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RUSH: Essex, Vermont, Bev, you’re next. I’m glad you waited good to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, before I make my really, really serious comment can I make a lighthearted one about football?

RUSH: Oh, yeah, by all means.

CALLER: I heard what you just said, and I’m thinking, “You know, they’re going to have go to flag football instead of this tackle stuff.” Don’t you think?

RUSH: The politically correct crowd’s gonna take ’em right there. It’s like this guy Bob Ryan at the Boston Globe. You know, he’s been covering football for decades. He said (paraphrased), “I apologize. I apologize for being responsible for promoting this game that maims people, and it says horrible things about our country.” This is not some little schlub getting started in a small town.

This is Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe apologizing for the role he’s playing in popularizing this game that maims people, and it doesn’t make any sense in America that it’s the most popular sport and that actually kills people, maims people, and shortens their lives. How can we be doing this? I don’t think the people in the NFL understand the forces on the left. You make a joke here about flag football, but the problem is when you start making jokes about the left they almost always, at some point, come true to one extent or another.

CALLER: Well. Hmm. Well, I called really quickly because I was on my way home from my class, and I heard your percentages deal with Barack Obama, and I got home and I called right away and was shocked that I actually got through. But I totally, totally feel that he doesn’t care beans about his percentages go down. I think now that he is in his second term, he could care less what we think about him. He’s gonna have, you know, a free ride pretty much for the rest of his life. I think if he’s got people pulling his strings, which I kind of think he does, then he’s gonna try to keep them.

RUSH: What do you mean, “people pulling his strings”?

CALLER: Well, I think that he’s got people that are paying him money. I mean, all the —

RUSH: You mean he’s not his own man? He’s not his own man? Powerful forces that got him nominated, got him elected, are basically able to tell him what to do?

CALLER: He may think he is at some point, and I personally think that he has a lot of people that are telling him what to do. And I think he doesn’t really care about the American people other than trying to keep or, quote, unquote, save face. But after all of the different things going on, I personally, like I said when I heard what you were saying, I think he laughs at us. I totally think he just closes the door and just laughs at the literal fools he’s making of the American people. And it irritates me to no end, but I just firmly believe that.

RUSH: You are not alone. I can tell you that a lot of people think that there’s a power structure behind the throne that issues orders and promises great things, that they’re followed, riches and money after office. A lot of people think this. In the case of Obama, I think there’s a lot of truth to what you say in the sense that the day-to-day effect of his policies, I don’t think he cares. I don’t think he cares the website doesn’t work. I don’t think he cares.

I think he desperately cares about transforming this country. I think he’s totally motivated by whatever he thinks is wrong with this country, and I think he’s inspired by his chance at finally, finally cutting this country down to size or transforming it into what he thinks it ought to be ’cause he thinks it was founded in an unjust, unfair, unequal way. I think there’s a lot of anger behind people like Obama. And, now, day to day, minutia, he doesn’t care. ‘Cause he cares about the end result, where it’s all gonna end up. That’s his objective. I also think that you’re right in the sense that he don’t care about public opinion and its impact on the outcome of his policies, particularly in the second term, but he is a narcissist, and he does love being loved.


RUSH: Now, you sound like you think he’s one of these authoritarian dictators who doesn’t mind if people hate his guts because he still rules them, he’s still got power, it doesn’t matter what they think, and you may be right. I happen to think that he requires a lot of adulation.

CALLER: I don’t think he is a strong person like maybe when you’re talking about a dictator like people that are to be feared, like in the other countries with communism and those type of things. I think what you just said about him loving adulation is probably right on. But I think he doesn’t care. He likes being a dictator.

RUSH: The thing to remember about Barack Obama, you know, all these personality things are fine, fun to talk about, but the thing to remember, the guy’s a statist. He is a socialist. He believes people are incapable and incompetent in running their own lives. He believes that everybody ought to be controlled by government. He believes that government is good, government’s the answer. He wants power. He thirsts for power over people. He doesn’t care about the Constitution.

The personality quirks, I mean, they’re whatever they are, but the threat posed by Obama is the threat posed by every statist. And that is their total disregard and dislike for the US Constitution and their willingness to govern totally outside it. That’s the threat. And what they cause to happen to the country in the process, creating endless dependents, breaking up and destroying families, creating a woeful, horrible economy with no opportunity for economic advancement.

Those are the real-life results of everybody who’s like Obama, everybody of the Democrat Party who believes what Obama believes. I mean, he’s had five chiefs of staff over five years. I don’t know that anybody’s pulling his strings. I think he’s pulling his own. I don’t doubt there are powers behind the throne, but I don’t think he needs any guidance at all in what he’s doing.

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