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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the assault on the traditional, standard American way of life continues unabated, and it is being conducted by a minority of people in this country. There’s an amazing poll out there today from the Investor’s Business Daily, Investors.com which illustrates just what an extreme minority today’s Democrat Party and the American left really is, in terms of minority, in terms of thinking, the body of thought in this country represented by them.

It’s stunning, but, at the same time, it’s optimistic in a sense to learn just how insignificant in numbers they are. Now, that doesn’t tell the whole story, obviously. However, the interesting thing about it is also that it is they who, obviously, when you look at the questions and when you look at the answers in the poll, it’s obviously today’s Democrats, today’s leftists who are the genuine extremists. It ain’t us, folks.

And just to give you an example, here we have the New York Times, I don’t know if you ever thought you would see something like this. I did. The New York Times is bidding farewell to the traditional family, the nuclear family. Mom and dad and 2.8 kids, not possible, except for the wealthy, the white, and the elite. Sayonara, adios, outta there. If you have that kind of a family, you are, A, a problem, B, you are a minority, and, C, you are out of there. And I just want to tell you that this is bogus. This is not the case. This is not what is happening.

The traditional American family, yeah, we’ve got a different family makeup in places, and the definition of family is changing, by design, with the left instituting it. But the idea that the traditional nuclear family is now an oddity and something that was never really natural and needs to be replaced is just absurd. The entire Science Times section of the New York Times way back on November 26th — again, this is something that I missed because I chilled out. I took a break from all this. I’m catching up on all this stuff from the past that I was ignoring while I was out. And in the November 26th Science Times section of the New York Times they were devoted to the redefined American family, and it was written by the noted journalist Natalie Angier.

She identified the traditional family as a thing of the past. “The old-fashioned family plan of stably married parents residing with their children remains a source of considerable power in America –” but not for long after we get through attacking and destroying it, “– but one that is increasingly seen as out of reach to all but the educated elite.”

Now, there might be a sad grain of truth in that in the sense that might explain what is happening to the traditional American family, and, i.e., the uneducated, the low-information crowd, as distinguished from the misinformation crowd. The low-information crowd are the people who are the recipients of wealth transfers, the redistribution of income. I mean, the Democrat Party has succeeded in breaking up those families, no question about that. The Democrat Party and the welfare state has succeeded in busting up the black American family. There is no question about that.

What this story tries to say is that’s normal, that’s natural, that’s the way it was always intended to be, and that’s where we’re headed. And the oddity, the exception here is the white people with mom and dad in a nice house with a family dog and a couple of cats maybe, and 2.8 kids and a picket fence and a couple of cars and a flat screen, that is what’s odd, that’s what’s gotta go, because that’s only attainable to the wealthy white elite. I’m not making this up. This is in the New York Times and they’re celebrating it. They’re trying to make it happen, and it’s why this poll in the Investor’s Business Daily or Investors.com is interesting.

There’s also devastating news out there for Obama on Millennials. He’s losing ’em. He’s losing them big time. I’ll give you all the rest of the details on the New York Times story, but it’s just an unbridled assault. This is not news. This is not the New York Times surveying the country and simply dispassionately reporting. This is advocacy. This is a desire to destroy the traditional American family. “It’s not fair. It may be a good way to raise kids, but it isn’t fair that not everybody can do it, and, since not everybody can do it, nobody can do it, and so we’re gonna side with the people who have no prayer of doing it.”


“Well, they’re uneducated.”

“Why are they uneducated? Who has made that happen? Who’s been in charge of education?”

The Democrat Party. The American left. Why are people uneducated? Why are they poor? The Democrat Party. Who is it that’s told people, “Sit around, wait for us to take care of you, don’t rely on yourself, you don’t have what it takes”? Democrat Party. The Democrat Party’s made all this happen. It’s a route to power for them. It’s insidious. It’s the way they want to control people. It’s the way they ensconce themselves in power, making themselves irreplaceable, making these other people dependent. And now they have created this schism, if you will, the haves and have-nots. They have created that.

