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RUSH: “Congressional staffers were warned Wednesday not to rely on information provided by the Obamacare exchange website, in an e-mail alert informing them they might not be enrolled for coverage even if they technically signed up.”

Congressional staffers told not to rely on information. What about the rest of us, then? “The ‘very important’ message, sent to Capitol Hill officials Wednesday afternoon, is the latest sign that the government has concerns about the reliability of the system.” No kidding. They only get concerned when members of Congress can’t sign up or when they can’t rely on information provided by the exchange website?

“Despite improvements in the basic operation of the exchange websites, and increased enrollment, there are lingering concerns about whether those signing up will actually be covered on Jan. 1.”

Wasn’t it last week or something we were told that if you had signed up with the exchange that you had better call your insurance company to find out? To not accept whatever the website told you, that you’d better call and confirm it? And now members of Congress are being told the same thing, and they thought they were covered. They thought they were being taken care of. They thought their subsidies were being handled, they had nothing to worry about.

“‘Please DO NOT ASSUME you are covered unless you have seen the Confirmation Letter from the Disbursing Office!’ the e-mail to staffers said. The e-mail urged staffers who have signed up via the DC Health Link — the health care exchange for the District of Columbia — to double check with the office that they’re enrolled. ‘Do NOT rely on your “My Account” page or other correspondence from DCHL,’ the message said.”

You know, I don’t care where you go, I don’t care what you look at, whatever the news is, nothing is working, nothing can be relied on, nothing that the government has anything to do with can be relied on. Unemployment news, health care has now been totally bollixed. This is an absolute disaster. The budget is totally out of control. We’re spending money that we don’t have. Apparently not one person in Washington, no matter what party, no matter what think tank — well, I gotta exclude the think tanks. Not one elected official is willing to stand up and say, “Wait a minute, stop the presses, we don’t have any money.”

We still have all this gobbledygook being discussed and all this budget talk and minutia. We don’t have the money for anything that we’re doing, and the money that we’re supposedly sending is being sent down a rathole. Health care is being destroyed, the budget’s being destroyed, every government program can’t be relied on. Medicare is being destroyed. Social Security, who knows what’s gonna become of that. This is just unbelievable. After all of this time, three years to set these exchanges up, three years after this thing is signed into law. And members of Congress: Don’t trust the information that you’re given.

“The message reminded them they haven’t enrolled and ‘will not have health insurance next year’ unless they get a confirmation letter.” There’s nobody competent. Nobody can tell anybody whether they’ve got health insurance or not, whether they got a confirmation letter or not, nobody knows. What an outright, utter disaster everything seems to be. We’ve got the president of the United States openly flirting with another foreign leader who is accepting the flirts and flirting back, at a memorial service, for who we are told is one of the most important human beings to ever walk the earth. But the people over there honoring the man don’t take it seriously enough to give it the solemnity and respect that it deserves. And then we’re told when we have problems that we’re the racists, that we’re the bigots, that we’re the homophobes and to not take everything so seriously.

Every institution and tradition seems to be under assault in this country. And the people now trying to wreak havoc and do the damage don’t care about the damage that they’re creating. There doesn’t seem to be anybody competent involved in any aspect of what’s happening in government: Congress, Senate, nothing can be relied on. Not one person can stand up and say, “Whoa. We don’t have the money for this. What do you mean, we’re not gonna balance the budget for 40 years?”

There’s not one person willing to take this seriously? Not one, out of 535 people? Well, there may be people in there, but they’re not involved in the negotiations of this deal. I mean, there might be a few here or there in the Senate or House that are taking seriously. We’re not hearing from them, and they’re not in power to do anything about it. The people who are just keep kicking the can down the road, adding to and expanding on and building the problem, no matter what it is.

We have the finest health care system in the world, and it turns out the vast majority of the American people were satisfied and happy with it. And now people are being denied life-saving insurance coverage and treatment that they were getting. And they’re out there saying, “What is our government doing to us? Why is our government doing this to us?” And even when you tell them, when you give them the answer, it’s not one they want to hear. Your government’s doing this to exact total control over you. Your government is doing this to limit your freedom. Your government is doing this to you because they don’t think you can handle life yourself. Your government is doing this to you because they want the power to have control over every aspect of your life.

