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RUSH: Are you aware of the controversy over that selfie Obama took of himself and the prime minister of Denmark and David Cameron? And there’s more than one photo. I mean, this guy, folks, we gotta be up front here. There is no question Obama was enjoying whatever was going on between the two of them. He took a selfie in the middle of the ceremony honoring Nelson Mandela, and in all of the pictures Michelle is not looking pleased, not involved, not engaged, not looking happy. In fact, in the series of photos that have been taken, Obama gets up to leave to go make his speech, and when he comes back, Michelle has taken his seat next to the babe from Denmark so that Obama can’t sit next to her.

Then there are pictures of Obama giving this woman a kiss. Now, it’s a peck on the cheek, but the angle of the picture makes it look like more than that, with Michelle looking on, unhappily. I know, it’s not just Europeans that do it. But it’s so bad out there that the guy who took the picture of Obama taking the selfie has written a long piece apologizing for taking the picture of Obama taking the selfie and trying to say that Michelle was not mad or upset. That he was there, he was watching, he had eyeballs on it the whole time and he’s just profoundly embarrassed that his picture of Obama taking the selfie with the babe from Denmark and David Cameron has caused all of this. So it’s a giant apology piece from this guy.

In the meantime, this is hilarious. There’s a piece here from Salon.com by a woman named Roxane Gay. “The MediaÂ’s Michelle Obama Problem: What a Selfie Says About Our Biases.” And let me read you some of the pull quotes. “More than anything, the response to these latest images of Michelle Obama speaks volumes about the expectations placed on black women in the public eye and how a black womenÂ’s default emotional state is perceived as angry. The black woman is ever at the ready to aggressively defend her territory. She is making her disapproval known. She never gets to simply be.”

So all of the opinion that’s out that Michelle is not happy with what’s going on, with her husband taking the selfie of the babe from Denmark and David Cameron, and all of the photos that show her sitting away from it, distant, not looking at it but with a frown on her face is another example of the societal bias in this country against black women. It speaks — (laughing) — I’m sorry. I can’t keep a straight face with this. (laughing) “More than anything, the response to these latest images of Michelle Obama speaks volumes about the expectations placed on black women in the public eye and how a black womenÂ’s default emotional state is perceived as angry.”

I don’t know where the stereotype came from, but this woman’s complaining about it. She’s black, Roxane Gay. “The MediaÂ’s Michelle Obama Problem: What a Selfie Says About Our Biases.” She looks angry in the picture, too. She sounds angry here? Well, it’s hard to say. Yeah, I’d say she looks angry. “The overanalysis of the first lady’s expression speaks volumes about America’s expectations of black women.”

It’s not just how you cannot notice Michelle’s face. How can you not notice Michelle’s vibe? How can you not notice Michelle’s distance from what’s happening. She is removed and she is not part of it. She is not being included in what’s going on with her husband and the babe from Denmark and David Cameron. It’s probably also true to say that Michelle thinks her husband taking a selfie in the midst of this memorial for Mandela is not cool, and she probably is disapproving of that as well as anything else. She probably has the sense enough to know that with all kinds of cameras on her and her husband, that this is the last place to act like you are not involved in what’s going on, i.e., the reason you’re there, i.e., the memorial for Mandela.

I’m not leaving the blonde thing out of it, but look, I’m trying to give Michelle some credit here. She’s got the proper amount of dignity. There’s no question that she disapproves of what’s going on here. Anybody with any sense of decorum, manners, would. I mean, this is a really self-involved, narcissistic thing to do. The reason you’re there is to accept the torch being passed from Mandela to you, and what do you do? You take a picture of yourself with the Denmark babe while the memorial is going on? It isn’t cool. There’s also a picture after Obama has given the babe from Denmark, the blonde, a kiss on the cheek — and it’s a big kiss on the cheek. I mean, it’s not a peck. There’s a miniature embrace there and all. There’s a picture after that of Obama kissing Michelle’s hand, after Michelle has switched seats.

