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RUSH: Folks, a perfect example. I’m still stuck on Obama in the Rose Garden yesterday saying, “I don’t get it. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with so many people getting health insurance? Why would anybody be against 7.1 million people having health insurance?” Well, let me try to explain it to you, ’cause I don’t think it’s hard at all. It’s a major difference between us and the left and their reaction to these sign-up numbers.

Okay, so we got 7.1 million people. You know, we would all prefer a robust, thriving, growing country and people living in this country making that happen. We would love people prospering, growing, doing things that inspire them and inspire others and things that they enjoy, and prospering from it. We would prefer that seven million people don’t need a subsidy to pay their health insurance.

We would prefer a country where people are able to afford it. We don’t want to celebrate the fact that 7.1 million people are on welfare, for crying out loud. We don’t want to celebrate the fact that 7.1 people are getting subsidies and they’re able to have their neighbors help them pay for their health insurance. We would rather prefer that 4.5 million Americans don’t need to go on Medicaid in order to have health insurance.

But the left celebrates this stuff.

The more people on welfare, the better.

The more people being subsidized, the better.

The more people being helped, the better.

It’s an accomplishment. Charity equals accomplishment. This is not even charity. This is such a big difference. This is the major difference. We’re not gonna sit here and celebrate the fact that 7.1 million Americans go on welfare. The left does! We want a country where that isn’t necessary. We want a country with as few people dependent on government as possible, and that’s how we would measure success.

For the Democrats, the left, it’s the entirely different equation. The more people on welfare, the more people getting benefits, the better, because they think they are righting wrongs. They think they’re taking care of people who’ve been cheated, stolen from, and otherwise. It’s a huge divide. So Obama says, “I don’t know why anybody would be against people getting health insurance.”

That’s not what people are against. What we are sick and tired of is looking at and aiding a party where the central government is essentially destroying people’s lives! Listen to this from Nancy Pelosi. You know… (sigh) I go back and forth on this woman. Is she really this dumb, or is it an act tailored to low-information voters? I have to say, ladies and gentlemen, the jury’s still out on this.

But let me give you an example of why it is questioned. She was speaking with reporters outside the White House yesterday after this victory lap celebration. This will tell you… This one sound bite here will tell you so much. But it will tell you why I am so desperate to teach history to children. It’s because of this. This is the kind of bastardization, retranslation and redefinition of what the founding of this country was all about.

This is Nancy Pelosi defining the purposes for the founding of this country and getting it dead wrong. Here we go. Here’s the first…

PELOSI: There are those who are critics and there have been bumps in the road. But they’ve only been turbulence. they have not been an obstacle to the American people having healthier life. But our founders wanted for them, life — healthier life — liberty, the freedom to pursue their happiness. Not job locked, but having benefits that — health care policies that — are portable. They could be self-employed, be a photographer. They could start their own business. They could change jobs. They could reach their aspirations.

RUSH: This, folks, is infuriating! This is what she thinks the Founding Fathers meant by “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” portability of your health insurance benefits? Yes, “life — healthier life — liberty, the freedom to pursue their happiness,” and you can’t be happy if you have to work. You can’t be pursuing happiness if you are “job locked” because you gotta have benefits.

You need health care policies that are portable, and the founders knew this!

It is that exact reason that I decided to write these books for kids that teaches the truth about the founding of this country and American history. Now, I want to read to you, ladies and gentlemen, a quote from one of the founders. His name is Benjamin Franklin. He once said, “I am for doing good to the poor… I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. …

“I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” The founders hated “job lock”? The founders never heard of it!

I never heard of it ’til she made it up two years ago. But to Nancy Pelosi, the fact that you have to work, by definition, means you’re not pursuing happiness. The fact that you have to work, by definition, means you are doing something you would rather not do and you’re being denied the opportunity to do what you would rather do. All because you have to work!

And if it weren’t for this silly, stupid requirement that you have to work — that you have to do something you hate, that you can’t do something you love — that we need Obamacare so that you can get free health care so that you can finally pursue happiness. That’s what the Founding Fathers meant. Now, is this woman just dumb or stupid, or is this manipulation of the low-information voter, or is it a combination of the two?


