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RUSH: You know, I’m sorry. I can’t look at videotape of this fake sign language guy at the Mandela memorial without busting out laughing. Do you realize, this guy crashed the Nelson Mandela memorial? He’s up there faking sign language for every one of these speakers, and nobody has any idea what he’s doing, and it turns out that he has been hired prior to this by the South African president, Mr. Zuma. No matter where you look, it seems, no matter where you go in the world, everything’s upside down and doesn’t make any sense.

In addition to the security risk that this guy presented, if you take that out of it and you look at the videotape, it’s unbelievably hilarious. This guy crashes an event, he’s up there faking sign language. I’m looking at it now. (laughing) He’s standing two feet away from every speaker. Now it turns out the guy says he saw angels or aliens or whatever. He’s a schizophrenic. He’s an absolute lunatic. They hired him, and he’s been hired before. I think the interpreter said he was only gonna get $85 for doing this.

Now, all kidding aside, according to the AP — they had a long interview with the guy — he says he’s a schizophrenic. He has been recently hospitalized for more than a year for his schizophrenia and that he has been violent a lot of times in the past. And this guy was allowed to stand within three feet of the president of the United States with a bunch of guns all around him.

Did the Secret Service not vet this guy? You know, you stop and think, so Mr. Mandela passes away, and I would have thought there would have been a bunch of work for months behind the scenes in preparing for the crush of dignitaries from all over the world to come in. The logistics, finding places for all of these people who think they should all get the presidential suite at the hotel. Every damn one of them thinks they should get it, but only one person’s going to, so they have to iron that out. They have to iron out all the security. They have to iron out all the transportation to and from.

The president of the United States has more people with him and more equipment with him than any other world leader. They have to handle this seemingly overnight, and apparently this guy does not get vetted, the South African government is trusted with putting this guy up there on the podium. And while this guy is faking the sign language, Obama’s taking selfies with the blonde babe from Denmark and the British prime minister. Everything is falling apart. There is nothing anybody is taking seriously here in ways that really matter.

Now we find out, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, one of the reasons that Obama shook the hand of Raul Castro is that there have been six months of secret talks going on between us and Cuba. Did you know that? I got it right here. UK Daily Mail: “The handshake seen ’round the water cooler was no fluke, it turns out. When President Barack Obama approached the podium at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service and made a beeline for a row of foreign leaders — stopping first to shake Cuban dictator Raúl Castro’s hand — it came after representatives from the two historically antagonistic nations had already been in talks for six months. ‘[B]ehind the scenes,’ two Daily Beast national security reporters wrote on Tuesday, ‘US and Cuban officials have held midlevel discussions in Havana and Washington on a range of issues, including direct postal service, migration issues, disaster response, and search and rescue at sea.'” And cigars.

“During the president’s trip back from South Africa, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters on Air Force One that ‘it’s been quite some time since the Presidents of the United States and Cuba were even in the same place.'”

So they been having talks here for six months, and nobody knew about it. What else is going on that we don’t know about? Obviously quite a bit.

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