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RUSH: Look, I know. Here’s the bottom line. I was talking earlier about how the media does not have the slightest idea the way the American people reacting to the way they’re covering this. You know what’s on most people’s minds? Let me take a stab at some things. You know what most people are concerned about and worried about today? That they might lose or have lost their health insurance — and, if so, how much it’s gonna cost to replace it.

They are literally scared to death and worried stiff over it. A lot of people in this country, despite the jobs numbers, are really, really worried that they’re not gonna be able to find work, a lot of Millennials. I’ve got a whole stack here about Obama and polls and how he’s losing support from practically every group said to be responsible for his election. Hispanics? He is down huge in Hispanics. Millennials? He’s down huge.

He’s down in support from women in huge numbers, despite the death of Nelson Mandela. And it’s because people have come to grips now with who he is. You know what? Look what this. The Limbaugh Theorem isn’t active anymore. I think people see through it now. I don’t think Obama’s getting away with the Limbaugh Theorem anymore. I don’t think he’s getting away with no accountability.

I don’t think he’s getting way with, “I didn’t know that. Uh, really? The website didn’t work? I wasn’t aware of that.” I don’t think he’s getting away with 20 different jobs seminars where he tells people he’s really upset about the unemployment numbers and is really working hard on it. I think people are now beginning to tie President Obama, link him to all of these messes.

So while the media goes nuts today about the death of Mandela, in the real world, in this country, people are scared to death. They don’t have jobs and they’re not seeing an opportunity for one, certainly not high paying jobs. They’re scared to death, not just for themselves, but their kids. They know they’re gonna get an insurance cancellation letter. They know it’s coming. Some already have. They’re scared to death. Food prices are skyrocketing. They’re closing coal mines. Everything’s getting more expensive.

Do you know, ladies and gentlemen, in Obamacare (I’ve got it in the Stack here) your fire department might have to close over an argument over how the IRS is gonna qualify or classify volunteer firemen? If volunteer firemen are classified as employees and thus subject to Obamacare rules, your fire department might have to let go a whole bunch of volunteers — and some of them might be first responders on the EMS truck, all because of Obamacare.

Young people are scared to death or worried the NSA is following them all over the place via their cell phones. Real Americans are very much worried about the IRS has planned for them, based on what they’ve heard so far about the IRS targeting the Tea Party. People are worried they’re not only gonna lose their health insurance, but to replace it, the premiums are gonna double, and the deductible is gonna triple.

You see what’s happening to public education system. I mean, there are real things happening to real people in this country that are devastating and frightening, and that’s what people in this country are concerned with today, and they are not moved by a picture of Obama in Nelson Mandela jail cell, or on the bus that Rosa Parks rode.


RUSH: Let me quickly delve into some of the polling data here. First up from Gallup: “Obama Approval Down Most Among Hispanics in Past Year — President Barack Obama’s job approval rating averaged 41% in November, down 12 percentage points from 53% last December, his high-water mark since his first year in office. Hispanics’ approval has dropped 23 points over the last 12 months, the most among major subgroups, and nearly twice the national average.”

How is this possible? I mean, it’s almost as if Hispanics live in the same country as the rest of us! Where are the party strategists and the media pundits demanding that Obama reach out to Hispanics now? Where are the calls for Obama to rebrand himself, and what are the Republicans gonna do now? Because the Republicans were prepared to emulate the Democrats, and if they did that, they would lose support of Hispanics, too.

That’s the thing that worries me. If Obama’s lost 23 points in Hispanics, then the Republicans are going to, too, because they’re gonna do what the Democrats are doing. Whatever it is. That’s stunning, 23 points, but that’s not all, Obama down 23 points among Latinos. “More Cracks in the Obama Base.” Ohio independents are abandoning Obama in droves. Now, this kind of ticks me off, though. Let me give you a pull quote. This is a story from Cincinnati.

“Voters in Swing State of Ohio Express Disappointment with President … The pessimism is partly a result of October’s government shutdown, which still engenders deep anger here, and Mr. Obama’s flawed rollout of the health-care law. … The shutdown ‘showed a lack of concern by our leaders for the people they’re supposed to represent,’ said Terry Hartley, a 63-year-old retired math teacher who voted for Mr. Romney.