You think it’s latter? That is exactly why, ladies and gentlemen, I wrote Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, and Rush Revere and the First Patriots. It’s why there’s going to be more Rush Reveres rush, rush, rush, rushing through history. It’s to fix this kind of ignorance. We’re dealing with current-day rotgut! The Founding Fathers did not have one thing in common… Let put it this way.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have one thing in common with the Founding Fathers when it comes to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. She doesn’t even understand what it means. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness means individuality, rugged individualism, self-reliance, not dependence on a political party or a government! Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness means discovering yourself, loving yourself, finding your own way in yourself.

The pursuit of happiness is however you define it.

But the only way in Pelosi’s world you can find happiness is to not work and be totally dependent on what the government (via the Democrat Party) can provide for you and then go out and laze away your life doing what you’d rather do, while we take care of your benefits. To try to convey that that’s what the founders meant, to co-opt the preamble to the Declaration of Independence?

For crying out loud, the whole notion of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness is the Declaration of Independence, not the Declaration of Dependence!

One more Pelosi sound bite if I can handle it. It’s short. It’s 15 segundos.

PELOSI: Elections are always about jobs. So I think that while, as I said, we’re proud of the Affordable Care Act, we now pivot to job creation — which is, you know, the bill creates four — will create four million jobs. So this is a jobs bill!

RUSH: What is she talking about now? The Affordable Care Act’s gonna create four million jobs? Right. There is nothing, there is nothing in the Democrat Party agenda that creates any jobs in the private sector. Anyway, it’s brief time-out time (sigh) while I attempt to regain my composure.


RUSH: For the second week in a row Rush Revere and the First Patriots is at number one on the New York Times best-seller list in the children’s book category, and Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims is at number four. So we got two books in the top five on the New York Times best-sellers list, and the second week here at number one for the new book, Rush Revere and the First Patriots.

I’m getting a lot of people saying, “Hey, Rush, I like how you’re sneaking in Obama in this.”

“What do you mean, I’m sneaking? Obama’s not in these books. I don’t want anybody mischaracterizing.”

“Oh, Rush, you can’t fool me. That conversation Rush Revere has with King George.”

No, no, no, no. That conversation is designed to teach kids about socialists or totalitarian government no matter who. It’s designed to teach them what the colonists wanted freedom from and what they were willing to fight for. It had a stroke of, if I might say so, genius, to actually put Rush Revere in the palace with King George and actually interview him.

“What are you doing to the colonists, king? What in the world are you doing to these people? Why are you taxing ’em so high? Why are you denying ’em this? Why are you making ’em do that?” And then the king speaks as all tyrants do, in real time so that the kids can learn it. But you’re not gonna see the word “liberal” or “conservative” or “socialist” or “communist” or any of that. They’re just gonna learn it. It’s all rooted in truth, historical truth. And the mission, I couldn’t be given a better opportunity to explain why I’m doing these children’s books than that stupid, really dangerously stupid sound bite from Nancy Pelosi.

The next thing we know the founders were gonna be against photo IDs. The next thing we know the founders were gonna be for amnesty. The next thing we know, the founders were going to be insistent on abortion rights. The next thing we know the founders are going to be in favor of the Catholic Church marrying gay people. Well, what’s to stop her, if she can bastardize what the founders meant with the preamble to the Declaration, where’s the end to it? This is exactly what they’re doing in the curriculum with young kids. So we’re stopping it, giving ’em the alternative of truthful history.

Here is Ray, Traer, Iowa. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Great to talk to you. You and Ronald Reagan are two of my favorite people in the world.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate it. That’s really great company. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Well, I bought both of your books. I’m looking forward to going through ’em. I’ve only started the first one, but it’s highly entertaining.

RUSH: Thank you. I appreciate that.

CALLER: The reason I called is ’cause I was —

RUSH: You know, I gotta tell you. I had a friend of mine, a guy, 70 years old, “I just finished your book.” I said, “What?” “Yeah, I just read your book.” He got it for his grandkids. “It was a great read.” I said, “You’re kidding, you’re 70!” “Yeah, it was a great read.” I was overwhelmed.