Speaking of that, have you heard there’s a six-year-old boy in Colorado who has been, I think, suspended from school for sexual harassment for kissing his girlfriend’s hand? A six year old! He’s proud to he will it everybody what he was doing. The girl’s his girlfriend. The six-year-old little guy’s mother says (paraphrased), “Yeah, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m embarrassed. I’m ashamed at what’s happening to my son here, at what they’re trying to do to my son. He’s not a predator. He was kissing his girlfriend’s hand.”

He’s six!

He’s now a pariah.

He’s now a predator.


RUSH: Do you think Michelle Obama cares what’s in the media? I ask that because, do you think so? Even though he’s president, do they have your average, ordinary, everyday relationship? Because what happened here, now, everybody in the media’s talking about how he was flirting with another woman, and she wasn’t involved. Do you think in private she gives him a little, “What were you thinking? Look what you’ve done to me! Look how you’ve embarrassed me. Look what the media is saying about me.”

Do you think that’s going on? (interruption) Snerdley thinks it’s worse than that behind closed doors. You think even though he’s president, she would dare to go there? Or does it not matter. At that point he’s not president, he’s her husband, and that’s that. Well, I’m just asking out there, because whatever the truth is, the fact is it’s all over the media. Low-information voters are even looking at this and thinking there’s something going on here, and she knows that. She knows how people are seeing this, and she knows it wasn’t necessary.

I mean, this is the biggest selfie boo-boo since Weiner’s.


RUSH: Back to the phones we go. Here’s Vickie in Brooksville, Kentucky. Hi, Vickie. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Mayor of Realville and the King of Truth. Merry Christmas.

RUSH: “King of Truth.” I like that. Thank you. Same to you.

CALLER: Thank you. I was calling in regard to your asking if Michelle Obama really said anything to her husband.

RUSH: Well, you know, I’ve always wondered not just about these two, but you’ve wondered about every president. A, he’s president. I mean, that’s got to be a stressful job, president, but he’s also married. That means he has a wife.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: I’ve asked myself: Do wives of husbands who are president leave ’em alone, not give them any grief —


RUSH: — like they would normally do in a normal ebb and flow of a marriage, or is it no different than any other marriage and the guy screws up and hears about it. It doesn’t matter how mad he’s distracted from his job, doesn’t matter what else he’s gotta do, he’s gonna hear about it. I’ve never known. I’ve never asked any of them, because I never thought I’d get the truth. So all I can do is speculate.

CALLER: I will tell you from a woman’s perspective, okay?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I look a look the pictures yesterday as soon as they were shown on TV, and the first thought I had, first was the selfie, and Michelle Obama was looking in the opposite direction. That, to me, said that she was embarrassed by what they were doing, because it was —

RUSH: Now, but wait. But wait, but wait, Vickie.


RUSH: The photographer who took the picture of Obama taking the selfie has written this big, long piece saying (paraphrased), “I was there, and she wasn’t upset at all, and I’m embarrassed that you people are saying so.”

CALLER: Right. Right. Right. Well, I’m gonna tell you: For a woman, she was embarrassed and looked the other way. The one where he’s —

RUSH: I don’t care about embarrassed. Was she mad? Was she personally mad?

CALLER: She was more embarrassed than mad at that, because it was a selfie. It looked utterly stupid and ignorant for the president of the United States and the prime minister of England and the whoever prime minister of Dutch land or wherever —

RUSH: Denmark, Denmark, Denmark.

CALLER: Oh, pardon me, Denmark — to take a selfie was just juvenile, and she looked —

RUSH: Well, it was that. These people do not know how to do funerals. I’m convinced that socialists and Marxists do not know how to do funerals or memorials. Oh, my God, no. If you remember Clinton at what’s-his-face’s funeral was laughing his butt off until he saw the camera and then started crying. Yeah, at the Ron Brown Memorial. That’s right. We made that one famous. Clinton was walking along with Tony Campolo. He’s laughing himself silly walking into the church, and then he sees a camera and starts crying within one half of a step.


