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RUSH: You know, speaking of health care and doctors, I have to go get a test at a doctor soon, and you know all the paperwork you have to sign when you go to a doctor for the first time and sit there and it takes you half hour sitting in the office. Well, I had that stuff sent to me in advance. So I’m filling it out last night. They want to know all this stuff like race, but it’s the options that are now on these forms for your race.

And then it got to religion. You know what I was tempted to write for religion? “Don’t believe in man-made global warming.” You know, I’m tempted to do this kind of stuff just to see what kind of reaction I get. I added a category for race, ’cause it wasn’t there. I put “white American.” There was Hispanic-American. There was African-American. There was no white, so I put “white American” in there.


RUSH: Now, somebody said, “Why do you have to tell them your religion on one of those forms you fill out at the doctor’s office when you go for the first time? Why do they have to know your religion?” That’s why I was gonna put down, “Don’t believe in man-made global warming.”

You know, I think people goof on these things all the time. When it came to gender and male-female, or other. How many people put “other” in there just to yank everybody’s chains? And how many times do you think that those surveys are accurately, literally interpreted? We may get statistics like, well, there may be 10% transgender just ’cause a bunch of people are goofing on these forms and putting “other,” not male or female or whatever. I mean, the religion angle, the only thing I can think they might want to know that is if you are from a religion that does not believe in medical treatment. If that’s the case, why would you be there?

Look, it’s all federal government required. There were nine, maybe 10 pieces of paper that I had to fill out, and I’m just getting an ear test. (interruption) You put “human” for race? Well, I know a Jewish friend of mine who puts down “Native American” ’cause he was born here, and they look at him, “Really?” “Yeah, I was born in Kansas.” “Well, that’s not what it means.” “Well, what the hell does Native American mean, then? If it means Indian, why doesn’t it say ‘Indian’?” That’s what he does. I just wonder how many people see this stuff and just goof off on ’em. That was my temptation to do on a lot of these. And this is just a simple test.

I’m thinking about getting an implant in my right ear, and I have to go get a balance test to see if it can be done. And then if I pass the balance test, then I gotta decide whether I’m gonna do it. So I have to go to the doctor to get this test. And there’s all these insurance forms and every line, N/A (not applicable). I can’t wait to see how that’s reacted to. “You promise to be liable for this if your insurance company bails on us?” N/A. “Your policy, what number?” N/A, don’t have one. (interruption) I’m sure there will be. I’m sure they’ll be called the “Limbaugh Penalty.” The “you don’t have insurance on purpose” penalty. Well, I’m gonna claim hardship. I’m gonna claim hardship on this stupid, idiotic mandate, ’cause it is a pain in the rear. I don’t know what the definition of “hardship” is if that isn’t it.

Everything’s fine, hunky-dory, I’m cool, I’m covered, and now I gotta go mess around with all this? That’s a hardship. I have other priorities. Time is valuable. I don’t have any time to waste on this stupid HealthCare.gov or with any of their stupid navigators or any of this corruption of the health care system. I’m just fine with it.

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