CALLER: Well, it’s a good book for any age, Rush. But the reason I called is because I’m doing lent and penance, and so I was listening to the president’s address in the Rose Garden yesterday, and something occurred to me. You know, in the media we keep hearing Republicans are obsessed with overturning Obamacare. That’s their only election-year issue, and it’s gonna turn against them, and blah, blah, blah.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: What occurred to me is that Democrats were equally committed to overturning “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which we know is signed by Bill Clinton. But they thought it was bad policy and they worked tirelessly to overturn that law. And they were successful. Well, no one criticized them or called them obsessed at the time. So I don’t think Republicans have anything to be ashamed of.

RUSH: No. No, they don’t. In fact, it’s just the exact opposite. In fact your point, it is not us who are obsessed with Obamacare. We were minding our own business, everything going along fine, and they force it on us. They are the ones obsessed. We get up and go about our lives and we’re under assault by these people. Everybody’s fine, everything’s hunky-dory, here come these people telling us everything’s unfair and everything’s unjust, and everything’s immoral, and you’re not recognizing the way we want. And you must do this and you gotta do that and you’re destroying the planet. You’re not driving the right car, and you’re eating the wrong foods, and you’re too fat. You’re not walking enough.

Shut up!

You know, if you can’t make yourself happy, leave us alone. Do not ask us to join you in your misery. We’re not obsessed with anything. They’re the ones that are obsessed. They’re the ones obsessed with Obamacare. They’re the ones forcing everything they believe on everybody else. They do not have the confidence to leave anything up to a vote. They don’t have the confidence to put anything up for a debate. We’re not obsessed with anything other than trying to hold on to the traditions, the institutions, what have you, that we love and revere and that have defined this country’s greatness.

We are under assault every day. We get up, we’re minding our own business, and we find out that something else has made them unhappy; something else is making them miserable; something else is hurting their self-esteem. So they get up and they’re in palpable fear that people enjoying themselves are destroying the planet. They get up and they’re scared to death that people driving cars they enjoy and very much like are destroying the planet or the way people are eating is making them fat or whatever. They just and cannot abide people enjoying themselves. They’re miserable, and they want everybody to join ’em in it.

So I mean, I don’t even accept the premise, the media saying Republicans are obsessed with Obamacare. We have no choice. If we care about the things that we believe in we’ve gotta defend ’em ’cause they’re under assault every day. I’m amazed, I made my
I’ll tell you something. For those of you out there who think you are owed health care and you can’t wait to get your subsidized policy, can I give you an idea of who it is that’s paying for it? What does “subsidized” mean? It means somebody else is paying for it. Have you stopped for a moment to think who it is that might be subsidizing your health insurance that you don’t think you have any responsibility to pay for?

How about the Koch brothers?

How many of these idiots think they’re virtuous in everything by accepting subsidizes, because they’re Americans and they’re entitled, and it’s a benefit, and they should keep getting benefits because that’s what it means? Well, who’s paying the benefits? ‘Cause it isn’t Pelosi. She’s not spending a dime of her own money on you people. And it isn’t Harry Reid. He isn’t spending a dime of his money on you people.

It sure isn’t Obama.

It’s everybody paying taxes that are subsidizing you, and that would include the Koch brothers. It’s a bunch of corporations who are paying taxes, too! Some days these people just occasion they irritate me. Really. Depending the time of the month, Nancy Pelosi can think the greatest thing in the world of Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson.

Where the next day, they’re racist-pig slave owners! “They wrote stuff that’s so old and antiquated that we can’t rely on it, like the Second Amendment. We gotta get rid of it!” But then when it comes to health insurance, something they never wrote about — and when it comes to job lock, something they never even considered — why, they’re brilliant!

That’s why I say, “Keep a sharp eye out, ’cause isn’t gonna be long before Pelosi tells you, ‘The founders did not believe in photo ID to vote, and the founders did not have a problem with amnesty and open borders, and that the founders wanted the Catholic Church to legalize abortion and gay marriage.'” Whatever she thinks she can convince her low-information voters to believe.

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