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RUSH: This is Neil Cavuto. He was on Fox yesterday on his own show with former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown, and they were talking about Christie’s press conference yesterday on the bridge lane closure, and this is how that went…

CAVUTO: Rush Limbaugh is not a fan of his, Mark Levin. You know all these characters —

BROWN: (chuckles) Yeah-ah.

CAVUTO: — and they almost seem to be, you know, feeding off of this as much as the left.

BROWN: Well, they’re not fans of mine, either, vise-a… You know, I understand their vim and vigor against us. Politics is a blood sport. The sad part is — is there’s gonna be room for people like me and Chris Christie and Rand Paul and Rush Limbaugh and everybody else. Because if we don’t start to band together and show that we have great ideas and convince the American people that we can actually move forward and solve problems together, then we’re gonna be an irrelevant party. So I’m hopeful that they’ll find it in their bailiwick that we’re, in fact, going to find work together to take on the people that are causing the problems, which are the Democrats.

RUSH: Now, that is interesting.

That’s Scott Brown, a former senator from Massachusetts, who I supported to the max when he was seeking the Senate seat for the first time in Massachusetts. He’s on with Cavuto, and his point here is that these RINOs, the moderate Republicans, want us to help them in going after the Democrats. Scott, the day you decide to go after the Democrats and not the Tea Party, I’ll be by your side.

But the way I see it, sitting where I sit, moderate Republicans are trying to wipe out their own conservative base! I don’t see you guys going after Democrats — and, by the way, I didn’t see any of you defending Christie yesterday, either. I saw all of you sitting off to the side like the wildebeests do when one of them’s under assault by a lion. (Tigers are in India. There weren’t any wildebeests there. Except in zoos — and why anybody would want a wildebeest in a zoo? I mean, they’re the ugliest things.)

Nevertheless if you guys ever, you moderate Republicans, to actually go after Obama, to actually go after Harry Reid, you’re gonna have an ally in me like you’ve never had. But I’m not gonna join you as you try to wipe out the Tea Party or the conservative base. Let’s go to… Let’s see. Ba-da ba-da ba ba ba ba ba ba. (sigh) Yeah, grab number seven. This is Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera America’s Consider This show. The guest is Republican strategerist Leslie Sanchez, and they’re having a discussion about Christie and his press conference and the bridge lane closure.

The host is Antonio Mora, and this is how that went…

MORA: Republicans haven’t been rushing out to defend him. Conservative Republicans who have never been big fans of Christie, including people like Rush Limbaugh, are, at best, giving him a sprinkling of support.

SANCHEZ: And that’s not uncommon. I think when anybody is looking at, let’s be honest, a 2016, perhaps, presidential bid, the last thing you want is an independent investigator or your Democratic legislature having these types of hearings or investigations. I think one thing you know in politics is you have to see where all the chips fall.

RUSH: So what Leslie Sanchez is saying here is that the wildebeests are right to stay away from Christie, and I guarantee you this is what the consultants are advising other Republicans. “You stay away from this, until we see how this is gonna pan out.” But what I wanted to play this for was, “Eh, you’ve got conservative Republicans who were never big, big fans of Christie.” That’s not true. There was a time I was big behind Governor Christie — and for me, that boardwalk with Obama? (sigh)

That contained a lot.

I don’t know that that’s something I’m gonna ever really forget. That was the biggie. I even thought the speech for Romney was a little curious, but the embracing of Obama one week before the election gave me a different perspective. That’s just me. Although I happen to think that’s a big deal for a lot of people, and the people inside the Beltway do not know that, get that, understand that. They think that’s something people like me will forget, and they’re worried the bridge thing is gonna be the big deal.

They need to get out of there.

They need to get out of that Beltway environment now and then just a little.

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