupid, Match.com, trying to pass themselves off as gay relationship matchmaking site, boycotting Mozilla — happened when this Yagan guy, Sam Yagan, was funding a Republican who very much pro-same-sex marriage.


RUSH: What was what? Oh. Snerdley wants to know what was one of the things that I thought was funny when Media Matters rolled out their website and their front page had 25 hateful things spouted by me about feminism. One of ’em was “I love the women’s movement, especially when walking behind it.” They put that in there. That was “hatred,” folks. That equaled hatred of women.

That was sexism, and it was bigotry, and it was hatred when I said it in a television debate when I was Sacramento. The liberal mayor of Davis, California, was wringing his hands over, “You got me wrong. I love the women’s movement, especially when walking behind it.” His mouth fell open, and the crew started laughing. That equaled hatred, bigotry. That was just, “Ewwww, it’s so ugly!”

That was that kind of stuff that they had it on their website that I had said. Now, one other thing. (interruption) What? (interruption) Yeah, okay. There are starting to be reviews of my children’s books on the left in the Drive-By Media, and without fail, every one of them refers to the “irony” of me writing a children’s book as a bigot and somebody that hates women and hates this and hates that.

Of course, some reviews say, “Limbaugh is obviously doing this to cover the fact that…” I mean, it’s exactly my point. They somehow know what my intentions are. They somehow know what my motivations are, and they tell everybody. And then every aspect of my entire life’s work is intended as a cover-up of who I really am. That’s how they disqualify it for themselves.

That’s how they can say, “I don’t have read these books. I know what they’re going to say, and I know even if they’re good, it’s simply an attempt to fool everybody. Limbaugh is trying to recapture an image of a good guy when he’s not.” This is the kind of stuff that they’re writing about that, about my children’s books. There’s not a political word in them. “He’s only do it ’cause he knows…”

I got an e-mail: “Rush, did you see that on the list of the Prop 8 voters, where they found Brendan Eich’s $1000, 60% of Intel employees gave money to Prop 8, standing for traditional marriage?” Sixty-percent! (interruption) I know. It won. That’s the thing. People have forgotten: It won 52 to 47. Yes, the majority of people in California were hateful! That’s exactly right.

That majority was filled with people who were either misguided by or filled with hatred and bigotry. Well, they found a judge to agree. But the point is, in the case of Apple, 4% of Apple employees donated to Prop 8. Intel was the only company where a majority of employees donated to Prop 8 supporting traditional marriage. (interruption) No, that’s… (interruption) Well, yes. Here’s the point.

So I got an e-mail, “Well, Rush, how come these people haven’t targeted anybody at Intel? They obviously know who they are because the records were released, made public, of who donated.” If one of these employees at Intel is ever named or is ever up for CEO, that’s when they will go into gear. That’s when the Gay Mafia will arise and come up with whatever it takes to kill the guy or the woman’s chances.

Maybe not just CEO. Maybe if somebody’s up for CFO. I guarantee you this. They’ve got the list of donors, they know who worked where at that time. So if one of those names pops up years from now as CEO anywhere, that’s when they’ll go into gear and take ’em out, and they’ll do it saying, “This person supported and donated to bigotry and hatred of Prop 8 in 2008!”

The end result of this have is too that fewer and fewer people will go public if it means giving money or saying anything. They’ll just shut up. This the purpose. One of objectives of fascism is to intimidate your opponents into just giving up, just shutting up. “Just stop opposing us.” That’s Obama’s modus operandi. They don’t want a level playing field. They don’t want anybody else on it. They want to eliminate the opposition.

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