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RUSH: It’s either Kimberley Strassel or it’s the other guy, Daniel Henninger, at the Wall Street Journal who has written a column saying that the only role Dingy Harry plays now is left tackle for Barack Obama. That’s all he’s there for, the left tackle, to handle Obama’s blind side, to take care of the pass rush, to protect Obama. Dingy Harry was on KSNV-TV in Las Vegas Tuesday, and… Well, you have to hear it. They were talking about Obamacare. Just listen to this. The guy doing the interview is Jeff Gillan, the info anchor guy at the Las Vegas TV station.

REID: (whispering) Remember what the president said. “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” There is nobody in America has the same insurance that they had when he said this. So he’s been… We’ve had three different years. The policies were only for one year.

GILLAN: That was so damaging, a lot of people said, for the president to go out and say, “You will be able to keep your coverage if you’d like it,” and there were thousands of people who found out that that was not actually possible.

REID: But I — I still go back and say what I said earlier. What he said was true.


REID: If you want to keep the insurance you have, you can keep it. The problem is, we did not put the bill into effect that way. There’s a lot of administrative things that kicked in, and there have been three changes in anyone’s policy since then. It’s not the same policy.

RUSH: He’s still out there saying, “Oh, Obama was telling the truth. It was true for one year, ‘If you like your policy, you can keep it.’ The problem was, the bill didn’t go into effect in that year, so you got screwed because there were all kinds of kicked-in changes.” This guy is living in utter reality denial. He is only there… Well, they say maybe Obama’s left tackle, to protect Obama, but it’s more than that.

He’s just there to continue to lie to spread the Democrat Party agenda. This is incredible, telling people it’s their fault! “You had a chance to keep your plan, but it was only for one year, and everybody’s insurance plan changes from year to year.” No, they don’t, Dingy Harry. That’s the point! People’s plans don’t change. The only reason people’s plans changed is because Obamacare came along and mandated that every policy has to cover certain things now, like birth control pills.

You know, Obama was running around saying, “Well, I never said you get to keep your plan. I always told you that if your plan changes, that that’s it, and I’m not in control of your plan changing. I mean, you gotta take that up to the insurance company. That’s not about us. The insurance companies were required to change everybody’s plans to stay in compliance with Obamacare.” You go talk to anybody, folks, who’s gotten their cancellation letter and has gone out and had to replace the insurance.

You’ll find out that they’re all being told they have to provide birth control pill coverage, even if they’re 60-year-old woman who don’t obviously want it or need it. They still have to buy it, so that Georgetown co-eds can go to bed every night. They have to buy it. Everybody has to buy it. Free contraception, free birth control. There’s all kinds of reproductive stuff in there so that Obama can get the female vote.

There was no way, there was simply no way with the implementation of Obamacare that people’s plans were not gonna change, and here’s Harry Reid saying, “Well, he didn’t tell falsehood! I mean, what he said was true. Plan change? But everybody’s plans changed be after a year, and the problem was, we didn’t write the bill…” He’s just muttering. He mouthing syllables and he doesn’t even know what they mean. It’s just incredible.

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