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RUSH: I kid you not, the Daily Caller: “Liberals Want to Stop Men From Checking Out Women.” Liberals want to make it a crime for men to ogle or otherwise look at or otherwise admire or otherwise dream about or otherwise fantasize about or otherwise look at and laugh, whatever, women. “In the progressive future, men will not be able to look at women’s bodies because that is a terrible thing to do — and science says so.

“Researchers have offered a definitive report into the science of the male ‘objectifying gaze,'” and that is in quotes, “in the December 2013 volume of ‘Sex Roles: A Journal of Research.'” That’s g-a-z-e. Don’t misunderstand. Can you imagine low-information people asking: What does “objectifying gays” have to do with women? It’s g-a-z-e. it means to look upon, for those of you in Rio Linda. To gaze, you know, like you look at modern cars driving by your house. You’re gazing at them as that happens.

It is said that men looking at women automatically “objectifies” them, which means puts them down. It means sees them as less than human beings, that men “ogle” women means that they are not seeing their brains. Remember when we used to laugh? We used to laugh and make jokes about the thought police, and here they are. You’re laughing in there, and I know it sounds funny, but these people are serious.

“Researchers have offered a definitive report into the science of the male ‘objectifying gaze,’ in the December 2013 volume of ‘Sex Roles: A Journal of Research.’ (Volume 69, Issue 11-12, pp 557-570).” I kid you not. “‘Although objectification theory suggests that women frequently experience the objectifying gaze with many adverse consequences, there is scant research examining the nature and causes of the objectifying gaze for perceivers.

“The main purpose of this work was to examine the objectifying gaze toward women via eye tracking technology,’ according to the abstract of ‘My Eyes Are Up Here: The Nature of the Objectifying Gaze Toward Women’ by Sarah J. Gervais, Arianne M. Holland, and Michael D. Dodd. ‘Consistent with our main hypothesis, we found that participants focused on women’s chests and waists more and faces less when they were appearance-focused (vs. personality-focused). Moreover, we found that this effect was particularly pronounced for women with high (vs. average and low) ideal body shapes in line with hypotheses,’ according to the report.”

So these people, these idiots, have discovered that attractive women got looked at more often than unattractive women, which takes us right to Undeniable Truth of Life number 24. But I’m not kidding. Folks, look, you can sit here and laugh at this and you can think it’s a joke. It’s just like you didn’t believe me when I told you, “They’re gonna be targeting your SUVs,” back in 1995 — and just like you never thought 90% of what’s happening today would ever really happen.

This is real, and while this is ludicrous and it is in direct violation of God-created nature, these are liberals. It’s who they are, it’s what they are, and they’re dead serious — and they are the thought police. This is no different than political correctness of thought, and what they want to try to is establish is a taboo. Men looking at women is insulting. Men looking at women is part of War on Women. Men gazing at women objectifies women, puts women down.

It facilitates the notion that women are not seen as full-fledged citizens and humans and what have you. That they are nothing more than sex objects, and this is just another way these people are trying to get to it. I mean, look, it is ridiculous, and it’s laughable. It’s hilarious, it’s hysterical, but the thing is, these people are dead serious. And they are not going to be laughed at by the left. They’re not gonna be laughed at and made fun of by the media. They’re not.

It’s gonna be seriously accepted and studied, and there will be people who digest it and think maybe they’re on to something. I mean, it’s the kind of study that leftists will hold up when they talk about the rape culture. “Men are Natural Predators!” This is part of that. Sex is a weapon. Sex and objectifying women is how men dominate and overpower women — and, of course, the unattractive women are left out of all of this. It’s discrimination to boot because men do not spend nearly as much time looking and ogling at unattractive women. They’re wrong about that, by the way. Just different thoughts take place, but the gazes still happen.

You can’t help it.


RUSH: Now, folks, on this, I know a lot of you, you hear this thing — a bunch of leftists want to try to stop men from looking at women — and you think they can’t do that. That’s not the point. Whether they can or can’t, it will gain momentum, and it may not be for years, but this is who they are. This is how inane and inviolate they are of basic human nature. It’s one of the biggest ways to understand liberal. They just despise human nature and try to alter it and change it and create it, because many of them just don’t fit in with it in many ways.

But there’s a way around this, guys. You gotta have fun with this, as you know. So let me offer suggestions. The first suggestion, the first way to deal with this that came into my mind, is you find yourself staring, looking at, casually glancing at a woman, but you know that it’s now socially taboo. You shouldn’t be doing it, and you think everybody is noticing you doing it and condemning you in their minds. You shouldn’t be doing it. So you walk up to the woman and say, “Would you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?”

Try that.

It might help.

You don’t know ’til you try it.


RUSH: I wanna get some phone calls in here, folks. People want to weigh in on the liberal attempt to get men to stop looking at women, because it’s a put-down, it’s objectifying women. We start in Spokane, Washington, with Steve. Hello, sir, great to have you.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, 48th Assault Helicopter Company Blue Star dittos to you.

RUSH: Well.

CALLER: I think what we need is a government program, and we’ll have a government body look at the body, so to speak — and anybody, any women deemed good-looking enough should be made to wear burqas, and for those who can’t afford them, we’ll have a government to supply ’em, and we could call that Burqas for Lookers.

RUSH: Burqas for Lookers. Okay. My only question is this.


RUSH: Well, I actually have more than one, but who would you appoint to determine which women are deemed good-looking enough to be required to wear the burqa?

CALLER: Well, the NAGs? I don’t know the name.

RUSH: You can’t… The NAGs?


RUSH: He means the National Association of Gals.

CALLER: Got it.

RUSH: You can’t put them in charge. They’re the ones who are upset by it.

