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RUSH: There’s a Gallup poll out, folks — and again, this is one of these conflicting things. For 40 years there has been a campaign, and it’s been a campaign issue. The Republican Party, they haven’t been doing this in the last five or six years, maybe 10, but the Republican Party forever, for most of my life, has been running against the growth of government.

The Democrat Party has been running as the agent of government, Democrat Party has been running on growing government, making it more encompassing and more invasive under the guise of compassion — and a record high number of people in the Gallup poll, 72%, now say that Big Government is the greatest threat to this country.

It’s 72%.


RUSH: Okay, here we go: 72%, a record high in the United States, says that Big Government is the biggest threat. Seventy-two percent say that Big Government’s a bigger threat than Big Business and a bigger threat than Big Labor — and by “threat,” what it means is a greater threat to the country in the future, overall. It’s an all-time high, 72%. Here’s my problem with it. If this is true, who are seen right now as the architects of Big Government?

I mean, what are people reacting to here? Obamacare, right? They’re reacting Obama, Obamacare. They’re reacting to Democrats. Right? So if this is really accurate, the Democrats ought not win the presidency in 2016 and they ought not win the congressional midterms and they ought not win anything. If 72%, an all-time high, of the American people think Big Government is the greatest threat, then doesn’t it follow that they would associate the Democrats with Big Government?

But what if they don’t? Maybe the Republicans ought to look at this and start once again tying the Democrats to it. Maybe they shouldn’t just leave that to chance. Because we know, based on past experience, people will not automatically come to that conclusion. If they did, the Democrats woulda never won anything after the 1980s. But, of course, they did. So I don’t know, folks.

I see these polls and everybody gets all excited about them, and you watch. Democrats will win the next election and people will say, “What, I thought the poll said 72% of the people think Big Government is the biggest threat!” Yeah, that just means some Democrat came along and lied about believing in smaller government, or that the Republicans didn’t connect the Democrats to Big Government. It’s probably that more than anything else.

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