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RUSH: Aiden in Omaha, you’re next; I’m glad you waited.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Aiden, how are you, sir?

CALLER: I’m good. Thank you.

RUSH: Well, it’s great to hear from you, Aiden. What’s up?

CALLER: Well, I was inspired by your book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims —

RUSH: Mmm-hmm?

CALLER: — to build a Lego diorama that I shared with my class at Reeder Elementary.

RUSH: A Lego project that you shared with your class? Is that what you said?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Okay. A Lego diorama. And you were inspired to build that by Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims?

CALLER: Yes, sir. My grandfather gave me the book. He thought I would like it, and I read it, and it really inspired me.

RUSH: Really? Do you remember what it was about it that inspired you?

CALLER: I am one of those guys that is very into history. I like the way you express the book and all the characters, and my favorite character was William Bradford because he is my 11th grandfather.

RUSH: You are kidding.

CALLER: Great-grandfather.

RUSH: So you’re “one of those guys really into history”?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I am.

RUSH: And William Bradford is your 11th grandfather? That is special, Aiden.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: How much did you know about your 11th grandfather before you read the book?

CALLER: I just knew that he was a colonist, but when I read the book, I learned a bunch of new things about him.

RUSH: That’s really cool. He’s your 11th grandfather, and the book taught you things about him that you didn’t know?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: That is special. That is so cool, Aiden, for me. You do not know what a compliment you paid me. We’ve had a lot of descendants — and you’re one — of the William Bradford callers. You may be the third or fourth person who’s called here that can trace their family back to William Bradford. And let me tell you something. I don’t know what you know.

But everything in that book about him is true and what he did in establishing Plymouth Colony. He was a great, great man, and endured… Aiden, that man and the people with him endured hardships that people alive today can’t even imagine. And they didn’t give up. You should be really, really proud. And, as you grow older, you’re gonna learn even more about him, and that’s something that you’re gonna want to feel very proud of, maybe even brag about.

CALLER: Thank you, sir.

RUSH: No, thank you. I appreciate that. Now, I’m gonna be bombarded with e-mails from the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd. (laughing) I mentioned coming into the top of the hour here that I had heard from the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd. “Stop talking about the airplane and the book and stick to the issues!” So Snerdley made sure to find a young reader of the book, Aiden. Aiden, are you still there by the way?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I am.

RUSH: You probably do not have the audio version of the book, so I want to send you that. Do you have the new book, Rush Revere and the First Patriots?

CALLER: No, sir, I don’t.

RUSH: Well, I’m gonna send you that, too. So if you’ll hang on we need to get your address so that we can send you one. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll send you the audio versions of both books, and I’ll send you the new hardcover of the second book, Rush Revere and the First Patriots. It’s really cool that you’re related to William Bradford. I’m glad that you called.

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