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RUSH: There’s a lot in the news today that surprises me that it is in the news, and the reason that I’m surprised that it is in the news is that nobody cared about it the first time, so why do they think anybody’s gonna care about it now, specifically Susan Rice? Apparently, she went on TV yesterday and she was perfectly cool with her previous performances where she lied to everybody about Benghazi and the video and everything.

“She went on TV again yesterday, and she didn’t have any remorse!” Why should she have any remorse? What happened? What went wrong after her last TV appearance? Absolutely zip, zero, nada ’cause nobody cared about what went on in Benghazi. I mean, the Republicans didn’t even care about it as a campaign issue.

Now, you’ve got this business in Ukraine, and there’s one reason why the Regime is not happy with what’s going on in Ukraine, and it’s not what you think. The only reason… Well, it wasn’t the only, but I would predict to you the primary reason the Regime is upset with what’s happening in Ukraine right now is that Obama and his people are not happy with you being able to see the problems of communism right before your very eyes.

I mean, they don’t care about what’s happening to the Ukrainian people. They don’t care about that. It’s just that what’s playing out here is the way a totalitarian state acts, and that’s what they don’t want anybody to see. If anything, Obama probably called Putin and said, “What are you doing to me, pal? I told you, just be patient with me and I’ll be more flexible after I win reelection.

“Now you’re doing this and you’re giving people a heads-up on what’s heading our way here. You’ve gotta back off, man! You can’t do this with the news media watching right over there at the Olympics.” Seriously, the blogs today and Fox News, everybody’s going bonkers over Susan Rice. Who cared about it the first time? I’m talking about the people, the low-information voters. Nobody cared about it the first time.

No, in fact, the Olympics are over, and we have an official statement here from Vladimir Putin. Since the Olympics are over, for you low-information people that means your TV shows are back. Reruns are over, and first-run episodes of all of your favorite prime-time shows are back. So when you go to find the TV shows on demand, it’s gonna be new stuff starting tonight, because there’s no more Olympics.

But here’s Putin and his post-Olympic games statement to the world.

(playing of spoof)

There you have it, Vladimir Putin’s post-Olympic games statement to the United States and our own Dear Leader. Samantha Power. if I’m talking about Susan Rice, I’ve gotta mention Samantha Power. Samantha Power is our UN ambassador. Now, if you may not know who she is. If you were watching the State of the Union show, you may remember this. Every so often, the camera cut to people in the House chamber watching the State of the Coup speech.

And every so often, the camera hit on a redheaded, really freckle-faced woman who appeared to be in absolute agony and pain. That was her. That was Samantha Power. She was not in agony or pain. She was in full, total groupie adulation for what she was hearing from Barack Obama. She is the wife of Cass Sunstein. She is all-in, in terms of extreme liberalism.

She’s also a full-fledged (as many liberals are), absolute idiot. She delivered the Daniel Pearl lecture at UCLA, and she met with Daniel Pearl’s parents. You remember Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter who was en route to a meeting, an interview with an Al-Qaeda leader, somebody in Pakistan. He was kidnapped on the way to that meeting, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 911, killed him.

KSM is currently down at Club Gitmo. We have a song he sings, New York, New York, when the trial was going to be here. He was longing for the day he might end up being a cabdriver in New York when he gets out of Club Gitmo. He beheaded Daniel Pearl, on video, which was seen by anybody who wanted to watch it. It was grotesque. It was not password protected.

Anybody who wanted to watch the video of Daniel Pearl being beheaded online could. So she is the UN ambassador. She went out to UCLA and did the Daniel Pearl lecture and met with his parents. Afterwards, this is what she tweeted, and I defy anybody to decipher it. Not even I can translate this. Are you ready? Dadelut dadelut dadelut! Here is her tweet: “Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability & reconciliation are required to break cycles of violence.”

That is gobbledygook.

That is utter, total incoherence.

I have no idea what this means, but I’ll tell you what the root of it is. The root of it is that to Samantha Power — just like every other leftist and just like everybody in the Regime and just like everybody in our currently populated State Department — militant Islam is not a problem; we are. Militant Islam is not what it is. In fact, mainstream Christianity poses a bigger threat to this country than radical Islam does, in these people’s minds.

And do not doubt me on this.

Here is a Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered on camera, beheaded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Daniel Pearl’s story? This is our UN ambassador. “Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability…” What, is it his fault? “Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability & reconciliation…” What? It’s his fault? We need to be accountable for what we’ve done, and he, an American journalist, represents us, so we need to be responsible?

Individual accountability and reconciliation? With who? With whom do we need to reconcile when it comes to militant Islam or Al-Qaeda or the Taliban? Who? So these two things, “individual accountability and reconciliation,” are required to break cycles. So Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, militant Islam, worldwide/international terrorism is just part of the cycle of violence, and somehow we need to break it, and the way we’re going to break it is with “individual accountability and reconciliation”?

It makes literally no sense. All of this is a bunch of platitudinous, feel-good words that she tweets to make herself feel really warm inside ’cause she has such tender feelings, and she’s willing to do whatever for there to be peace and love and all that in the world. It’s absolute incoherence. There’s nobody who knows what this means.

Did the Wall Street Journal murder somebody at Al-Qaeda? What kind of reconciliation or individual accountability could there be? Did Daniel Pearl behead somebody before Khalid Sheikh Mohammed caught him? (interruption) No, the reason I’m focusing on this is because these are the kinds of people that are all over the government leading this country. They are literal loons.

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