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RUSH: Piers Morgan just got lopped at CNN. What took them so long? This guy hasn’t had any audience since its first day.

So they import a Brit, a not particularly nice-sounding Brit… I mean, some British accents are kind of seductive. This just sounded nasal. Every time I listen to Piers Morgan I want to clear my throat and blow my nose. My God, the guy needs a saliva drain in his mouth. Anyway, he is gone. They finally got rid of him, and they’re chalking it up to two things. A, imported Brit.

B, he wouldn’t let go of the Second Amendment and Americans love their guns and they don’t like Piers, and Piers is gone. The New York Times has a story today and they’re blaming his accent as the reason he failed to connect with Americans, his British accent. That’s bogus. The American people are suckers for British accents. The American people think a British accent sounds brilliant and intelligent and worldly and sophisticated.

He couldn’t even pull that off. His accent didn’t for some reason. (interruption) Timing of what odd? That Piers…? (interruption) Oh. Oh. No, no. No, I don’t think… (interruption) No, no, no. I don’t think I had anything to do… (interruption) Snerdley said, “You don’t find the timing odd?” See, I don’t think of my… (interruption) Jeez. Snerdley’s in there thinking that it’s because I have been harping on the fact CNN’s got no audience and no ratings and my asking how they’re still around and live and kicking and so forth.

I did a whole advertising explanation about how profits from elsewhere in Time Warner have been propping them up, and then they get rid of Piers Morgan. Snerdley thinks, “You don’t have anything to do with it?” No. For some reason, somebody wised up and Larry King’s out. He raised his hand. “Hey, hey! I’m still here.” He wants the gig back. You know what CNN’s thinking of doing? Try this. A pairing of Anderson Cooper 210 and Kathy Griffin, their team on New Year’s Eve. That’s what they’re thinking of doing to replace Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan. Let’s go back to June 26, 2013. This is around the time where CNN announced the return of Crossfire.

MORGAN: The great news is that he’s not back on Crossfire. He’s too old and too boring.

RUSH: That’s Piers Morgan talking about me. He played a clip of me on the 1990 edition of Crossfire. I happened to be on it once or twice. I think twice max. Morgan played a clip and then said, “The great news is that he’s not back on Crossfire. He’s too old and too boring.” Hey, Piers? Ah, never mind. It doesn’t matter.

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