RUSH: Look, we’ve been dissing the babe from Denmark. Her name is Helle Thorning-Schmidt. She deserves a name. I mean, she’s a prime minister out there. I’m sure Michelle probably calls her What the Helle. You know, this photographer who snapped the picture of Obama taking the selfie with David Cameron and the Dane dame, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, he wrote this big, long apologia. He’s all worried now that people are misunderstanding what happened.

Now, listen to this. The photographer wrote the following. “At the time, I thought the world leaders were simply acting like human beings, like me and you. I doubt anyone could have remained totally stony faced for the duration of the ceremony, while tens of thousands of people were celebrating in the stadium. For me, the behavior of these leaders in snapping a selfie seems perfectly natural. I see nothing to complain about, and probably would have done the same in their place.”

Okay. So they’re just like you and me, and that’s exactly what we would have been doing. So according to this loco weed, there’s no reason to have higher expectations of our leaders. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to hold them in high esteem. Why, they’re no different than we would be. Except if we were there, we’d be a bunch of nobodies. Don’t forget who Barack Obama is. They have created this myth that he has trod the same ground as Mandela. The Obama White House and the media have created this mythological story that Obama has lived the hardships of Mandela and that he is experiencing the same kind of mistreatment, misjudgment, discrimination, all the jail time, all of the beatings and whatever else Mandela got, Obama has done the same.

And now Obama, receiving the passed torch from Nelson Mandela, is at the memorial service taking a selfie with the Danish dame, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and David Cameron. Now, if George W. Bush had done this with the Danish babe, do you think that the guy who took the picture would have written, “Well, what’s the big deal? Why, it’s just the same thing we would be doing.” Would this idiot photographer have forgiven George W. Bush? The fact of the matter is, George Bush was there and didn’t do anything like this. The fact of the matter was George Bush was there and sat right next to his wife the whole time. George W. Bush was there and did not make a spectacle of himself. George W. Bush was there and did not try to make the event about himself. And they tell us that George W. Bush is the idiot and the embarrassment?

When Obama acts like a juvenile and a little child who’s gotten out of school early, “Well, that’s no different than you and me. I’m sorry I took the picture. I’m sorry people have misunderstood. I just can’t believe what people are doing. And Michelle wasn’t mad. I saw her. I was watching the whole time. I took the picture. Michelle wasn’t mad.” The hell you say. I have had enough women angry at me that I know the look. We all have, right, guys? We know that look. We damn well know that look. We know that countenance. We know that tude, that attitude. We know it. Somebody wants to try tell us that Michelle was cool with that, didn’t have any problem with it, don’t. Now, this is a day that we’re having our intelligence insulted no matter where we turn. All right. Back to the phones.

By the way, how about this. How about this fake, the guy that was up there doing sign language for the deaf? I mean, this guy’s up there totally faking it, totally. He’s making gestures that mean nothing in the world of sign language. What kind of diss is that? Who hired this guy? And before we leave all of this to the historians, we have to note that the interpreter for the deaf that they hired appears to be a complete fraud, although we gotta cut this guy some slack because maybe nobody who was speaking was actually saying anything and so the guy doing the sign language had nothing to report. I mean, it was a bunch of hot air up there.

These people on the left, they don’t know how to do these memorials. They turn all of them, every one of them, they turn the event inside out and make it about them. Like Obama shook Raul Castro’s hand. That’s the big news.


RUSH: (laughing) It’s not fair. I just had something said to me that’s hilarious, that you can’t hear. “How do you hire a fake sign language interpreter and translator? How do you do it?” This guy was totally making it up. They’ve got experts in there that have analyzed it in, I guess, what they call the South African language. What language do they speak, Afrikaans? I don’t have any idea how long the guy was there, the sign language guy. It was a four-hour event. But how do you go get somebody totally faking it — and then once you discover he’s faking it, you leave him there?

I don’t know.

There’s so much of this, it just dubious.

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