They claim capitalism has created it. They created it. It’s taken ’em 50 years of the welfare state since the great old FDR and the New Deal. But they’ve done it. And they are relentless as they continue to do it because for them it’s about changing the way this country was founded. It’s about getting rid of the inequities, the unfairness, the immorality, the injustice of the founding of this country and this is the way it ought to be. If you got two mommies and two daddies and a dog and they represent a family, who’s to say that’s wrong? Who’s to say that’s wrong? Who are you people, you nuclear family people, where are you getting your guide from? The Bible? Hell with that. We don’t believe in the Bible. The Bible, that’s just make-believe.

This is where all this stuff is rooted. I want to try to tell you, even though this onslaught against the traditions — and the traditions and institutions are what make this country great, there’s an attack on them, there has been for a while. I want to try to impress upon you, while they’re having success, they are busting up families, don’t make any mistake about that, I’m not Pollyannish here, they have not destroyed it yet. They have not remade or transformed this country. People are not happy with the direction of this country, and now a vast majority, including the Millennials, they are not happy with the way this country’s going, the direction it’s headed, they don’t like it. They may not yet know how to properly affix blame for it.

I think one of the sad things that’s happening, as I have cleverly noted in the past, particularly when it comes to Millennials, is that they are losing faith in the country, rather than losing faith in Obama and the Democrat Party. That’s what they must realize that they have gotta give up their trust in. The Democrat Party is responsible for that. That’s not broad brushing here. The Democrat Party represents this. The Democrat Party stands for this. The Democrat Party promotes this. The Democrat Party is where you find real out of the mainstream extremism today. Make no mistake about that. And don’t be afraid to say so, folks.

Here’s a companion piece to the New York Times story about the nuclear family. It’s just so uncool now. You ought to see the picture that accompanies this. See that picture? Showing you this on the Dittocam. That is what is not possible in America today. That’s what’s wrong with America. I’m showing this picture in the New York Times on the Dittocam. If you don’t have the Dittocam, get it. You get it by joining Rush 24/7 at RushLimbaugh.com. It doesn’t cost much, just do it. That way you can see all this. You know, people say to me, “Rush, why don’t you get back on TV?” I’m on TV every day, three hours a day, right here, my way. I don’t have to go on TV to be on TV.

Here it is again. That picture accompanies the story the New York Times about how that is what is no longer attainable for people in this country. Does that picture look to you like it’s threatening anybody? The people in this picture, is that a problem? You have to understand, to the American left, it is. To the Democrat Party, it is, and to the New York Times, it is. What the picture is, you’ve got a guy, 35, 40 years old here, and his wife, and their three kids, and they’re smiling, they’re happy. How dare they. They’re smiling, they’re happy, but what they don’t know is it’s over for them. They’re dinosaurs. They’re living in Jurassic Park and the left is coming for them in their neighborhoods and they’re gonna turn it all upside down. They’re starting all this in the schools.

The companion story, this is from ABC News. I’ll give you the headline: “Sites Match Potential Co-Parents, Skip Love and Marriage.” This is about people that want to be parents but don’t want to get married. They just want to hook up and have babies and then have a family but never see the other spouse. Kind of like a Match.com for kids. (No offense, Match.com.) Listen to this: “Rachel Hope of Los Angeles says she’s ready to be a mother again. She’d like to get pregnant next month.

“The thing is, she has no idea who the father will be. Hope is one of a growing number of Americans interested in exploding the old 1950s notion of the nuclear family.” Isn’t this fascinating? The New York Times on November 26th, and here we are yesterday, December 3rd, they’re already on it. These people are relentless. They just never stop coming at us. Let’s see if we can find some woman in LA who doesn’t like the nuclear family. “Hope is one of a growing number of Americans interested in exploding the old 1950s notion of the nuclear family.”

