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RUSH: Here is Nathan in Seattle, as we go back to the phones. Hi, Nathan. Thank you for waiting, and it’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hello. We just finished your Rush Revere book Saturday night. We wanted to call, my kids wanted to call and say “thank you” for it.

RUSH: Well, you’re welcome. I appreciate that. How old are your kids?

SAMUEL: I’m Samuel, and I’m 11.

RUSH: Oh, your kids —

AMMAN: I’m Amman, and I’m 10.

SETH: I’m Seth, and I’m 6.

RUSH: You’re Samuel, and the 10-year-old, what is your name?

CALLER: Amman.

RUSH: So there’s three of you here. One is 6 years old?

CALLER: Yeah, Samuel, Amman, and Seth.

RUSH: And you read the book to them?


RUSH: And I assume they like it. That’s why you’re calling.

CALLER: Oh, right, when it first came here we read the first three chapters, and they were begging for more.

RUSH: Is that normal?

CALLER: No. It was the first book that I actually was able to read and they were able to sit down and pay attention and we were able to actually finish without them getting bored.

RUSH: And they kept asking you to read it more and more?

CALLER: Oh, yes.

RUSH: That’s incredible. That is just incredible. That’s superb. Well, I tell you what. You know, what I do for everybody that calls, ’cause the audio version of the book is out there, too, and I recorded it. I’m very fond of it. I’m very proud of it, and I want to send you one. It’s four and a half hours, and, if you ever get tired of reading it to them and they still want to hear it, just plug this in, plug in the CDs, and let them listen to me read the book. It’s an entirely different experience than reading it, and, Nathan, hang on so Snerdley can get your address so we can send you that. And send some Ted-Tea Bears out there, too, please, and thank you el mucho.

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