“‘America is fading because we’re devoting too much time to bickering,’ said Brigid Brennan…” Do these people not get it? These people voted for Obama except this one guy who voted for Romney. The “swing state” Ohio vote is now all upset, disappointment with Obama. Six in 10 independents have abandoned Obama. This is from an Economist/YouGov poll. For the first time, more Americans that be not don’t like Obama, and independents, too. Their bottom’s falling out everywhere.


RUSH: “Six Out of 10 Independents Abandon Obama.” This is a Washington Examiner story, and here’s the pull quote. “A year ago, when asked if people liked Obama regardless of his policies, 37% said yes, 29% no. The new poll finds that 34% donÂ’t like Obama, while just 30% do. ItÂ’s the same on his favorability rating. A year ago 53% had a favorable opinion of the president. Today 53% have an unfavorable opinion. Among independents, 62% have an unfavorable opinion.”

He’s being linked. That’s why I’m telling you, the Limbaugh Theorem is cracking — and there is nobody happier about that than Limbaugh. The Limbaugh Theorem was a frustrating thing. I mean, it was an accurate explanation of how Obama escaped accountability, how he was not linked to any of his policies by the people affected by them, but that’s apparently now cracking — and, with all of these disapproval numbers mounting, 23 points he’s lost with Latinos.

He’s losing points with the poor, too. No, it’s not just Obamacare with the Latinos. It’s lack of any movement on amnesty. Of course they believed him on amnesty. Sure they did. By the way, I don’t mean to pick nits here, but Obama has just ordered the flag at half-mast for 10 days for Mandela. He did not order the flag at half-mast at all for Lady Thatcher. US flags at half-mast for 10 days for Mandela. Let’s see. What else, in addition to his having cracked the Millennials, independents, the poor, Hispanics.

I mean… Excuse me. Ahem. Where else the poor gonna go? I don’t know. That doesn’t matter to me. The point is he’s losing support even among the poor, and those are the people he’s given everything to. I mean, when it rains, it pours. Something has happened, and the only way I can explain it is the Limbaugh Theorem is beginning to crack. After five years, the excuse of (impression), “I didn’t know the website wasn’t ready. Uh, you didn’t build that! I didn’t know!” I don’t think it’s passing the smell test for anybody.

Let’s see. This is a repeat. Oh.

“Poll: Support for Obamacare Down Sharply Among White Women — Temporary blip mirroring the nationwide souring on O and his big ‘achievement’ or a more durable shift that threatens Democrats in 2016? … Among women generally (not just white women), support for the law has cracked 50% exactly once over the past 44 months,” but, ” Support for Obamacare Down Sharply Among White Women.” It is plummeting — and, of course, they were one of the primary beneficiaries of this.

Folks, the bottom is falling out all over. I don’t know if it’s permanent, temporary, what have you. But the fact is it’s happening, and it will cause a reaction. The Regime will have to react to this. Now, what I predict is gonna happen with the Millennials, we spoke about yesterday. I think he’ll probably try… He’s gonna have to buy these groups back. That’s what he does, and with the Millennials he’ll probably offer forgive student loan debt and tie that to Obamacare.

“Go to HealthCare.gov, sign up, sign your life away to us, and we’ll forgive your student loan.” That’s the addendum. I made the prediction yesterday that he’s forgive the student loans. Even if the website isn’t fixed, he’ll associate them. “If you want to have your student loan forgiven, you sign up for Obamacare somewhere — HealthCare.gov, wherever you have to go — and if you can prove that you’ve done it, then we’ll forgive your student loan.”

I wouldn’t be surprised at all.


RUSH: Mike in Wilmington, North Carolina, great to have you on the program, sir. It’s Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. It’s great to have you on the EIB, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I am a former low-information voter born of a Braggadocio man.

RUSH: You were a former low-information voter born of a braggadocios man?

CALLER: A Braggadocio man. Braggadocio, Missouri, not too far from Cape Girardeau.

RUSH: Braggadocio, Missouri, not far from Cape Girardeau?

CALLER: Yes. It’s pretty small. It’s pretty small. I thought you might know it, but it’s okay.

RUSH: I don’t know it. How far from Cape Girardeau is it?

CALLER: It’s down the river a little bit, down near Caruthersville.

RUSH: Caruthersville? How long would it take you to get there in the ice storm today?

