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RUSH: Here’s Rita in Las Vegas. Great to have you. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. God bless you and God love you. This is just an absolute honor to be speaking to you today.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, I’ve been listening to you since 1991 just every day, and I agree with you that that 777 plane is way overdone on the news. As a matter of fact, The Five and Fox is my favorite news channel to listen to, and I just turn them off. I won’t even listen to them now ’til they get over this.

RUSH: Yeah, like the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd told me —


RUSH: — they don’t want to hear about the plane anymore. So I’m commenting on the coverage. I’m not talking about the actual event.

CALLER: Well, I figure Obama had the plane hijacked to get the news off of him. (chuckles)

RUSH: Have you run that by CNN? You should.

CALLER: No. (laughing) No, I haven’t.

RUSH: If you want that discussed, throw it out at ’em.

CALLER: I don’t have anything to do with CNN. Heh. Anyway, I think the plane landed on Michelle Obama’s ass. You know, it can’t be found anywhere, so.

RUSH: Well, now, you know how I know that’s not true?


RUSH: I just saw a picture of her getting off the plane in China, and there was no jet on her butt. So —

CALLER: Well, I mean there is a little hiding place there.


CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Jeez. Jeez. Jeez. I’m trying to be nice.

CALLER: Well, you know, when you get to my age —

RUSH: You know what I’m gonna say? I’m just gonna say, “I’ve been watching too much Don Lemon and he’s rubbing off on me.”

CALLER: (laughing) Well, I just figure when you get to be my age that you can pretty much say anything you want and get away with it.

RUSH: Well, especially —

CALLER: I’ll qualify that by saying I’ll be 77 this year, so…

RUSH: See, if you’re a caller, and if you’re a woman, you can say those critical things about another woman. I have to sit here and be outraged that you would even think of such things.

CALLER: Well, I’m really upset with the whole Obama Regime. I’m just sick and tired of it. They’re worthless, and why we can’t get them impeached? I’m sorry, this is just wrong. They’re leading us down the wrong path. And, as a matter of fact —

RUSH: I know. You know something? I deal with this, speaking of Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd, they are members of the audience. And I’ll be honest with you. Daily it’s a… I don’t want say “struggle,” but it’s a professional challenge in any number of ways to cope. We all have to have coping mechanisms. One of the realities that we’ve gotta face is we’ve got three years, basically — two years, nine months — of this Regime left to go, and I think this Regime is never gonna become lame duck.

Obama’s not gonna take a backseat to thinking. He’s gonna keep doing his executive orders even during the presidential campaign, so I don’t think there’s gonna be a moment to relax. Some days… I don’t want to come here every day and just be clench-fisted intense about it. Some days you just have to find the jocular in whatever’s happening. There’s nothing funny about what Obama’s doing. You can make fun how he goes about doing it, but it all matters in the end.

I know the frustration that you all have. I have it, too. The reality is, we’ve got three more years of this, and we have apparently a political party not interested in push-back. I don’t know if they’re not interested, but they’re just not. They’re scared to death, I think, is the primary reason, and they’re scared of the man’s race. It’s just that simple, and he and his administration is fully aware of that, and they’re capitalizing on that and taking full advantage of it, as they should in a political sense.

So it’s really frustrating. There are some really terribly damaging, serious things taking place domestically and in foreign policy. The level of frustration everybody has over what to do about it is high. There isn’t going to be any impeachment because there isn’t any political will. Even if you had a slam-dunk legal case for it, you’re never going to succeed in impeaching a president unless there’s the political will for it.

That would require Obama’s approval numbers in the twenties, and even then I’m not so sure that the people of this country would ever support removing the first black president. I just think it’s never gonna happen. So you throw that out and you then ask yourself, “How do we deal with it?” They’re screwing up everything! They’re destroying the health care system — which is, in many people’s cases, the most important thing in their lives.

They’ve been told that it is, it’s been bandied about so much as a political issue that they have succeeded in making people think that health insurance — and that somebody else pays for it — is the number one thing you have to have if you’re going to live in this country. They’re destroying the job market. They are destroying the career market. They are spying on the American people like has never been done before. And there’s no stopping it. There’s no end in sight to any of it.

And people are feeling powerless because there is no power invested in a political sense in an opposition party that appears to be interested in stopping any of this. So how do you cope with it? How do you deal with it? Some days, the old saying is, “You just have to laugh.” I mean, nobody wants to be miserable all day, and you could easily be, if you allow yourself to get fully and totally immersed in all this. I actually believe, if I may be a bit of a psychologist here…

I think one of the reasons this jet story is so big is because it is taking everybody’s minds off the other drudgery. It’s a total escape. It is allowing people’s minds to wander totally free of the daily drudgery brought on by this administration. So I understand it. That’s why I think the media gets to things like this black hole business, but that’s not the only example. It’s just irresponsible. But it may not be irresponsible. They may not know any better.

These people that supposedly do the news may not (and probably don’t) have a clue. It all adds up to a picture that doesn’t contain a lot of optimism, in terms of overcoming this, beating this back, defeating this, or any of that. So I understand. I entirely get it. If I take the occasional detour and start finding things to laugh at and have fun with, don’t think for a moment that I am not attuned to what is happening. Rita, I appreciate the call. And just to repeat, she thought maybe the Malaysian jet had landed on Michelle Obama’s rear end. We know that that didn’t happen because we saw Michelle get off the plane in China today. We saw her walking down the steps — she had her mother and her two daughters — and there was no jet on her butt.

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