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RUSH: I mentioned earlier Baba Wawa and I just want you to hear it. This is last night on Piers Morgan Live. I don’t think this guy would have an audience if it weren’t for me. We built MSNBC and then we killed it by banning audio sound bites from the place. I gotta start thinking about that again here. Anyway, Baba Wawa, just to be fair, she’s named me one of the top 10 most whatever, interesting, fascinating, whatever it is, people of the year three times, I think, in the past 25 years.

I’ve always gotten along with her. She’s been very nice. So don’t misunderstand anything. But she did step in it. Well, she didn’t step in it.

She just admitted that the left looked at Obama as a god. Piers Morgan said, “You interviewed every president in my lifetime. Why is Obama facing so much opposition now? Why is he struggling so much to really fulfill the great flame of ambition and excitement that he was elected on originally in 2009?”

WALTERS: He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be — I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but the next Messiah. And the whole Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it, the Affordable Health Act, it just hasn’t worked for him and he stumbled around on it and people feel very disappointed because they expected more.

RUSH: Now, normally — we kinda let this slide — but she knew what she was saying, because she wanted some understanding. Look, it’s Christmastime, and I know that Christ is The Messiah for a lot of people, but we really expected Obama to be the next Messiah. And so did he. Do you think all those photos with Obama with a halo over his head, like the presidential seal, or shading, do you think all that stuff is accidental? It was all structured, part of the marketing plan, the media.

But I kid you not. I mean, this is how the left promoted Obama. It’s how he promoted himself, and it’s how a lot of voters saw him. (interruption) No. I think she’s disappointed. She’s not vamping. Did you say vamping or laughing? No. (imitating Wawa) “He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be the next Messiah.” Believe me, she’s a believer. She’s not mocking or laughing at this.

See, this is the thing. Even Snerdley does not believe the real thing he just heard. “Oh, no, that can’t be. She’s gotta be mocking it.” No. If she were mocking it, she wouldn’t have paused and begged for understanding at Christmastime. She wanted to say it, but she didn’t want anybody to be offended by it. If she didn’t care about people being offended, then she would have been making a joke.

This is the point, Snerdley. Who in their right mind would put this much on any politician? Who in their right mind is exactly right. They’re out of their minds, but she’s not uncommon here, among people in the media, especially, and dare I say, it’s all rooted in race. It’s all rooted in race and sympathy and it’s all related to surface things, ’cause they didn’t know who Obama was any more than any of the rest of us. It was all blind faith that makes it even more believable. Here’s how I described it. This is December 12th, 2007. This is 11 months before the election, just to show you what being on the cutting edge is. This is me, 11 months before the election.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Obama is running almost a messianic campaign. He’s the Messiah. He has been brought forth in the midst of the partisan rancor, and with the power of his appealing charismatic personality, is going to heal the wounds of a broken nation. With what, nobody cares, because The Oprah doesn’t care. It just matters that he’s charismatic.

RUSH: December 2007, your host nailing it. Running a messianic campaign. He is the Messiah. He’s been brought forth in the midst of partisan rancor. Dare I remind you, Chris Matthews, after he interviewed Obama last week said, “He came among us.” Don’t doubt anyone that these sycophants in the media that bought hook, line, and sinker this Messiah business, in a political sense. He’s not their god in a religious sense, although maybe for some of them he was, but just in a political sense, savior, saving them from the wilderness years of Bush, saving them from the Florida aftermath, saving them from the depths of defeat, John Kerry, saving them, he was a Messiah.

He had come to save them, to absolve them, to once again assert them upon the pedestals of power. That’s exactly how they saw him, and they didn’t know who he was any more than the rest of us did. But he was historic. Remember, who was it, Biden: he was clean and articulate. Biden: it’s about time we found somebody clean and articulate, a minority, to be in our party. Dingy Harry said he didn’t have a Negro dialect, he could turn that on and off whenever he wanted to. Of course he’s The Messiah. I can’t believe that people don’t get this.

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