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RUSH: Speaking of global warming, I have it right here in the National Journal. This is the headline. National Journal! This is not some kook fringe operation. “It May Take a Global Vegetarian Movement to Combat Climate Change — It may be impossible to reach the U.N.’s goals without significant changes in global diet, a new study finds.” It’s by Brian Resnick.

“If we really want to cut down on global greenhouse emissions, we’re going to have to do something about cow farts.” That’s what it says, and I am not making this up. They are now looking into the serious reduction of methane, which is what “cow farts” are. It says it right here. (interruption) It’s in the first line of the story in the National Journal. It isn’t me. I’m reading from the news, and they mean this seriously.

This is not a humor piece.

These people are not funny in the Drive-By Media.

Can you imagine…? Take any of the old deans of journalism from the old days. Imagine them saying, “If we really want to cut down on global greenhouse emissions, we’re going to have to do something about cow farts. That’s the conclusion of a study published today in the journal Climatic Change. If we have any shot of reaching the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s global-warming mitigation goals, the world is going to have to start eating a lot less meat.

“Thirty-seven percent of all human-caused methane emissions come from the worldwide agricultural industry. Compared with CO2, methane is 21 times more effective at trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere, according to the United Nations. While transportation and electricity account for more than half of emissions in the United States, the EPA reports that agriculture comprises 8% of all greenhouse-gas emissions.”

They’re dead serious, and there’s no questioning.

The UN says X, so X is true.

The UN says the only way to save the planet now is by eliminating cattle. I mean, how do you stop cow farts? Frankly the only way to get rid of cow farts is to get rid of cows. It’s them or us, is the way this is put in the National Journal. This is not some kook, fringe publication. (interruption) No. No. (interruption) No. No, no other animal farts matter. That’s the point. Cow farts.

Now, the problem is cows are cattle. You know, we get milk from cows, too, not just… (interruption) Yeah. I guess. We’re supposed to go to goat milk or chicken milk. No cheese. Anything that you get from a cow’s gotta go. (interruption) To save the planet. (interruption) Well, if we’re gonna be able to implement what the UN says we have to do to save the planet. Let’s go to the audio sound bites.

I mean, this is also being ginned up today, folks, in addition to this propaganda with Obamacare. This is last night, actually. This is Brian Williams. I don’t think it was his lead, but it’s over the top. This is what you would hear a news anchor say in a movie when the aliens land, and here he is reporting about a new report on global warming and climate change. This is the NBC Nightly News.

WILLIAMS: The world has never been spoken to quite this way. We’ve never been warned like this before, all of us, about climate change. Nor have so many countries agreed quite this much on the clear and present danger it represents. Here is the takeaway: Unless the world changes course quickly and dramatically, the fundamental systems that support human civilization are at risk!

RUSH: Gee. Well, it sounds like he bought it all. I just don’t know if he really does. Maybe he does. I don’t know what to think. This is just so much sophistry. This is beyond description. It’s genuinely pathetic. “The world has never been spoken to quite this way. We’ve never been warned like this before, all of us, about climate change.

“Nor have so many countries agreed quite this much on the clear and present danger it represents.” We’ve only been hearing this since the seventies! You know, I sit here and I do ask, “Is there any way of combating this? Is there any way of creating an atmosphere where when people hear something like this, they just automatically reject it and laugh at it?” You know, I actually shudder when I think people watch this and soak it up and believe it.

It’s a scary thought.

But, you know, they do. They eat this up. Some people do just ’cause it’s on television. We now have next in the audio sound bites, three certifiable global warming lunatics discussing climate change with Charlie Rose. This is last night on PBS with Charlie Rose. He spoke with Princeton University professor of geosciences and international affairs Michael Oppenheimer.

Now, I remember this guy. This Oppenheimer guy, the first time I saw him was in the summer of 1984. He was on This Week with David Brinkley, and he said, “We’ve got 20 years!” It’s 1984, and he says, “We have 20 years,” and at the time he said we couldn’t conclusively prove it but that we didn’t have time to find out if he was wrong.

Because if he was right, the results would be so bad. “We just have to get started dealing with this whether we think we’re right or not. It’s so bad, we don’t have time to be wrong! We don’t have time to wait to see if my data are incorrect.” That’s the nut of what he said. That was 1984. What is that, 30 years ago? (I’m so lousy at math.) He said, “We only have 20 years.”

So Charlie Rose, one of these sponges that soaks up all this stuff, said, “Even some people who are climate deniers because they’re hung up about the man-made aspect of it, are looking at what’s happening in the Arctic and are saying, ‘Yes, something is going on.'” Who are they? Who in the world are these “deniers”? Because what’s going on in the Arctic is that there is more ice!

It isn’t melting.

This is one of these days I just feel surrounded by genuine idiocy. I feel surrounded and consumed by it. I feel trapped. No matter where I turn, no matter where I look (other than with you guys), I’m seeing rampant lunacy. Okay, so again the question, “Even some people who are climate deniers because they’re hung up about the man-made aspect of it, are looking at what’s happening in the Arctic and are saying, ‘Yes, something is going on.'”

