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RUSH: My friends, I want you to know something. I really am trying to move on from the contretemps with Il Papa. I’m trying to move on. But they keep sucking me back in. And they keep telling me that I have to embrace the suck. They keep dragging me back in. I keep trying to move past it, move beyond it, move on to other things, and they just keep taunting me out there.

Greetings, my good friends. How are you? It’s great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Telephone number, you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

A leading gay lifestyle magazine, a gay rights magazine, it’s called The Advocate. They promote gay rights. They promote same-sex marriage, and they’re an in-your-face bunch, journalistically speaking. They have just named Pope Francis their Person of the Year. The most powerful religious figure in the world opposing gay marriage, gay priests, gay this or gay that, gay whatever, The Advocate, what do you think of this? I’ll tell you what they’re doing. I know what’s going on.

They’re jealous of the anti-capitalists on the left. The pope has moved their way, so they think this pope is movable. And so all these other groups are now basically — I think it’s like the rest of the left and their media. They hope they can induce the pope to move even further away from the church’s doctrine. That’s what’s going on. “Hey, pope, you know what? You’re not such a bad guy after all. You don’t like Limbaugh, and you don’t like capitalism. You’re getting close to us, buddy. So TIME magazine can name you Person of the Year for year anti-capitalist rant. Well, we’re gonna –” It’s sort of like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize before he’s done anything. This is the militant gay rights community giving the pope their Person of the of Year award sorta on the come, hoping that the pope moves in their direction.

It’s unbelievable. People keep saying, “You know, you deserve half of every award this pope is getting.” And I say, “No, no, no, no, no. That’s not at all the case.”

Now, The Advocate, the gay rights magazine, they note that Pope Francis toned down his rhetoric a little and even quote him as saying way back in 2010 when the same-sex marriage debate was raging, the pope said, “LetÂ’s not be naive: This is not a simple political struggle, but an attempt to destroy GodÂ’s plan. It is not just a bill but a move of the Father of Lies, who seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.”

That’s what this pope said and they still gave him their Person of the Year award. Here’s Jacob Tapper, our old buddy on CNN last night on a show called The Lead, Jake Tapper not happy about all of this.

TAPPER: In a move that seems to put the “tiff” in pontiff, Pope Francis is taking on some of his critics, presumably including Rush Limbaugh, who says he’s preaching Marxism. This all started about a month ago when the pope railed against trickle-down economics saying it does very little to help the poor. That did not sit well with some conservatives. Limbaugh called the pope’s comments pure Marxism, and quote, “puzzlingly wrong.” The pope isn’t sitting silent on this one. He’s tackling the criticism head on.

RUSH: Much to the chagrin of the Drive-By Media, who wish that the pope had not responded because it was me. So last night on Hannity he had a guest, Democrat strategerist Mark Hanna, not to be confused with Jack Hanna of animal and zoo fame. But I can see where people would get confused. Anyway, Hannity said to Mark Hanna, “As a Catholic, I agree with Rush that the pope sounds like he’s against capitalism.”

HANNA: The pope did not attack capitalism. He attacked unfettered capitalism. He’s attacking a brand of capitalism that is based on “greed is good” and this kind of Wall Street financier mentality. What the pope is emphasizing is the type of capitalism, hyper-capitalism, this kind of greedy capitalism.

RUSH: You know, this guy has swerved into it. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s not what the pope really — I mean, this guy, the pope is having words put in his mouth. That’s what this guy wants the pope to have said. That’s what this guy wants, and that’s why it’s being interpreted this way. This is an Occupy… That wacko leftist group, Occupy for America, whatever it is. That’s the way they look at capitalism, so now they’re just putting their view and their words in the pope’s mouth and thinking, “Oh, yeah, the pope sees it our way. He’s one of us.”

This is why he got the award, because they’re now saying Occupy… What is the name of that group? Occupy Wall Street. Yeah. Occupy Wall Street. So Leonardo DiCaprio has this new movie out, The Wolf of Wall Street, and as is always the case, actors go out and portray real people, and then they become those people. They go out and pretend to be real people, and then they become experts in those real people, and not just that, they become experts in what the real person did.

For example, Jessica Lange and couple other actresses way, way back in the eighties, starred in a movie about the Dust Bowl and how tough it was in the farms in the Midwest back during the Dust Bowl, and because of their movie, they were called to testify before Senator Cranston’s committee on agricultural problems, and all they were was actresses. They portrayed people in a movie; all of a sudden they became experts.

Actually all it was is Cranston was just a dirty old man. He would do anything to get Morgan Fairchild up there. Whatever pretense to get some actresses in his office, he’d do it. I mean, he was considered a swordsman by some of those people. Remember that? You probably don’t, Snerdley, because you weren’t attention back then. I’m telling you, Alan Cranston, I mean, he mighta looked like Jurassic Park, but he had something with these young actresses.

Anyway, Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge global warming advocate. This guy has just naively, ignorantly bought into the entire hoax and then some. He thinks Algore is the greatest human being that’s ever lived. He practically broke down in tears one year at the Epidemic Awards when Gore won for his movie, and Leo’s up on stage shaking his head and just (summarized), “Oh, wow! Oh, wow! It is such an honor to be breathing the same air you!” By the way, Algore said numerous times that by now, the North Pole would be absent ice.

He did. Numerous times. He predicted five years ago that today, North Pole ice would not exist, that it would all of melt. I kid you not. He’s dead wrong on everything, and yet these people continue to get awards. They continue to be prominent. They continue to be listened to. So DiCaprio portrays this really despicable character, and all of a sudden DiCaprio’s now an expert on capitalism, joining the pope. On CNN’s New Day, Michelle Turner interviewed DiCaprio about his new movie and said, “Why did it take so long to get this movie made?”

