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RUSH: It is an all-out Regime and media swarm on Obamacare. We are being pummeled. We are being beat upside the head. We’re being beat on top of the head. They’re hitting above the belt and below the belt. They’re creaming us out there. ‘Cause guess what? They hit their seven million. Overnight they got something like five million people to sign up. They got their seven million. The media’s so excited. ABC News and Washington Post, in a piece de resistance, has a poll out that shows for the first time ever a plurality now favor and want and love and like Obamacare.

It is a miracle and it has all happened against all odds. Every bit of news prior to today was nobody happy, falling apart, premiums doubling and copays and deductibles tripling. Nobody being able to keep their policy. Everybody unhappy. People deciding to choose to pay the penalty. A lot of people being canceled and no replacement policy. And we go from that in one overnight to everybody now — well, a plurality of people love Obamacare. No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Seven million people, they got it, and you know why it happened? You know, Kathleen Sebelius says it was the Between Two Ferns appearance that did it. Obama appearing on that Web TV show with Zach Galifianakis is what turned the tide. They saw the bump from that Internet talk show. That’s what made it all happen. It’s the most amazing thing.

Folks, we’re being double-teamed, triple-teamed, tag-teamed. It’s just unbelievable how they have arrayed and aligned their forces, and they’re just saying whatever needs to be said. It doesn’t matter what the facts are; the facts don’t matter. Lo and behold, the Regime has hit its target of seven million Obamacare sign-ups. Let me ask you a question, though, seriously. Was there ever any doubt that they would reach this number?

See, this is where we get trapped and we never learn because I guarantee, some of you thought that there no way they’re gonna be able to get seven million by the deadline, not mathematically possible. Based on the supposed factual news that we had yesterday, the day before that, last week, that it wasn’t possible. I mean, what about all the news that they don’t know who signed up? What about all the news there is no back end on the website? What about all the news that they can’t figure out who’s paid? What about all the news that the people who’ve signed up don’t know if they have paid and don’t know that their payment’s been recorded?

How about all of those news stories that were just as recently as last week and, in fact, as recent as the weekend and Monday? They couldn’t tell how many people had signed up. They didn’t know how many people had paid. They didn’t know how many who had signed up or visited were uninsured. They didn’t know any of that. And all of a sudden yesterday F. Chuck Todd comes out and says it’s un-repealable ’cause they hit the six million number yesterday. And then today and last night, the Regime is out, and they’ve hit their seven million Obamacare signup target. I guarantee you it’s not possible. You can’t tell me that this is real, and these people have been known to doctor the numbers.

Is there any doubt they were gonna do this? See, I think people are surprised. I think a lot of people on our side thought this day was gonna come and go and there probably wasn’t gonna even be any mention of Obamacare because it’s so dismal, such a disaster, they’re so short of what they needed. And, remember, we’ve had unending news. I mean, I don’t want to repeat myself, but I’ve recounted all of the most recent news. No back end; don’t know how many people have signed up; don’t know how many people have paid; don’t know how many people are uninsured. They said they had five million, but we didn’t know how many of those were real. And so people, I think, were expecting another day with no significant news on Obamacare.

Folks, the media is as happy as I’ve seen them in a year. They just can’t contain themselves, all over, no matter where you look, they’re just thrilled, they’re excited. The Obamacare number has been reached no matter how much they had to cook the books. H.R. just mentioned this to me in the IFB, but I’m reminded of the way the unemployment rate went down to the number it needed to be before Obama got reelected. A president had never been elected with an unemployment rate higher than 7.5 or 7.8%. And I told you a year out that by hook or by crook the unemployment number was going to be below 8% going into the November 2012 election, and, lo and behold, it was. It’s like magic, almost like magic, these things always work out for Obama, especially when his team is the one producing the numbers.

Isn’t it amazing how this works? They have literally come from the gutter all the way to universal love and support, and they did it in one day. The ABC New/Washington Post poll, the actual Obamacare sign-up’s now reaching seven million, and I got sound bites these people are gloating like crazy. You’re gonna love that. I wonder if that magic number of seven million wasn’t derived from the fact that five to six million would lose their health insurance because of Obamacare. So they had to have a figure, they had to have a number that would top that six million policies being canceled, so, voila, there has to be seven million sign-ups in order to cancel out the six million who’ve been canceled. In order to make it look like there’s a net gain, in other words.