CALLER: Ha-ha. No, I’m not heading up there. Real quick, then I’ll let you go. I think the Limbaugh Theorem, you’ve been saying it’s cracking. You think it’s totally debunked, sir. I say this because every time I hear Nancy Pelosi or anyone on the left no longer referring to Obamacare as Obamacare, but “the ACA” or “the Affordable Care Act,” I think they’re trying to separate Obama from this health care law.

RUSH: Well, now, that is a good point. I don’t know that it necessarily means the Limbaugh Theorem is totally cracked, but you are exactly right. He has become such a negative that they are trying to take the name Obama off of it.

CALLER: Oh, yes.

RUSH: You’re exactly right.

CALLER: Absolutely. Absolutely. So your theory is being proven time and time again. So when do you call it a fact? I think it’s fact. You see these poll numbers going down. That’s a fact. Why? Because he’s actually being related to laws that are being enacted and hurting the population.

RUSH: Exactly. He is being held accountable. He’s being linked.

CALLER: Yes, he is.

RUSH: People are now linking him to these policies and these negative things that are happening.

CALLER: Exactly, and that’s why you very wisely came up with your theory, ’cause there had to be an explanation.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad that you liked it. I’m glad you accepted it. You know, something else is happening, too, folks, and we had a caller about this three weeks ago, if you remember. Her point was that the reality is people have felt negatively towards Barack Obama for a long time but have been afraid to say so because most people, she said, do not want to be called racist. They don’t even want to think of it.

So they just shut up, and they don’t want to be to be involved in controversy. They’re made nervous by it. They just don’t want to cause any ruffles. They don’t want to risk it. They’re afraid of being noticed as somebody who opposes Obama. They are afraid or were afraid of the government. They would retreat to the bathroom like they used to do in the old Soviet Union to tell each other the truth, figuring that nobody would overhear them there. She said it’s almost okay now.

It’s not fashionable yet, but close to it. It’s permissible now to link Obama to all of these failures, and all it took was a couple of ice breakers, and I think she has a point ’cause the floodgates have opened now. You look at the unemployment news that the Regime put out today. All these brand-new jobs, never mind that almost half of ’em are government jobs. They’re trying to say economy’s roaring back now, real job creation, all kinds of new people reentering the labor force.

But it’s not changing anybody’s mind, and it won’t change anybody’s attitude about the direction of the country. It isn’t enough. I don’t think people believe it. They’re not living it. They’re not living an economic recovery, and therefore they can be honest. It’s different now. They could be told back in the days when the Limbaugh Theorem was actively in play, when Obama was not linked, that the economy was doing well — and even if it wasn’t for them they would assume it was for other people and therefore it was real.

Well, now they’re living it. It isn’t recovering for anybody, and they see it, and they’re not swayed by a stand-alone news item today. And then, in addition to all this new news about brand-new jobs, and new people in the labor force, at the other end of the scale, the Democrats are still demanding another year of emergency unemployment benefits. Now, why? Why do you need to extend and expand unemployment benefits if massive numbers of people are getting jobs all of a sudden?

So there’s all kinds of conflicting things. I’ll tell you something else. What has happened — and it always does if you’re just patient — is the immediate idolatry, slavish media devotion will always come back and bite the beneficiaries of that. The way that manifests itself, I think — and I don’t mean to sound or portray the American people as callous and unfeeling, but you take the attention that the media is giving and the time they’re spending on the death of Mandela.

It’s way, way out of proportion to what’s really going on in people’s lives and what they’re scared about and what matters to them. You add that to the mix, and it just helps people to conclude that they’re out of touch, the media. “This is not what’s important. This doesn’t matter to me. That’s not gonna change my life. Even if I deeply care and am worried about Mandela’s death and I’m saddened by, it isn’t gonna change anything, and the media is spending all this attention intending to guilt people into joining them.”

I think that there’s enough of this backfires, and if that’s not the explanation for this, so be it. There is something else that explains it, because it is real. This is not just one poll or two. It’s been a series of polls the past two to three months that show the bottom falling out of Obama and the Regime, and he doesn’t know what to do to fix it other than to try to buy people with a new government giveaway or another speech.

There’s not much more he can do. When people see, when people live, when people are victimized by the lies of Obamacare, in person — when it happens — they’re not gonna believe the lies of government numbers which show something else. I mean, here there they’re being personally, deeply harmed by Obamacare, and over here there’s great news about the economy? To hell with that! They’re not gonna buy it.

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