DICAPRIO: I feel like it’s an — an accurate reflection of everything that’s wrong with the world we live in today. The attitude of this character, Jordan Belfort, is directly attributed to the destruction of our economy. You can attribute this attitude that’s this darker side of human nature to everything that has gone wrong in society, really. It’s a microcosm of a much bigger story, you know? This sort of hedonistic attitude, this desire to do only what’s right for ourselves and no one else. It’s a reflection of a much bigger story.

RUSH: Okay. So he plays a role in a movie, and now that character and his story is the reason why we are in the economic circumstances that we’re in today. It’s the reason why everybody’s in it for themselves only and why there’s so much selfishness and greed going on. So now the pop culture cartoon of capitalism is in vogue again. (interruption) That’s exactly right. Who is it that projects and lives off the image of hedonism more than Hollywood?

Hollywood. The whole public relations machine of Hollywood is based on actors and actresses being perceived by the low-information crowd as doing nothing but pursuing sybaritic delights, pure and total hedonism. Life is the red carpet. Life is the after party. Life is the pre-party. Life is the opening. (interruption) That’s his point. Snerdley is saying that there was a picture of this guy on a yacht with nothing but babes. That’s what this character in the movie did.

I mean, this guy in the movie who wrote the book, Jordan Belfort, did live one of these super hedonistic lifestyles. But my point is, so he did. It’s an isolated case. Now here comes DiCaprio telling everybody who listens to these interviews that he does, and that’s the low-information crowd, that that’s what’s wrong with America. That guy that I just played in this movie, that’s America. That’s what’s wrong. That’s what’s wrong with capitalism. Never mind that DiCaprio is becoming insufferably wealthy because of it.

The hypocrisy totally misses these people, and they have to get themselves entered into the political fray.

They have to do it.

They’re just proud of their utter, total ignorance about what they’re talking about.


RUSH: You know, this guy in the movie, the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, he was convicted of fraud. He went to jail. He did not get away with it. He was not celebrated. He was not held up as a role model. He was not honored. He did not define anything other than criminal activity. He was found guilty. He was convicted of fraud and went to jail. So what’s wrong with the system?

However, there is a story today about a top EPA official (Environmental Protection Agency, for those of you in Rio Linda), and this top official at the EPA defrauded the EPA out of more than $1 million in wages and benefits by pretending to be a CIA operative. Now, will there be a movie made about him? If somebody said, “Hey, DiCaprio, we got a great movie here for you about a government bureaucrat!

“The Environmental Protection Agency is one of the most fraudulent places you can find in our government. There’s a guy there, Leo, who defrauded the EPA out of more than $1 million in wages and benefits, just stole it pretending to be a CIA operative. How would you like the lead?” Do you think they’ll make a movie out of that? You think this guy from the EPA will even go to jail? Will anybody even press charges about the guy? Will there be a movie made about him?

It’s right there in the New York Post: “EPA Official’s $1 Million Scam: Phony CIA Spy Career — The highest-paid official of the US Environmental Protection Agency bilked the government out of nearly $1 million in fraudulent wages and benefits — by convincing his bosses he was also a CIA operative and leaving for long periods at a time, authorities said.” John C. Beale, “served as a senior policy adviser and was a leading authority on climate change…”

See how this all dovetailed? See, you’ve got “a leading authority on climate change,” which is itself a fraud, who then defrauds EPA. The guy’s a total nut. He’s an absolute, committed liberal leftist wacko. He “got away with not doing his job for months at a time by telling his bosses he was off on a CIA mission, often in Pakistan or at the agencyÂ’s headquarters in Virginia,” and they believed him!

But after a while, his stories started to be unbelievable and finally he was looked into. This guy “was paid more than $200,000 in salary and benefits, Beale didn’t show up for work at the EPA for six months in 2008 … He also billed the government for first-class airplane trips to London where he stayed at five-star hotels.” Now, how dumb were the people of the EPA to buy this nonsense, and these are the people telling businesses and the rest of us how to live?

These are the people behaving outside the Constitution, writing regulations for both individuals and small businesses which are punitive and damaging. So here’s a guy right inside the EPA, a “leading authority on climate change,” which is a total fraud itself, defrauding the EPA. Do you think we could interest Martin Scorsese in doing a movie on this, as an example of liberal bureaucrat government-run amok?

Do you think we could have DiCaprio star in the movie and then he goes out and does the interviews promoting the release? Could we get him talking about how, “Yup, this is how it is throughout our government, and this is the kind of thing that we’ve got to bring to a screeching halt. This is the kind of stuff that’s damaging everybody’s belief in and credibility in the system.” Think we’d ever have that happen?

No way. But let these people’s little cliches get dangled in front of them and so forth, and they behave in a way that they cannot control themselves. I’m just gonna tell you, Mr. DiCaprio and Mr. Scorsese and all the rest of you, the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, has a lot more power over our lives than Wall Street has ever had. It isn’t even close.

You insult everybody’s intelligence by doing a movie about this renegade criminal and then trying to make it and pass it off as though it’s standard, ordinary behavior day in and day out — which is classic, folks. It is exactly what the left does. This is how they tar and feather capitalism, and the pope agreeing with it? This is why that so bothered me. Because it’s a cliched, stereotypical view that is not founded in any kind of substance or reality.

I don’t care that these people are actors are pretending. They’re not pretending that they’re not experts. They’re not pretending that they don’t know everything about whatever it is they just pretended to be. They may claim that they have no interest in politics, but they’re out there trying to influence people’s opinions at every turn. So if they’re gonna do that, they’re going to be reacted to. They’re going to be commented upon.

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