Because, remember, it was six million policies canceled, and they’re talking about they’re gonna have seven million sign-ups. So they had to come up with a number that would wipe out the cancellations. And, voila, they did. They just announced it today. And the media, of course, without any question whatsoever starts trumpeting it. Just like the way the cost of Obamacare had to come in under the cost of the Iraq war, had to come in at $900 billion. You remember how they did that way back then. But here’s the thing. Does anybody believe these are real numbers? You don’t. You don’t.

But what if this ABC News/Washington Post poll is real? It could be an outlier or it could be the beginning of a trend. Right now, 49 to 48, people approve of Obamacare. It’s a plurality: 49-48 like it. It’s the first time it’s been a majority ever. Just last week, folks — just last week — no matter where you looked, it was 41-65 or it was 45-55. There were nowhere close to even 50-50 liking Obamacare.

Now out of the blue, an ABC News/Washington Post poll: 49-48 (a plurality) love, like, can’t wait for, and are all excited about Obamacare. Did they fudge it or is it the beginning of a trend? Is it real? And then, of course, we ask these questions. We have to ask them of the various groups that make up Americans.

To you and me, these numbers are obviously not believable. They’re obviously cooked. There’s no question. But to the low-information crowd that believes that anything coming from government is gospel, the real numbers are now the subject of Obama’s version of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” We’re not supposed to ask and we’re not supposed to tell. The numbers are what they are and we’re supposed to live with it.

I think these enrollment numbers are about as real as the Regime’s unemployment number, or their latest growth projections and the economy, meaning it’s totally made up. It’s made up. And just like those numbers, are the number of sign-ups. You wait. This is gonna be quietly revised down again and again over the coming weeks and months when people stop paying attention.

But for this day, April 1st, they got what they wanted by the deadline of March 31st. And all they had to do was go out and say it. I want to remind you: Two weeks ago, we were told there had been five million sign-ups. So there have been two million sign-ups in just the last two weeks. Depending on where you looked, there were four million, but apparently just in the last week, in three to four days, we’ve had people make mad dash to HealthCare.gov.

The AP is walking on air. “Health Law Sign-Ups on Track to Hit Seven Million, Beating Exceptions.” Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and Josh Lederman. “Beating expectations, President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul was on track to sign up more than 7 million Americans for health insurance on deadline day Monday, government officials told The Associated Press.”

It gets even worse. Can we go to the Los Angeles Times, the joyous Los Angeles Times? Here is the headline from the LA Times: “Obamacare Has Led to Health Coverage for Millions More People — At least 9.5 million previously uninsured people have gotten health insurance since Obamacare started, surveys and reports show.” Now, this is the LA Times spin on a Rand study that nobody else has seen.

You know, the Rand group. They’re a think tank out there on the Left Coast, and they’ve got this study that apparently nobody other than the LA Times has seen. So you need to take this with a grain of salt, since it’s clear that the LA Times is going out of its way to confuse their own low-information readers into thinking that all of these 9.5 million newly uninsured are buying insurance through the exchanges.

But if you read the stories, even by the LA Times’ own admission, only about two million previously uninsured people have actually signed up. If you read the story is, you testified that only two million previously uninsured people have signed up. Yet the headline says that 9.5 million previously uninsured people have gotten health insurance since Obamacare started. The headline is just a lie.

The headline is just totally fabricated and made up. So that is that. There’s much more to say, obviously. Got the audio sound bites. My one question, the ABC/Washington Post poll tells me… By the way, the way it gets there is that support among Democrats for Obamacare has surged, and there is enough Democrat support now to give Obamacare a 49-48 plurality.

In November, in the same poll, it was 40-57 who didn’t like it. Now it’s 49-48 who do. What’s happening here is the media and the Regime are trying to rescue Obamacare. Can I tell you the truth? I’ll do that. The truth is this law’s a disaster. There’s nothing changed about that. It’s an absolutely bottomless pit. It has made most everything involving health care worse.

It is going to end up limiting choice. It’s nothing more than a very exaggerated transfer of wealth, of income. It is not about health care. What has happened here is, it is in such dismal state that ABC News and the Washington Post got together to do their poll, and they’re trying to rescue Obama and Obamacare. This is all about the November elections.

They’re doing everything they can, and everybody else in the Drive-Bys is doing everything they can to bail Obama out and bail Obamacare out. Because if it is so popular, if it is so popular that people now can’t wait to use Obamacare, if they can’t wait to sign up — and if after they sign up they’re so happy — then why has Obama continued to move all of the most devastation aspects of the law until after the election?

