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RUSH: The Christie scandal is being used for a whole lot of reasons. It’s being used to destroy Christie obviously, but it is also serving another purpose, and that is it is permitting the media to ignore a whole bunch of other Democrat scandals going on that are not being reported on.

This Wendy Davis out of Texas is a genuine head case. You remember her. This is the woman that made a big, big splash filibustering an anti-abortion law in Texas. And so she became an immediate star in the Democrat Party in Texas, and they began pushing her for higher office. But the problem is she’s a leftist and therefore there is the fraud and deceit woven through her life story, which it has been discovered now has some issues. It seems, when you boil it all down, that Wendy Davis would have ended up being really poor and destitute were it not for a man, but that’s no problem. They just made stuff up. It worked for Obama.

The headline here in the Dallas Morning News: “As Wendy Davis Touts Life Story in Race for Governor, Key Facts Blurred.” Let me tell you, “blurred,” folks, is a nice way of saying that her entire biography has been embellished and falsified by her. She was a poor divorced teenage mother living in a sleazy trailer park, barely scraping her way through college and Harvard Law. That story is now out the window. She was actually divorced when she was 21. She only briefly lived in the family mobile home, which could have been on the family property for all we know.

Her wealthy older second husband paid her last two years of tuition at college and at Harvard Law, and on the day his last loan payment was due, she left him. She lived a luxury lifestyle. She had a big house, private schools for her kids. The divorce allegations of her adultery, the loss of custody of the two daughters and the fact that she was ordered to pay spousal support, why, all of this is shocking and new. We didn’t know any of this before. Do you know how hard it is for a mother to lose custody these days?

So this woman is just a fake. And she was readily embraced by the Democrat Party because she somehow was able to make some case, filibustering an anti-abortion law made to order, and they embraced her and just like Brad Pitt bought the wood, the Democrats embraced this babe, and it turns out that her life story has been blurred. So that’s one of the scandals. I mean, “blurred” is not the word. She lied about her life story.

The Dallas Morning News. I mean, just to be honest about this, they’re reporting this trying to make it soft and the least damaging as possible. In fact, they’re trying to report the fact that she lied about her life story in a somewhat flattering way. But her story of being a self-made teenage mother just isn’t true. She’s a liberal Democrat. They make things up. They lie, just like Hillary and Obama lied about a video in Benghazi.

Hillary lied… It just never ends.

There’s nothing real or genuine about any of them, especially their heroes and stars. These people that climb their ladder of success are the biggest frauds. She might have committed perjury in furtherance of her myth-making, and this is who the Democrats think is their salvation. They want to win Texas so bad. If they win Texas, if they can turn Texas to a Democrat presidential state, that’s the end of Republicans winning the White House.

‘Cause they would have the electoral votes of New York, California, Texas, and that would be it, and so what’s a little myth-making? What’s a little lying? What’s a little embellishing a life story, as long as we can sell it? If Obama’s gonna sit here and tell David Remnick, “Hey, I’ve got 44 straight months of job growth, I’ve rescued the economy, and I’ve got great things going in alternative energy,” and Remnick reports it and it gets disseminated.

The mainstream media roots it out there and the low-information people say, “Yeah! Why don’t I like Obama? It must be ’cause the Republicans are convincing me not to like him ’cause he’s black.”

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