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RUSH: There was a great story in the Washington Times. In fact, I’ve got three stories on this next theme, and that is the lack of unity on the left about Obama’s latest strategery. “Democratic Infighting Erupts Over ‘We Can Have It All’ Fantasy on Entitlements —

“The Democratic rift over entitlements deepened this week as a top party contender for governor in Pennsylvania came under fire from liberals after a think tank of which she is co-chairwoman criticized economic-populism messages of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.” Now, this kind of got my attention, because if you have Warren and de Blasio are too liberal for mainstream liberals, I mean, that’s a hoot.

“Liberals demanded that gubernatorial candidate Allyson Y. Schwartz cut her ties with Third Way after two of its top officials wrote an op-ed criticizing Ms. Warren and Mr. de Blasio by name, saying they are pushing a ‘”we can have it all” fantasy.’ The activist groups Democracy for America and Progressive Change Campaign Committee pounced, demanding that Mrs. Schwartz, who is now a member of the US House, relinquish her position as honorary co-chairwoman of Third Way.”

Now, what is Third Way? It’s kind of one of these No Labels groups. You know, No Labels is a bunch of Republican moderates who are mostly liberal, who don’t want to be called Republicans. So they call themselves the No Labels gang, and they’re better than everybody else, and they’re more open-minded. They’re kind of like the modern incarnation of moderates.

They’re smarter, more discriminating, not partisan, not closed-minded, not the bigoted. They’re just generally a cut above, No Labels. Third Way is much the same on the left. It’s a bunch of people that are trying to position themselves as centrists, but they’re disguised as leftists because being a leftist does not help them. So it’s just more fraud, it’s more camouflage.

But even the Third Way types are getting ticked off at people like Elizabeth Warren because they’re out there spreading “fantasies,” and the fantasy is that the welfare state can make people rich. It just isn’t true. Now, here’s TheHill.com version of the story. “Democrat Infighting All the Rage.” So what you have here is extreme liberals blasting moderate Third Way that are going after Warren’s idea for Social Security. Now, the thing about this is, the Third Way people attack the extremists.

By the way, they’re all extremists. The Third Way are just phonies, and the extremists are now fighting back at the Third Way types. This is all happening on the Democrat side. There’s all kinds of infighting go, but you’re not hearing about it because it’s not out there. I mean, it is in TheHill.com which is a leftist rag, and you’ve got the Washington Times. Outside of that, it isn’t anywhere. “Key factions of the Democratic Party, which have largely been unified through some trying times in 2013, are now turning on each other.

“Amid the botched rollout of Obamacare and plummeting poll numbers, the simmering tensions within the party have intensified — and become very public. A flashpoint came this week when Third Way, a centrist,” by name only, folks, don’t forget, “Democratic think tank published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal bashing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and her allies for trying to lure the party over a ‘populist cliff.’ They took aim at her proposal to pay for an expansion of Social Security benefits by lifting the cap on payroll taxes. Such taxes do not apply to incomes above $113,700.”

But Elizabeth Warren wanted all income subject to the Social Security tax, FICA, like all income is subjected to Medicare tax. The Third Way types… See, this is a tax increase that would hit them. This is a tax increase take a lot of money out of on their pockets. So now they’re out saying, “The hell with this! What do you mean, making every bit of my income subject to Social Security taxation?”

So they’re attacking Elizabeth Warren for claiming this is panacea and that it’s a way to save Social Security. They say it isn’t. But it all adds up to infighting in the Democrat Party. “This back-and-forth represented a rare display of intraparty bickering, as much of the political media has focused on the GOP tug-of-war between the Tea Party and establishment Republicans. Some contend the internecine fight on the left could continue into the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

“Groups such as the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and Democracy for America pounced on Rep. Allyson Schwartz, an honorary co-chairwoman at Third Way, who is vying with a crowded field to win the Democratic nomination for governor in Pennsylvania,” and then we have an actual release here from the Huffing and Puffington Post on this. “Elizabeth Warren, Liberals Hit Back Against Third Way After Economic Populist Attack —

“A Monday op-ed by the centrist think tank Third Way railing against economic populism has sparked a liberal counterattack, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) calling on big banks to disclose their financial contributions to think tanks and progressive groups calling on Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), who is running for governor, to drop her affiliation with the group.”

So now you have on the left, a split on the idea that there is a utopia out there. Well, it’s a split on how to get there, because the Third Way types have run into a tax increase that they don’t like, ’cause there’s no way to avoid it. Now, everybody pays FICA taxes, and they don’t want any more of this. So this is fascinating. It’s fascinating to watch all this while the writers of the soap opera try to get you focused on how mean-spirited the Republicans are who oppose the minimum wage and are all for income inequality.

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