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RUSH: Last Night on the Road with Greta… I’m sorry, it’s On the Record (hee-hee-hee) with Greta Van Susteren. She was talking to Haley Barbour, accredited member of the Republican establishment and former governor of Mississippi.

He’s from Yazoo City, Mississippi, and admits it. She played a sound bite of me reacting to Obama. She played the sound bite yesterday of Obama claiming that his new CAFE standards and fuel efficiency standards are gonna result in you saving $8,000 a year in gasoline costs by the year 2025 because Obama and his chick over at the EPA, they’re are gonna magically wave a wand, and they’re gonna double gas mileage in light trucks and every other car.

They’re just gonna make it happen. These people that don’t know a thing about the private sector, don’t know anything about the oil business, don’t know anything about the engine business. They know nothing about it, but they are smarter than any of the rest of us, and they’re gonna double my gas mileage, and are gonna save me eight grand a year in gasoline costs. All you have to do is stay alive until 2025 to reap the benefits!

So Greta played that sound bite of me reacting to Clinton’s promise and said to Haley Barbour, “Is Rush right? Is President Obama just ramming through another policy? Should Americans look forward to getting $8,000 reductions in their fuel bills by 2025?”

BARBOUR: Well, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance, period,” and I think chances of that statement of $8,000 in savings being true is about as likely to turn out as Obama’s promise about health insurance. But we can say this: To the degree that we are having an energy revolution in America, the administration has had nothing to do with it.

RUSH: Wait a minute, Governor. You gotta be real careful. You hear that? Governor Barbour is an accredited, card-carrying member of the Republican establishment. He just attacked Obama! He was partisan, in fact. Did you hear that? Listen to this again, folks. This is a breach. This is a violation of the policy memo that’s come from the highest reaches of the Republican Party. You’re not supposed to attack Obama.

You’re not supposed to be partisan, because doing this is gonna scare independents and have ’em come right back to Obama. Listen to this again. (replaying of sound bite) Man, oh, man! He’s really on the edge there. I mean, that’s not gonna make some people happy in the consultant class. I wonder if anybody called him and said, “Haley, you can’t keep doing that. You gotta dial it back. You can’t go out and attack Obama like that.

“Remember the midterms are coming up. You keep talking that way, Haley, and the independents are gonna be running right back to the Democrats! You can’t attack Obama like that.” A noteworthy sound bite, folks. I don’t mean to hurt Governor Barbour here, but he’s exactly right, and that’s obvious. It used to be, folks, that if I praised a Drive-By journalist’s work, it was the end of ’em. They were humiliated and embarrassed and all that because their colleagues laughed at ’em.

They said, “What do you mean, you did something that Limbaugh liked? Oh, my!” There was no bigger screw up than that. How could you possibly…? Same thing here. Here I am praising Governor Barbour, and that is gonna make some people nervous. I don’t mean to be hurting Governor Barbour at all. I want that out front, understood. But he’s right. I have to say, he’s right about. He’s right that there isn’t gonna be any $8,000 savings on gasoline bills.

Not because of Obama. If there is an energy boom, not only is it happening without Obama’s participation, it’s happening in spite of Obama because it’s totally related to oil, fracking. The fracking business is going through the roof. The environmentalist wackos don’t like it. Obama doesn’t like it. Why do you think he hasn’t okayed the Keystone pipeline? ‘Cause of the rabid… (interruption) Well, he disagrees with it, too.

But his supporters on the left don’t want anything to do with fossil fuel energy and all that. You know, oil is politics to these people. It’s amazing. To you and me, oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom. To these people, oil is a problem, and it is an enemy — and so are the people that produce it, find it, drill for it, market it, distribute it, ship it, refine it. They hate ’em. So Obama’s tried everything he can. He has invested in totally fraudulent wind and solar energy companies.

He has done everything he can to penalize the fossil fuel business, particularly the oil business, but in the South Dakota region and wherever fracking is taking place, there are miniature economic booms. Do you realize in the Dakotas, whole cities have to be built to house all the employees moving in, all the people moving in to work in this industry? The unemployment rate where the fracking business is doing well. It’s like 3.5%. It’s under 4%. Contrast that with 11, 13% nationally, the real unemployment rate. So in one 21-second sound bite, Haley Barbour has really dumped on Obama, truthful.

Now, I really hope I haven’t gotten him in trouble here with the establishment.


RUSH: Here’s Joe in LaSalle, Illinois. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. Thanks very much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir, any time.

CALLER: I really have to apologize. I was not your biggest fan 20 years ago, but now I see the light, and I’m really thankful for what you’re doing.

RUSH: Thank you. I’m glad that you stuck with it long enough to see the light.

CALLER: Well, the question I was thinking is, Obama says you’re gonna get $8,000 back in gas. Well, that means you’re paying $16,000 right now, the average American, right?

RUSH: Now, this is fascinating. This is fascinating. Joe, you are providing me a learning opportunity for me and a teachable moment. ‘Cause this is fascinating, the way you heard this. There’s no right or wrong here. The president says that by 2025, you’ll be saving $8,000 a year on your fuel bill.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Now, Joe, correct me if I’m wrong. You heard that somehow you’re gonna end up with $8,000 that you didn’t have, right?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Or you’re going to be spending $8,000 less than you are now. So that means if Obama said that he’s gonna cut fuel bills in half, then the way you heard it, people must be paying $16,000 a year in and out of, right?

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Well, they’re not, obviously. So what did he really mean, when President Obama said, “By 2025, you’re gonna be saving eight grand on your fuel expenses. What he meant by that was that whatever you’re spending now, whatever it is, it’s going to be $8,000 less in 11 years because we’re gonna get twice the mileage per gallon that we’re getting now.”

So you heard Obama say you’re gonna save $8,000, and you think, “Where is this coming from?” You’re very wise to be looking at it that way, because how can anybody know what you’re gonna be saving on fuel costs in 11 years, and then to peg a figure to it of $8,000? What’s it based on? Now, the reason I like… Joe, you actually stopped to think about this, and you’re trying to envision how it’s possible.

But most people — the low-information crowd, people you identity hang with — are sitting there thinking, “Oh, wow. Wow! I’m gonna make out. I’m gonna be spending $8,000 less in 11 years on gas than I’m spending now, or Obama’s gonna give me $8,000?” They heard it an entirely different way. You’re trying to figure out, “Wait a second. Based on what? Where’s this number coming from? He just threw it out there.”

You’re way ahead of the game, Joe, and I gotta applaud you.

CALLER: Well, I can’t understand. We took all the steel out on the car pretty much in the last 30 years, so you can’t make it any bigger than a motorcycle, really. For me to go from a 20-mile-a-per-gallon car to a 40-miles-per-gallon motorcycle is about what you gotta do.

RUSH: Joe, let me tell you something: If people start spending $8,000 less on gasoline, the states are gonna be raising your fuel taxes to make up for it.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Nobody’s gonna be saving any money if Obama’s involved in anything.

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