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RUSH: This is unbelievable. Senator Patrick “Leaky” Leahy, Senator Depends, was on Fox News Sunday yesterday with the host Chris Wallace, and you won’t believe this. Senator Leahy is worried about “the government” controlling the American people. Senator Patrick “Leaky” Leahy apparently has finally found a level of authoritarian government which is too much. Now, remember, this guy is from the Democrat Party.

He is a staunch leftist who believes in the massive growth of government and government providing for as many dependent, helpless people as possible. He’s right in line with Obama, who believes most people can’t take care of themselves. Most people are incapable of making the right decisions. Most people need government to help them work, to help them find work, to help them keep work, to help them pay taxes, to eat, to eat the right things, to drive the right speed, to drive the right car.

This guy has voted for judge after judge after judge that would rewrite the Constitution, further empowering government and enlarging it, but he’s all upset about the NSA. Chris Wallace said, “Let me pick up with you, Senator Leahy, because in your legislation, the USA Freedom Act, you’re calling for an end to the bulk collection of telephonic metadata. Are you gonna fight President Obama on this?”

LEAHY: Think back in the history of this country, J. Edgar Hoover. If they’d — if he had had the power when he was spying on protesters and those against the Vietnam War, then Martin Luther King, if he’d had the power that’s in here. You still have to have some checks or balances before you could have a government that’s run amok. The concern everybody has is allowing our government to have such a reach into your private life, my private life, and everybody else’s that we are — we have a government controlling us instead of us controlling the government.

RUSH: What does he think is happening with his help? At least we know what these guys’ limits apparently are, and that is the government spying on them, ’cause he doesn’t care about the government spying on you. Listen to this. This is government-run amuck, to have such reach into your private life. Pretty soon health care is gonna be dependent on the government. Everybody’s gonna have to go to the government for everything.

Government will be in charge of whether your grandmother gets an operation or not.

Government will be in charge of as much as they can put themselves in charge of, and he’s not worried about that. But this NSA thing, telephone metadata? Why, that’s going a little bit too far. Sometimes I wonder if these guys have the slightest idea how they sound. We need to stop government from controlling the American people? Everything he has done, every the vote that he has made, every piece of legislation he has supported has furthered the whole premise of government getting bigger for the purpose of controlling people.

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