That’s not mentioned in the poll, by the way.

So you just have to compare and contrast reality with what the media is saying. If it’s so wonderful, and if there’s so much love for it, and if the support for Obamacare’s growing left and right, why does the Regime have to keep delaying the full implementation? Why do they have to keep moving all the most devastating aspects of the law until after the midterm elections, hmm?

I asked earlier: What if the poll’s accurate? What if it’s right? What if we’ve been sandbagged and what if all these stories the past week, two weeks, past month have all been made up? They’re capable of that, too. What if we’ve been sandbagged? What if it’s not nearly as bad as has been reported? Maybe they reported it’s bad on purpose so they could have this grand-slam, home-run report today.

Or, if that’s not it, what if it’s an outlier? What if the poll is the beginning of a trend that will show increasing support for Obamacare? Well, I have to stumble back on the reality once again that it is not accurate. I don’t believe any of this for a minute. Because again, if it was so great, Obama wouldn’t be delaying the big parts of it ’til after the election.

But here’s the downside, folks.

Oops. I gotta take a break and I need to take a little bit more than 30 seconds to make this point. And it’s a crucial point to be made. It’s about the way the Republicans are gonna react to this.


RUSH: I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers an AP story from four days ago, March 28th. The headline: “Support for Obamacare at Lowest Point Yet — Public support for President Barack Obama’s health care law is languishing at its lowest level since passage… The Associated Press-GfK survey finds that 26% of Americans support [Obamacare].

“Yet even fewer — 13% — think it will be completely repealed. A narrow majority expects the law to be further implemented with minor changes, or as passed.” So 26% of Americans supported it four days ago, according to AP. Four days ago! Then you go to the Washington Post/ABC poll, and it’s 49-48 love Obamacare. Remember there was an election in Florida?

A man by the name of David Jolly, a Republican, happened to win that election running against Obamacare in a district that Obama had won twice. The woman, Alex Sink, had run on the idea that Obamacare was cool; it just needed to be fixed. She lost, even with a third-party candidate. Just four days ago, the AP reported support for Obamacare was 26%, its lowest ever since it was signed into law.


RUSH: Here is the sad reality. Once again, you and I find ourselves as the owners of truth when it comes to the status and the condition, if you will, of Obamacare. You and I own the truth. We know it’s a disaster. The problem is that on television all day today they got their seven million sign-ups. It’s hunky-dory.

There is a new poll all over ABC TV that we’ve turned the corner now; a majority of Americans love and want Obamacare. And whatever is on TV is what people believe. You can make people believe a nonexistent war was occurring, if you had B-roll on TV. It doesn’t matter. The truth, once again when dealing with the left, doesn’t matter.

If we go up to the low-information voters and say, “No, folks. You’re being hoodwinked again. There’s not massive support for Obamacare. It’s not improving anybody’s health care. It’s costing everybody more,” they’ll say “No, no. I saw on TV that they got their seven million sign-ups and we’re turning the corner. I saw a bunch of people interviewed who like it. They got it going well. I saw it on TV.”

And that’s the objective.

Now, here’s the bottom line now: How did you react when you first heard these poll numbers today? When you first heard, if you did…? Maybe I was the first to inform you. How did you feel when you learned that there’s this poll out there, ABC/Washington Post that shows for the first time ever a plurality favor Obamacare?

How did you feel? What was your reaction when you were first made aware today that they had hit the magic number of seven million? Were you a little deflated? The reason I ask is that more than likely that is going to be the reaction of the inside-the-Beltway GOP. They are going to be shaken by this. They’re going to throw up their hands in defeat and futility.

They’re going to say, “There’s no reason to fight this. We’ve got skunked again,” or whatever. But when you don’t stand for anything, and you’re basically in a position where you’re hoping or you are praying or you are desperately wishing that there be a miraculous turnaround in your fortunes, you are always going to end up being shaken when you hear news that is counter to your wishes or counter to your desires.

If you don’t stand for anything.

If you don’t stand for anything, you’re gonna be easily cowed. And my guess is that when the inside-the-Beltway Republicans and the RNC and the Republican leadership heard the seven million number, they’re kind of paralyzed and shaken. “Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.” And then when they saw the ABC/Washington Post poll 49-48, for the first time a plurality favor Obamacare, they said, “Oh, no!

