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RUSH: Just a little juxtaposition. Yesterday we had story after story after story on the latest crime wave in this country, and that crime wave is corrupt Democrat officeholders — mayors, state senators, you name it.

In fact, I want to show you something on the Dittocam. The NRA already out with an ad in California about San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee, and I want to hold this up to you. I’m gonna describe it ’cause those of you who don’t have the Dittocam are not gonna be able to see it. It’s a picture, billboard shaped, of a smiling, happy San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee. On the left side under his face it says “State Senator” in red, “2006: A+ Rated by the Brady Campaign, a national gun control group.”

On the right side of his face as you look at this: “2014: Arrested by the FBI for Trafficking Firearms.” Are you ready? There is the ad. Now, that is how you do it. The NRA is already out. Is that not a perfect-looking billboard? There you have San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee.

So, in addition to that, we had all these other mayors and so forth, and what did ABC’s World News Tonight open with last night? Seven minutes with Chris Christie. Worse than Obamacare and lying. They opened with seven minutes. In a 22-minute newscast, a seven-minute interview with Governor Christie over this Bridgegate business and his own internal investigation which exonerated him. And that’s the name of the game. That is how the Democrats at ABC News decided to circle the wagons yesterday.

So we’ll have more detail on the pope and also this crime wave that is sweeping. By the way, I’ve run into a bunch of people, you know, I offered a theory yesterday because a lot of people were saying, “You know, there’s not one Republican here that has been stung by the FBI. Every one of these major elected figures indicted for corruption, gun trafficking in this case, child pornography in another case, they’re all Democrats.”

And people were saying, “Man, Rush, this is like a rogue operation, and the FBI’s part of the Regime and here they are turning on Democrats.” I said, “Well, it’s possible –” I didn’t say it is, I said, “It’s possible that what they’re doing, they know these guys are in trouble, they know they’re eventually gonna be discovered, so let’s just get rid of ’em now in late March, rather than have this come out closer to the election.”

And then you said, “We’ll know for sure if that’s what this is if any Republicans’ indictments are announced, say, in September or October.” I can’t tell you the number of people who sent me notes last night that said, “I think you’re wrong about this. I don’t think there are any Republicans.” It must have been eight people that told me that this is strictly Democrats, and this is the tip of the iceberg.

There’s so much hope. I’m telling you, what this means to me is all these people want this to be a rogue FBI. They want this to be the FBI working undercover even behind the scenes of the Regime, trying to undermine the Regime and protect the country. There’s so much hope in the fact that that’s what this represents. And I hope they’re right. I hope they’re right. We’ll find out. It isn’t gonna take very long.


RUSH: Now, look up here on the media. Right now it’s been going on for the past 20 minutes. Is it with San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee? No. Is it with any of the five disgraced Democrat members of Congress, state legislators and mayors? No. You can’t even find any mention of them in the news today.

Grab sound bite 27, though. It’s Leland Yee. I want to take you back. This guy has been indicted for gunrunning and munitions running, illegal campaign contributions. He had $2 million worth of M16s, $2.5 million worth of bullets, and other things. This guy has ridden on the magic carpet of being anti-Second Amendment every day of his life, to get elected and to hold stature. This is March 4th this year. It’s a Google hangout with KTXL-TV Eyeball News in Sacramento.

This is San Francisco Democrat Leland Yee speaking about guns…

YEE: Whatever I can do to prevent, uh, the availability of these particular kinds of weapons, you know, I want to do that. There’s just absolutely no reason why anyone would be carrying a military-style weapon, and so that’s the reason why I would, uh, argue that there ought to be a ban on that particular type of weapon.

RUSH: While he is selling them, M16s. This guy’s out there gunrunning $2 million worth of the things, and he says that. What phoniness and hypocrisy and so forth.

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