“No, that can’t be.”

That’s exactly who these people are. And they’re incompetent boobs at the same time in the process. Kathleen Sebelius, what did she say yesterday? Kathleen Sebelius, she said something really strange yesterday. “Well, just because you’ve been cancelled doesn’t mean that you don’t have insurance,” something silly like that. Just because you’ve been given a cancellation notice doesn’t mean that you don’t have coverage, or some silly, stupid, idiotic, senseless statement. Yeah, I got to hear some of the things that she said to the House committee yesterday. And among other things, she said, and I quote, “People who have received cancellation notices are thrilled with the choices that are now available to ’em.”

Folks, that is just downright dumb and stupid. Nobody is happy, nobody is thrilled with the choices that are available to them because they don’t have any choices. It’s choices that are being taken away from people in health care. There used to be an abundance of choice. It’s being whittled away. Pretty soon there isn’t gonna be any. It’s gonna be all controlled by the government, nationalized, socialized, what they call single payer. But single payer sounds good. It isn’t good. Single payer sounds simple. It isn’t. Single payer sounds sensible. It isn’t. It’s the total surrendering of all of your choice in health care, is what single payer means. And for the secretary of Health and Human Services to insult everybody’s intelligence, “Oh, yeah, people that are being cancelled are just thrilled with the choices that they have now.”

So what do we have now, five million Americans who are now thrilled, and next year we’re gonna have more than a hundred million thrilled Americans because they’re gonna get cancelled. Next up are people who get health insurance at work, and they’re gonna start receiving their cancellation notices, and then according to Kathleen Sebelius, they’re gonna be thrilled at all the choices they’ve got. The choices at double the premium, triple the deductible, and no cap on out-of-pocket. Thrilled with the choices they’ve got. I don’t even know how to process that. That is just so insulting, so silly, stupid, what have you.


RUSH: This woman, this Kathleen Sebelius is dangerous in her incompetence. She has a lot of power vested in her with this silly law. You know what she said? She said that if she knew that what she knows about the website now, that she would have delayed the rollout. Well, now, excuse me. Isn’t that what Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were calling for? Weren’t they calling for a delay because this thing isn’t ready to go — and what were they called?

Terrorists, hostage takers, ransom demanders, and whatever the hell else they were called. What do you mean, if she knew then what she knew now? They have known from the get-go this wasn’t ready to roll out, and that didn’t matter to them. This was gonna roll out whether it worked or not because it’s the Obama agenda, nationalizing health care, and they’re gonna do it no matter how it rolls out, and they’re gonna keep at it no matter how bad it is until they get it done the way they want it done.

No matter the pain. No matter the suffering.

It’s who they are.

If these people cared about the will of the people, they would have all resigned two years ago, in the midst of screwing up this country, if they really cared about the people. All it would have taken was for one cancer patient to be cancelled, to have no hope, to be given a death sentence, and everybody responsible would have done something about it. Do Obama and Sebelius do anything? No. We’ve got people who are on lifesaving treatments being cancelled and denied.

People have been given death sentences because of Obamacare. If they really cared, they’d do something about it. I, for one, am not moved by all their protestations that if they had known then what they knew now, they would have delayed the rollout. I’m not moved by all this supposed compassion and love that liberal Democrats have for people. I just don’t see the evidence of it. I see quite the contrary. You know what else she said?

In addition to people being cancelled thrilled at all the choices they’ve got, she also said before this congressional committee on Wednesday that the cancellation of a private plan “should not be equated with losing coverage.” No. I mean, just because you’ve been cancelled doesn’t mean that you have lost coverage. Here’s the quote: “I know people have been told their health plan doesn’t necessarily match the Affordable Care Act requirements, but losing coverage and being notified the plan they have doesn’t exist anymore?

“Why, those are two different things.”

How are they different?

You are notified that the plan you have doesn’t exist, but you haven’t lost coverage? How is that possible? It’s not possible. This is called CYA. This is just go up and tell a bunch of compliant members of Congress whatever it is they want to hear and get the hell out of Dodge. You’ve got a federal program that is inflicting real harm on people, and if they really cared, they would do something about it. But they’re not doing anything about it. They’re making you buy birth control coverage when you have no need for it or desire for it, and that’s just 27% of the iceberg.

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