“Oh well, I guess there’s nothing we can do about it now. Well, I guess we just have to batten down the hatches and go with it.” Ted Cruz was right, and they still hate him because he was right. None of this news today is accurate. If it was accurate, if the news about Obamacare was so great, Obama wouldn’t be delaying the big parts of this until after the next two elections. If it was so great.

It isn’t great. Nothing’s changed, folks, other than a big PR propaganda push. It’s on television. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I’ll show you what I mean. Here is a montage from NBC and CNN and ABC and local ABC, Washington Post, you name it. It’s all kinds of reporters. They’re just excited.

The Regime has released a number and the Drive-Bys are running with it. We don’t know how they got the number, by the way. They haven’t told us that. We don’t know how they got to seven million. They haven’t announced that. We don’t know if people have paid any money. We don’t know if the seven million have actually paid for insurance or if they’re subsidized.

We don’t know anything about these seven million. We don’t know how many were put on Medicare and how many signed up for Obamacare. We don’t know anything. All we’re being told is, seven million people have gone to HealthCare.gov. We don’t know anything. And yet the Obamacare media is in full-rejoice mode.

PETER ALEXANDER:The administration is on track to sign up seven million people through last night’s midnight deadline.

CHRIS CUOMO: And the Obamacare magic seven million!

CONNELL MCSHANE: Seven million was this magic number.

AMY ROBACH: Seven. Million. Sign-ups.

POPPY HARLOW: Sign-ups could reach an early goal of seven million.

MARY CALVI: It does appear the surge is on track to top seven million.

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: Now you’ve got these seven million.

JOHN KING: They have seven million!

MICHAELA PEREIRA: Enrollment of seven million, far more than they thought would have, uh, even been possible.

JONATHAN KARL: The final sign-up figures will be over seven million when all the numbers are added up. More than seven million. That is an incredibly high number!

RUSH: It’s party time. See, that’s how it works. See, it’s on TV now, so it’s done. And no matter what you and I know to be the truth, the fact is that’s not the truth. It was on TV. People say, “I saw it on TV. The seven million was reached.” So suddenly no matter where they looked, everybody in the media said it was seven million.

“You’re saying they’re all lying to me Mr. Limbaugh?” Yeah, I am, but you’re not gonna believe that. Now, you can be sure that this is the Drive-By Media’s marching order for the day. You can be certain that this was the marching order that has occurred today. “Seven million is it! Go out and tout it.” Here’s Senator Dick Durbin. And if I may say, this is close to what I predicted they would do.

What I said was that they would acknowledge that there are problems but say, “Little changes here and there can fix this right up. And all we’ve gotta do is just make a little change here and a little change there. Of course, it didn’t roll out exactly as we thought. We’re learning as we go, but it’s better than the free market.”

Here is Dick Durbin this morning on the Senate floor…

DURBIN: We passed the Affordable Care Act and not a single Republican — not one, not a single Republican — would join us in that effort. We rejected the free enterprise approach to health care. The bill we passed isn’t perfect. Changes will have to be made. I’ve said that from the start. We’re not going back to those old days. I can just guarantee them, the American people will never return to their idea of health insurance because it was fundamentally unfair, it was too expensive, and a lot of Americans didn’t have a fighting chance to ever have health insurance once in their lives.

RUSH: They did! That’s the dirty little secret here is that they did! Most Americans who wanted it, had it. They’re just making this stuff up as they go. They had created the impression that it was unfair and it was unequal. For anybody to try to logically or honestly claim that what is happening now is an improvement over what was is absurd. But that’s what Durbin is saying. “We rejected the free enterprise.”

Well of course!

Free enterprise, capitalism?

Well, that’s unfair. We can’t rely on that. It doesn’t work for anybody except the 1% and the Koch brothers. “Not one Republican voted for it.” Now they’re trying to turn that into a big negative because they’ve got this poll that shows a majority of people now like Obamacare. Last night on Al Jazeera America’s news, the anchor John Seigenthaler interviewed former Senator “Puff” Daschle. Seigenthaler said, “Are you concerned that Republicans are gonna try to dismantle Obamacare?”

DASCHLE: They’ve, I think, voted now almost 60 times to repeal the law. They’re not gonna get it done. By 2016, I think you’re gonna have probably over 20 million people in the exchanges, and that simply will be an impossibility within the next couple of years.

