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RUSH: President Clinton was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I guess this is how you do it. You go on Jimmy Kimmel Live. One thing, by the way, let me share this. Back to Ian for just a second because I have people routinely urging me to have a presence, a much bigger presence in social media. People say, “You know, Rush, there isn’t anybody, conservative, Republican, Libertarian, you name it, there’s nobody on our side that has a large social media presence. But the left is everywhere on social media. I mean, take your pick, actors, actresses, producers, anchors, sportswriters, they’re everywhere. They’re on Facebook. They’re on Twitter. We don’t have anybody anywhere. You need a bigger presence.”

And then people who are close in my orbit always warn me against it. “Do not do it, Rush. Don’t get anywhere near it. The biggest danger in social media.” Every one of them tells me, “is the ‘send’ button because once it goes you can’t pull it back.” So what I get from that is that there are a lot of people scared to death of it. You know, a defensive posture is not something I’m comfortable with. I just don’t like playing defense. I don’t like doing things so as to not anger people or not hurt people or not to get into trouble. “Rush, you know what, don’t go there. Let us handle it for you. We’ll post a couple things from you, you know, twice a month, but don’t go tweeting every day what you think about. Don’t do it.”

People in my orb who are, quote, unquote, looking out for me, advise me to stay away from it ’cause it’s fraught with danger. All it takes is one blown tweet and you’re finished, which I don’t buy, by the way. But it’s just amazing how many people on our side are just walking around quaking in fear over saying what they really think. It reminds me of the old days of the Soviet Union where people would retreat to their bathrooms, families, to tell ’em what they really thought of things, ’cause they figured the bathroom wasn’t bugged. That the KGB was not listening in the bathroom.

Anyway, so here’s Bill Clinton, who can’t do anything wrong, I guess, because he’s likable. He doesn’t make people feel vulnerable. Clinton doesn’t make people feel like he’s gonna take things away from ’em. So he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and Kimmel was juts hell-bent on finding out if Clinton could confirm or not that there were aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.


KIMMEL: You would?

CLINTON: I would.

KIMMEL: You would.

CLINTON: If we were visited some day, I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope that it?’s not like Independence Day, you know, a conflict.

KIMMEL: Friendly aliens.

CLINTON: It may be the only way to unite this increaseavly (sic) divided world of ours. They’re out there. We better think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader.

RUSH: All right. So here is a former president of the United States seriously discussing on late-night TV the existence of space aliens and how a divided world — see how we all need to come together — would make us even more vulnerable if space invaders showed up. So should I be doing this, should I be showing up on Kimmel and answering questions like this? See, I wouldn’t get questions about space invaders. I’d be asked if I was one. I know. I have met them. The Weekly World News already blew that story. I met with the space aliens in New Orleans back in the nineties.

They were trying to engineer my election as president. It was a cover of the Weekly World News. Koko, get that out of the archives, we’ll put that at RushLimbaugh.com so people can see it. I’ve already met with the space aliens. Left hand shakers, by the way. And then Kimmel said, “Well, do you miss being the first African-American president?” Now, remember, this is the former president of the United States, a white guy, being asked, “Do you miss being the first African-American president? I feel like you were cheated out of that, like that was taken away from you.”

CLINTON: Yeah, well — (laughter) — my grandparents were poor white Southerners who, as a class, were among the most racially prejudiced people in the south, and they weren’t. My granddad ran a country store and the vast majority of his customers were African-American. So I was raised in a different way, and so I love being called the first black president. But — (laughter) — but Barack Obama really is, he deserves it.

RUSH: How big a statement. Do you realize how big that is of President Clinton to actually admit that Barack Obama’s the first black president? With ease and total humility, Clinton just throws away the title, lets Obama have first black president. You hear what else he said? (impersonating Clinton) “You know what? My grandparents were poor white Southerners, and poor white Southerners as a class were among the most racially prejudiced people on this earth. My grandparents weren’t, but I mean the people around me were.” Yeah, like your mentor, J. William Fulbright, senator from Arkansas, biggest segregationist the Senate’s ever seen, or one of them, anyway.

But see how this works? (impersonating Clinton) “Oh, yeah, I grew up, I was a white southerner, but I’m a good white southern because my grandparents, they weren’t racists and they sold things to African-Americans. But boy, the people I was around when I grew up, man, are some of the most racist, prejudiced people on this earth. I wasn’t. I wasn’t ’cause of my great-grandparents and so forth, but, boy, everybody around me was.”

Well, good to know. (interruption) Hm-hm. (interruption) No, Clinton’s grandparents were not racist. He said everybody else’s grandparents were racists. Everybody else that lived in the town was racist. But Clinton’s grandparents weren’t. (impersonating Clinton) “They had an old country store and they sold things to black people.” Mr. President, did they raise prices or lower prices? “I don’t know about that. I’m just telling you Limbaugh they sold stuff to ’em. That means they’re not racist.” “So there’s no price gouging going on?” “I don’t know. Look at me, I’m not a racist, I turned out just fine. Everybody else that lived in the south were the biggest racist hayseed hicks in the world, but I’m not. That’s all you need to know. That’s it. I was first black president. I saw black churches burn. Actually I didn’t, I made that up, but everybody believed it when I said it.”

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