CALLER: Yeah, but they would be the ones who would judge who has to wear a burqa or not. It would be perfect. It would stop these evil men from looking at them.

RUSH: Yeah, but you’ve gotta have somebody determine this. Because, see, attractiveness differs from person to person. You know that. Don’t make me explain this.

CALLER: It’s all relative.

RUSH: It really is.


RUSH: It’s relative to what your self-confidence is, what your expectations are, what your ability to perceive reality about yourself are. You’ve been many places where you have seen both ways. You’ve seen a looker, a woman you’d put in a burqa with one of the most ugliest, most vile looking guys, but there they are.


RUSH: And, by the same token, you’ve seen guys with women and you just can’t figure it. What in the world is this guy thinking? Everybody finds somebody attractive. There are exceptions of course. We needn’t spell them out. So this is the problem, see?

CALLER: I think only the government could tell us that.

RUSH: No. No. You have to make it voluntary. The women that don’t want to be looked at will proclaim themselves lookers, and we give them a burqa. You have to make it voluntary. Look, as I’ve said for 25 years: “The ugly know who they are,” just like the beautiful know who they are.


RUSH: So a guy dies and goes to heaven and says, “God, why do you make women so beautiful?” God says, “So that you will love them and have babies and perpetuate the race.” And then the guy asks, “Why do you make them so dumb?” and God says, “So that they will love you.” I love these stereotypical jokes. I mean, that’s the mother of all sexist jokes. But all great comedy, there’s always a grain of truth in there. If you are just joining us, I kid you not.

A bunch of leftists have engaged in research that has led them to believe that we need to enforce new rules that would prevent men from checking out women, prevent men from looking at them, because it’s a put-down. It’s objectifying. It treats women as secondhand, third-hand citizens and makes them just nothing but sex objects. We can’t have that. I’m not kidding you. This is something they’re gonna be on to now. It may take a while to percolate, but controlling thoughts and controlling activities is what they’re all about.


RUSH: Morton, Illinois. Matthew, hi. You’re next to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Good. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to make a comment about the liberal power grab that they’re trying to make about these new rules for not ogling women.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I think it’s interesting that there’s a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton wanting to run for president, and, you know, the comparison that you made of conservative women to liberal women and how the conservative women are more often the more attractive —

RUSH: There’s no question about it. If we’re gonna be honest, there’s no question about it. It’s not even arguable. But even at that it’s incentive and unfair to point out.

CALLER: Well, the timing is impeccable. They’re trying to level the playing field before Hillary makes a run at the presidency.

RUSH: Oh, I see where you’re going with this. We make it illegal to look at pretty women, which means don’t look too much at conservative Republican women, particularly candidates.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Right. Sort of leveling the playing field for Hillary, you’re saying?

CALLER: Yes. Absolutely.

RUSH: I hadn’t thought of it that way, but, you know, I wouldn’t —

CALLER: They don’t want the voters to judge her by her looks; judge her by her politics, even though those can’t win with conservatives, either, and in doing so leveling the playing field for her.

RUSH: Right. Right. So instead of looking — well, yeah, yeah. They just don’t want us to see elephants, yeah, or think we’re looking at elephants. I got it. Yeah.


RUSH: Here is Eric in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hi, Eric. Thank you for waiting. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush, gazer dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’d hate to have the left infringe on my right to gaze, so I’m thinking actually there’s a solution, and it’s found right at the heart of conservatism. You know, we affirm morality, and we affirm the nuclear family, and the morality, you know, prevents us from going too far with our gazing, and the family allows us to redirect that energy to something positive. Just thinking maybe the left will join us in affirming those two tenants of conservatism.

RUSH: The left join us in conservatism?

CALLER: Yeah, the nuclear family and sexual morality.

RUSH: You kidding? Those two things scare the hell out of them. The nuclear family and morality are as much — morality especially, is one of the most motivating, mobilizing aspects of liberalism, and that is getting rid of it. They don’t want to be governed by morality, especially yours, Eric. You yourself an admitted gazer. You believe in the nuclear family. They don’t want any part of your morality. And, by the way, they’re still gonna be able to gaze at women. They’re still gonna be able to ogle them and whatever they want to do, ’cause they’re better people. It’s just for everybody else that they want to have this police action against. Now that’s what I call hopefulness, though, that the left will join us in nuclear family reality. He-he-he-he-he. It would be wonderful, but don’t hold your breath, Eric.


RUSH: South Windsor, Connecticut, this is Chris. Welcome and great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi there, Rush. You know, I was listening to that study about men looking at women. I’m 66 years old, and I’ve been married for a long time to the love of my life. I look at men. I look at young men. My friends look at young men. We make comments, nothing salacious, but, “What a beautiful young man.” You men are missing the boat. You ought to be doing your own study. You’ll find out women look at men just like men look at women. This is crazy.

RUSH: Yeah. You’re right. You’re exactly right. The objectifying goes both ways. But you know what I’ve found, Chris? I’ve found that it’s not just men looking women. Women look at other women, too.

CALLER: Well, sure.

RUSH: With daggers in their eyes.

CALLER: Oh. (laughing)

RUSH: And either jealousy or appreciation or judgmentalism of some kind.

CALLER: Well, I’m sorry to tell you that at 66 I still do some of that also.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you what, God bless you, and the truth of the matter is, you leftists, we men would love to be objectified. We would love to be looked at by women the way we look at women. But they don’t see us the same way and that’s because our brains are different because they’re born different, they’re wired differently. These people can’t leave anybody alone. They have to enforce their perverted convoluted way of thinking on everybody, and their way of eating, or whatever it is, on everybody. They just are not content to live their lives. They’ve got to force things on everybody.

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