RUSH: By 2016. So in two years we’re gonna go from seven million to 20 million, and once you get there, it’s not gonna be possible to repeal it.


RUSH: I know, silly me, I’m beating a dead horse here. But you know me, folks, I’m a stickler for the truth. So I’ve been digging deep here, trying to find out where this seven million number came from, who sourced it, and how did they arrive at the figure of seven million sign-ups.

Well, the AP story, the joyous AP story on this says that they got it from two anonymous White House sources, and that apparently is all it takes. Two anonymous White House sources, seven million. LA Times, 9.5 million uninsured. Forbes is already out with an op-ed saying there’s no way that’s true. I haven’t had time to read it and get into it in detail, but people are reacting to this stuff left and right.

You know the Regime spent $17 million a month since January all over the country advertising Obamacare? Maybe you saw some of the ads where you live. Maybe you saw some local TV stations. They ended up doing five- and six-hour telethons for Obamacare because the owner of the station is a big supporter of Obama. The Republicans were spending ad money at the same time, but they were focusing their expenditures on candidates seeking elective office. But the Regime, something like 52, $57 million spent just this year on advertising the wonders, the greatness, the aspects that are wonderful of Obamacare. So it’s on TV.

Now, something else interesting. I want to take you way, way back now, 2009, 2010. Before Obamacare was passed, the Congressional Budget Office said that it would insure four-fifths of the 40 million uninsured. Now, that’s 24 million people. Four-fifths of 40 million, that would be 24 million people who would be insured, maybe even more than that. And now the Regime is out there bragging about having insured seven million people, the vast majority who already had insurance.

AP story: “Two government officials confirmed the milestone, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter ahead of an official announcement.” So where are these 24 million people that the CBO — I mean, I know. I’m beating my head against the wall. Doesn’t matter. But I want you to know what the truth is. We’re sticklers for it here and we are not gonna be bulldozed. They’re not gonna insult our intelligence. Low-information people obviously don’t care. It’s on TV, it’s what it is. We’ll see. We’ll see if this actually takes.

We don’t know if this ABC/Washington Post poll’s made up. We don’t know if it is the beginning of a trend. We don’t know if it’s a real poll, but an outlier that’s somewhat wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, back to the audio sound bites. Ron Fournier, formerly of the Associated Press, now the National Journal, was on the All-Star Panel on the Special Report with Bret Baier show last night. Baier said, “Ron, to hear the White House today, Jay Carney said it’s not a victory lap, but then he kept saying that we’re at six million, we’re at six million and nobody thought we’d be here.”

FOURNIER: One way or another, no matter how you look at these numbers, several million people now have health insurance. Repealing it is politically untenable right now. So the Republicans have a choice of trying to repeal it and being the party that takes away health care or working with Democrats and actually coming up with some fixes that are bipartisan.

RUSH: See, that’s the way it always works. The Republicans would be the bad guys that take away your benefits. Or they can work with the Democrats and fix things in a bipartisan way. Dr. Krauthammer was next.

KRAUTHAMMER: It could be resolved if Republicans take control of the Senate. There are ways in which I think you can make changes, fundamental changes in the program, because Obama already has made them himself. He’s abolished the individual mandate. It doesn’t exist. It’s a fiction. He’s already changed it so much that what we’re dealing with is a facsimile of Obamacare. So if Republicans, let’s assume they win the Senate and they do well, they can come together with a new plan. You have tort reform, for example, where you could purchase across state lines. You could keep some elements perhaps of Obamacare.

RUSH: And Dr. Krauthammer now saying if the Republicans win the Senate, and obviously keep the House, that they could keep some of the things in Obamacare. And, believe me, we’ve heard this before, and it’s one of the sticking points. There are things in Obamacare that Republicans like. You know what one of them is? There are two of them, actually, that come to mind. There are more than two.

But the two biggies are: stay on your parents’ plan until twenty-six. Republicans love that. And the preexisting conditions. They love that. They don’t want to be seen taking either of those away. (interruption) Well, preexisting conditions is one of the biggest problems. But it doesn’t matter. On TV people with preexisting conditions are covered, and that’s it.

See, if it’s on TV, that those people are gonna be taken care of and treated, okay, cool, that’s all I need to know, and I’m gonna turn the channel back now to the E! Entertainment network, which may be where they’re getting the news in the first place, who knows. They don’t know the preexisting condition thing is a boondoggle and isn’t working and is a fraud. They don’t know that. And you’re not gonna be able to convince them. ‘Cause they care about people being cared for. And they care about people being cared for equally and the same.

