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RUSH: Now, the labor force participation rate. This is a story from Gateway Pundit, and it is actually sourced from PBS. The black labor force participation rate under Obama has hit the lowest level ever recorded. “Five years in to Barack ObamaÂ’s presidency, the number of African-Americans participating in the labor force has hit rock bottom.” It was in the unemployment report on Friday, and it was totally ignored.

“The drop in labor force participation was sharpest for African Americans,” 60.2%. That’s the lowest since December of 1977. The rate of African-American men not in the labor force, the percentage of African-American men not in the labor force, 65.6%. Let’s use the reverse. Thirty-five percent of African men are in the labor force. Now, that does not mean they all have jobs. The 65% is people out of work who have stopped looking. Thirty-five percent of African-American men in the labor force, not all of them are working, but in order to be considered in the labor force, you have to be trying to find a job, you have to be applying for jobs.

So the percentage of African-American male adults actually employed in America is under 35% of them. This is just stunning. Actually, it isn’t. It’s been trending this way ever since Obama got — but the Democrat Party doesn’t do anything for this group of people. The Democrat Party doesn’t do a thing for them, except promise them. And the promises all sound good. And the promises have actually been replaced with — it used to be the Democrats would be open, “Here’s what we’re gonna do for you. Here’s how gonna make your life better.” That’s not what they promise anymore.

You know what they promise now? “We’ll make sure Republicans are punished. We will make sure white Republicans are punished. We’ll make sure conservatives are punished. We’ll make sure we raise their taxes. We will make sure we take more money from them. We will make sure of this, we’ll make sure of that.” And African-Americans are supposed to sit there and feel satisfied and happy that the Democrat Party is getting even with their enemies, quote, unquote.

Now, what in the world are people like the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton doing for anybody? What’s President Obama doing for anybody? What is Reverend Wright doing for anybody? So here’s Obama today at his cabinet meeting saying (imitating Obama), “You know what, I’m fed up with the inequality in this country, and I’m fed up with the lack of fairness. You know what? I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone, and that means I can do executive orders, and I can fix this unfairness.”

So the architect and the cause of it all claims to have the fix, claims to be frustrated after five years of watching it getting worse on his watch, which he had nothing to do with, by the way. That 65% of African-American men not in the labor force is an all-time record. That beats 1977. And when you get to Obamacare, only 24% of Obamacare sign-ups so far are young people, and they are the target market.

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