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RUSH: Let’s go back to the phones. We have Sarah on the phone, Blacksburg, Virginia. Hi, Sarah. Thank you so much for waiting. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Thank you for having us, Rush.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: We are a home-schooling family and have had a hard time making history interesting. My uncle gave us your book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, for Christmas, and read it every night with the kids. And they loved it, and it made them much more interested in history.

RUSH: Aw, that’s great. How old are they?

CALLER: They are 8 and 10.

RUSH: Oh, perfect. Absolutely perfect. You know, I’ve wondered this about home-schooling because I’ve not seen it. Well, I was home-schooled, but not formally, not the way you’re talking about. I’ve just always assumed that home-schooling would be easier to interest the kids since, A, they’re yours, and B, you know them and you know what you have to do to hold their attention and you know what you have to teach them, you know what you want to impart. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not criticizing. I don’t know enough to criticize. I’m just fascinated to hear you say they were bored with anything, much less history, ’cause you’re the teacher, and you’re not boring, I know, I can tell you can’t be.

CALLER: Well, it’s kind of hard for them to imagine stuff from so long ago. We try different books and different ways of learning. You know, science can be fun because we can do experiments. My son’s really interested in math so we have no problem with that, but history was just one of those things that we would start reading, and they would get bored pretty quickly, but, with your book, it wasn’t that way at all.

RUSH: Well, that’s great. You’re making my day because that’s actually the purpose is to make it come live and to take the kids to it.

CALLER: And it did for them, and we have since gone to the library and checked out books on the Puritans and Pilgrims and Pocahontas and such, and so it’s been a nice way to be able to extend it as well.

RUSH: That’s great. So they become interested in the actual people and want to know more now.

CALLER: They did, yeah. They did. The characters were exciting for them. And it did. It made them want to learn more about the people of those times.

RUSH: Well, you’re right. History can be dry. It can seem to a lot of people, young people especially, I mean, real young, irrelevant. What does it mean to them?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Okay, so there are these Pilgrims that came here, big whoop. That was so long ago, I’m not gonna deal with it. And it is so important, you want them to grow up having a profound respect for they country they live in, why it’s —

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: — why it’s unique.

CALLER: And that’s hard to find in public schools, and it’s hard to do even as a home-schooler, so we’re thankful for that. And they had a question for you, if they could speak with you.

RUSH: Oh. You’ve got them there?


RUSH: Fine and dandy. Hit me.

CALLER: Sure. I have Todd and Mali, and I’m gonna let them talk to you.

RUSH: All right.



RUSH: You must be Mali.

MALI: Yes.

RUSH: What’s your question, Mali?

MALI: Are you gonna make a second book?

RUSH: Am I going to make a second book. You know, I really want to. And Mali, just so you know, if I really want to do something, it usually gets done. So I might make a second book. You never know. You never know for sure, but I might. Obviously you’d like me to make a second book, so you could see it?

MALI: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. That’s awfully nice of to you to say and I will make sure to keep that in mind as I ponder whether I’m gonna make another one.

MALI: Thank you.

RUSH: Thank you, Mali. Up next will be Todd. Hi, Todd.


RUSH: What’s your question?

TODD: Oh, yeah. Are you gonna have like a TV show or a movie or something?

RUSH: Are we gonna have a TV show or are we gonna do video of this? You know, we’re playing with the idea. We’re toying with the idea of what it would be like to animate it, and we’re looking into that. I can’t say for sure that something like that would happen, but it’s something that we would like to make, is an animation of one of these. But we’re just in the beginning stages here in trying to figure out how much we can get done within reasonable amounts of time. So that also, I would have to say, is a possibility. I don’t know how big a one, but it’s a possibility. But I’m really flattered that you’re interested, and I thank you. And I tell you what, I want you guys to hang on because we’ll send the audio version and Ted-Tea Bears. We’ll double dose ’em on that. The mom is Sarah in Blacksburg, Virginia. Thank you all very much.

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