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RUSH: Just a couple of more sound bites. Ted Cruz has weighed in on all of this. He’s the one guy who’s had this nailed from the get-go. And then we will move on to other propaganda, because there is no news anymore. There no news in the media. It’s just propaganda. It’s the Democrat Party and the Regime talking points disguised as the news.

Ted Cruz, ladies and gentlemen, has just been firing both barrels on this, since he’s been talking about it at all. And this morning on Fox & Friends he was asked by Steve Doocy, “Okay, Senator Cruz. The White House is claiming victory out there. They hit their seven million number. What do you think?”

CRUZ: The bulk of the people who are signing up had health insurance to begin with — and, you know what? They probably had their insurance canceled because of Obamacare ’cause we know that over six million people had their health insurance canceled because of Obamacare. It is abundantly clear this thing isn’t working. It has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, to be forced into part-time work, to lose their health insurance, or to see their premiums skyrocket. It is the essence of pragmatism to recognize this thing isn’t working. Let’s start over. Let’s repeal every word of it.

RUSH: Every word of it! I love this guy. He is not backing down. He’s exactly right with just some historical context here. Okay, they’ve got seven million, but how many of them…? One thing he didn’t mention: How many of them are signing up out of fear? How many of ’em think, “My God, if I don’t sign up I gotta pay a penalty or I might go to jail”?

Remember Pelosi said that it was totally understandable to send somebody to jail for not signing up back in the day. It’s the law. You have to have it. If this thing were universally popular, everybody would have it. It’s the law. If we had a law-abiding society, everybody would have health insurance right now. This was the deadline! Except the individual mandate has been delayed, see?

Here’s the thing: What does this deadline mean anyway? It’s meaningless because the mandate’s gone. They’ve delayed the mandate. The individual mandate requiring you to have it, they’ve delayed that ’til after the election. But they promised — Sebelius and the others promised — seven million. So they have to make it look like the country loves this boondoggle.

So even though the individual mandate’s been delayed and you don’t have to sign up… You can claim a “hardship” for any reason, including the website itself. You can claim that that is a hardship, as an excuse for not signing up. So you don’t have to be signed up today when you get right down to it. Just a few people do. It’s not even signed up. They’ve gotta start paying the penalty for not having it if they don’t.

Those are people that file quarterly estimated taxes. However, Cruz is exactly right here. The mandate is gone. Look at how many people have lost hours, been converted to part time so their companies could comply. How many people have lost their jobs because of Obamacare? How many people are signing up because they’re doing it out of abject fear of the authorities tracking them down if they don’t?

How many of those signing up did not have health insurance? How many signing up did have it but it was canceled? So the Regime making a big deal out of this is all smoke and mirrors. It’s another giant scam, especially when you throw in that the individual mandate that makes this a hard-and-fast date, is gone.

The real way to look at this, I think, is if this law is now miraculously popular, if for some reason after this four months of intense advertising and all the other things… Who was that actress that went on with Biden and started crying about this? What was her name? Rosario Dawson? Don’t bother looking it up. It doesn’t matter. Some actress went on TV with Biden and started crying over spilt milk.

“Oh, Obamacare is so important!” (interruption) Rachael Ray! Rachael Ray, that’s who it was. Rosario Dawson, Rachael Ray. I don’t know who Rachael Ray is. All I’m telling you is, I read the story and I remember the name. But if this thing were so popular, wouldn’t more than seven million people have signed up? If Obamacare was so wonderful, if it were so the answer?

If Obamacare was actually the solution to all of the health care problems that everybody has, wouldn’t more than seven million people have signed up by now? Yeah. When you add in the reality, the fact that people that can’t afford it are gonna get subsidies — they’re gonna get help in paying for it — don’t you think there would have been a mad dash?

Don’t you think there would be lines of excited people signing up? Yet they’re out there characterizing seven million as some big, great, over-the-top number. It’s embarrassingly low, and they probably haven’t even hit that. So Cruz is right here. “It is the essence of pragmatism to recognize this thing isn’t working,” and to step back from it.

Well, at that, Steve Doocy said, “You’re kind of in a minority out there when it comes to this, Senator Cruz. I know the Democrats are saying mend it, don’t necessarily defend it. But you look at the polling, Senator, and a lot of Americans like parts of it. They’d like to see parts of it continue. So to blow the whole thing up, I don’t know if people are behind that.”

CRUZ: The support for Obamacare is in the thirties. This is the most profoundly unpopular law we have seen in modern times, and the reason is it’s personal. A lot of folks are not necessarily optimistic that it can be repealed because the president tells ’em every day, Harry Reid tells ’em every day, and a lot of news media tell ’em every day, “It can’t be repealed.”

DOOCY: Mmm-hmm.

CRUZ: But I’ll tell you, you can’t force this on the American people. I think it’s going to be repealed ’cause I think the American people are demanding that.

RUSH: Now, you hear him say support for Obamacare’s in the thirties.

He may not have heard about the ABC News/Washington Post poll, which, again, shows support for Obamacare for the first time in a plurality, 49-48%. Now, he’s probably talking about the AP poll four days ago. Just to remind you, four days ago the Associated Press and their polling partner, GfK (not to be confused with Zach Galifianakis), found 26% support for Obamacare.

So he found a poll with 30%.

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