What about it, Dr. Oppenheimer?

OPPENHEIMER: Every time one of these reports comes out, you convince a few more people who are dyed-in-the-wool opponents. But there’s gonna be the hard core who are never gonna cede on this, and there are complex reasons for that. With some people, they just like to stand away from the crowd. With some people, it’s economic self-interest. The point is, you can’t wait for everybody to agree. You know, the climate change that we’re experiencing now is essentially baked in. That is, we can’t do much about what’s gonna happen over the next 10 or 20 years no matter what we do on emissions except try to protect ourselves, try to have better coping and adapting mechanisms. But if we don’t act now in reducing emissions a lot, there’s gonna be hell to pay for particularly the next generation.

RUSH: And that’s how they’ve always sold it, folks. There’s nothing we can do about it right now, but for our children and grandchildren, we have to act. For as long as I’ve been listening to these people. Oh, it’s baked in, there’s nothing we can do about it, it’s there. The question is, our ultimate survival, 50 years from now, hundred years from now, if we don’t act, then your children and grandchildren may not know this planet the way you and I do, if we don’t act.

And here he’s doing it again. You know, Charlie, we don’t have time to wait for everybody to agree. Of course we don’t have time to wait for everybody to agree because not even close to everybody’s gonna agree. These are statists anyway. They don’t care if anybody agrees with them. We can’t do much, we’re cooked, Charlie, next 10 to 20 years, I mean, it is what it is. Nothing we can do about it. The disasters that await are the disasters that await. They’re gonna happen, and there’s nothing we can do about it. All we can try to do, Charlie, is protect ourselves. Try to have better coping mechanisms.

Oh, don’t you love the scare language? Better coping mechanisms, adapting mechanisms. For me, that just means turning up the air conditioner. But it isn’t getting warmer, is the point. Look, up next is Jeffrey Sachs. Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and he then weighed in on what Oppenheimer and Charlie Rose were discussing.

SACHS: We’re on a trajectory, as this report makes clear, that blows the world out of the water, maybe a four degree centigrade rise compared to where we are right now, by the end of the century. Every red light is flashing on food supply, on safety, on storms. This is a disaster, the current trajectory. When you look at the time that we have to get this right, it’s extremely short. We’re just at the end of being able to hold to the level that the world promised itself. I would say December 2015 is the last chance to keep that two degree centigrade limit. If we miss it, it’s gone, then we’re talking about something beyond anything safe. Then we’re talking about horrible damages.

RUSH: You know, this borders on irresponsible, when you get right down to it. Here’s this guy at Columbia, “I would say, Charlie, December 15th is the last chance to keep that two degrees centigrade.” What he means is that if we don’t drastically curtail capitalism and freedom and economic progress, ’cause that’s what these guys are talking about, that’s the danger. The danger is productivity. The danger is progress. The danger is growing economies. If we don’t stop that, Charlie, if we don’t lock in — ’cause what we’ve already done, we’ve guaranteed ourselves that by the end of the century, we’re gonna be two degrees centigrade higher.

And if we don’t lock that in by rolling back our economy and rolling back some liberty and raising some taxes and taking away some freedom, if we don’t do that by December of 2015, Charlie, then we’re gonna blow past that two degree centigrade limit and it’s gonna end up being four degrees, and then we’re talking horrible damages. This is just irresponsible, folks. I shudder because this guy, he’s director of the Columbia University Earth Institute, this guy’s a professor. He’s teaching your kids that you’re paying 50 grand a year to go to this place. And here, finally, Michael Mann. He’s the old hockey stick guy, Penn State, professor of meteorology and director of earth system science, and it was his chance to weigh in.

MANN: The Chinese government is actually having a serious discussion about instituting a carbon tax. They recognize, the Chinese government has recognized the degradation, the damages that the emission of carbon is doing and they recognize that that has to be taken into account in any long-term, coherent, viable energy strategy. In that sense, they’re way ahead of us because we have a US House of Representatives which has a science committee that is led by politicians who reject the notion that climate change even exists. And we can’t have a serious discussion about policy as long as we’ve got a Congress or congressional leadership in the House that takes an anti-scientific stance when it comes to issues like climate change. We’ve gotta move past that.

RUSH: So we’ve got to get rid of the Republicans in the House and get more people like the communist Chinese in our government, because they’re running rings around us. Have you seen a picture of Shanghai or Beijing lately? You can’t see anything. Smog, the pollution. They’re not cutting back. These countries, the ChiComs, India, they’re not going to cut back on their economic growth. And the Third World countries want some economic growth. They’re not gonna willingly stay poor and riding around on oxen just to keep these pointy-heads happy.


RUSH: What’s going on here is that they can’t get anybody’s attention. In every public opinion poll, global warming is down at the bottom. So they’re trying to scare people out of their pants, because that’s all they’ve got. The lone tactic that socialists have is to scare you, and that is what they’re trying to do ’cause you’re not buying what they’re saying. And as they get more radical and lunatic like this, I don’t know what they expect. When you tell people that we have to get rid of cow farts to save the planet, nobody is gonna go for that. Well, not nobody. But that’s how just out of control that they have gotten.

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