So apparently from both sides of the aisle now there’s so many people, be it six million, seven million, we can’t repeal it because the Republicans, why, they can’t take health care away from people. The best we can do is get in there and win the Senate and tinker at it around the edges.


RUSH: If you want to know how it really happened, listen to Kathleen Sebelius explain it, folks.

SEBELIUS: We definitely saw the Galifianakis bump. The website traffic surged once the Between Two Ferns interview went on. But more importantly, what we’re trying to do is reach people in the language that they most understand. Certainly Zach reaches a certain audience.

RUSH: Right. So what put ’em over the hump is the Between the Two Ferns show on the Internet with Zach Galifianakis. That’s what put ’em over the top.


RUSH: Here is Kathy in Bedford, Virginia. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I was just astonished, and I wonder if anybody else is, by Kathleen Sebelius’ admission that her two, 30-something-year-old sons get their news from the Comedy Channel.

RUSH: Why should they be any different than the other 30-year-olds?

CALLER: Well, I would just… I think I know now where they got the model for the Pajama Boy.

RUSH: From the Comedy Central channel?

CALLER: No. From Kathleen Sebelius.

RUSH: Oh, one of her kids. Yeah, could well be. No, the college kids. Maybe thirties, maybe little kids. They get their news from comedy shows. Actually, do you know what the biggest source of news is for kids? I’ll say “young people.” Know what it is? You know what the biggest source of news…? (interruption) No. It’s not Yahoo, and it’s got the Drive-Bys alarmed.

It’s Facebook.

It is people reporting what they see on the news and then other people reading what their friends are saying is in the news. That has become a primary news source for millions and millions and millions of people. It’s their friends on Facebook, what they’re saying about what they saw on the news. It’s secondhand news and what they feel about it, and that has become a bigger source of news now than even The Daily Show.

Well, it’s not just kids.

In fact, kids are leaving Facebook, we’re told, because their parents are signing up to it, and so Facebook isn’t cool. They’re going other places. I don’t know how much of that’s actually true, but that’s what’s stated. Sebelius actually said that her two, 30-something sons are more likely to get their information on Funny or Die than network TV. Funny or Die is the Between Two Ferns show.

That’s where Obama went and that’s what Kathleen Sebelius said put them over the top. Obama’s appearance on Funny or Die, Between Two Ferns. They were able to track it. When Obama went on that Internet TV show, that’s when sign-ups started going through the roof. So to back that up, she’s bragging about her two, 30-something sons more like to get information from that show than network TV.

Now, which is more reliable, network TV or comedy shows?

It’s a toss-up.

It really is.

Here’s Steve in Westchester County, New York. Hello, sir. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: This whole thing with these numbers for the enrollment for Obamacare, I don’t believe a bit of it. If you look at what the CBO had to do with correcting all the so-called accurate numbers as to what this thing was gonna cost, they had to do that time and time again. So I don’t believe these numbers, and what I’d like to hear is how much people have already paid, not how many people have registered. In other words, can they actually fund this thing?

RUSH: Well, they’ve actually said they don’t know how many people paid.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s what makes this number kind of suspect anyway because they’ve been saying all along that they don’t know how many are actually signed up or paid.

CALLER: Well, that’s what ultimately determines whether this thing is gonna float or not, the dollars that they pay.

RUSH: You have a point there. I’m just gonna tell you: If they think that they can pay for this thing with seven million people signing up, they are full of it. That’s where the seven million number… Do you realize that’s just grabbed out of the air? That was just Sebelius saying, “Oh, yeah, we want seven million by March 31st.”

For what reason? Again, if this thing were so loved now and so universally popular, everybody would be signed up. It’s the greatest thing on earth, right? Obamacare. Finally, everybody has health insurance. Finally everybody’s gonna get medical treatment. Finally, everybody’s gonna get fair access to five-star health care. Finally, Obama made that happen. Then why isn’t everybody signed up?

Why aren’t there lines of people waiting to get in on this great benefit? Why are they having to jimmy the numbers and monkey around here to say seven million? That’s not enough to pay for, and I think he even lied about that. “Oh, yeah, seven million! We’ll be well on our way to breaking even.” Bull. There’s no way, in a country of 200-plus million — 300 million total, counting kids — that seven million are gonna pay for this.

It’s all just a giant lie.

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