The nuclear family goes back to the Bible, which is its problem with the left. There’s nothing they can do about fifties. You know, to these people, the nuclear family is Ozzie and Harriet, and Beaver Cleaver, and it just isn’t possible. That was fantasyland, that was make-believe, that was never real, and that’s not possible today. You can’t have mom and dad and three kids with all that wealth. It just not possible. And to be happy? It’s not right! It isn’t fair. It’s not possible.

So now we’re being treated to news stories about it, apparently. You think Rachel Hope, whoever she is, is actually running around LA, “You know what? I’m gonna blow up the nuclear family! You know, I’m sick of it. I hate the nuclear family. I’m gonna be part of a movement that blows it up.” Rachel Hope doesn’t have the slightest clue. Let’s get rest of the details and you figure out what she is on your own. Rachel Hope, it says here at ABC News, “is one of a growing number of Americans interested in exploding the old 1950s notion of the nuclear family.

“She’s not looking for love.” Oh no! No. “She wants a co-parent.” I’m telling you, folks, the idea that the nuclear family dates back to the fifties? Only in a low-information world could you make people believe that the nuclear family was invented in the fifties — and why would you do that, by the way? If you’re the American left, why would you say that the nuclear family was invented in the fifties? Well, to make it unhip, to make it uncool!

Oh, my God, that’s ancient! Also, to tell these young kids and the Millennials, “You want to live like they did in the fifties? You can’t go back to that! Look how square things were back in then. They wore letter jackets! I mean, look at that. Did you see the movie? Who wants to go back to that?” That’s why they’re trying to peg the nuclear family to the fifties, to make it unhip. The nuclear family traces back to God-d, and just saying that is like showing Dracula the cross.

By the way, folks, do you know what Obama is out doing today? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. He’s out ripping trickle-down economics. Pope Obama! The pope is paving the way for Obama to once now join — well, Obama’s not joining; he’s done it before — ripping into free market capitalism by calling it “trickle-down.” He’s not quoting the pope. He just knows the pope said it. The pope’s giving Obama cover. Ah, I got the sound bites. It’s all coming up.

I’m still it is not through with this co-parent story. Rachel Hope is running around Los Angeles, part of “a growing movement” ahem that wants to blow up the nuclear family, and she’s not interested in love. She’s not looking for love. She looking to co-parent. She’s a 42-year-old mother, so she been there and done that, but she wants it again. Here’s a quote: “If you’re blessed to meet a soul mate and you just gel and it works and you have children, that’s ideal, no one is disputing.

“But what about the rest of us who didn’t meet that person, or not in time?” You see, everybody’s a victim, and now poor Rachel’s a victim of relationships. It just never happened for her, and that makes it our problem. We have to fix it for her because we devised a system where people run around and they date and they meet each other and some people find their soul mates and some don’t — and the people that don’t, it isn’t fair.

The people that do and have happy relationships, they’re gonna pay the price. It’s not fair that people like Rachel were denied. Look at this. “If you’re blessed to meet a soul mate … that’s ideal, no one is disputing. But what about the rest of us who didn’t meet that person, or not in time?” (crying) Rachel “Hope already has two kids from two different fathers: Jesse, 22, whose father was her childhood best friend, and Grace, 4, whose father is her current housemate, Paul Wenner. Wenner loves his daughter, but at age 67, he doesn’t want any more children.”


RUSH: By the way, is it a coincidence, ladies and gentlemen, that the New York Times would be focusing on the end of, the destruction of, the dissolving of the nuclear family, while they have been championing the gay agenda, especially same-sex marriage for more than any other newspaper on the planet? I’m telling you, this is an agenda. They’re not strictly reporting what is happening. They want this.

It’s like the same way they use polling data. They want to bring about the end of the nuclear family. Now, in areas where they control people’s income –I’m talking about Democrat Party and the left, the welfare state — they are destroying the nuclear family, but it’s not because that’s what those people want to happen. People whose families are being destroyed are not voting Democrat for that to happen.

They think the exact opposite. They think the Democrats are going to take care of ’em. And the Democrats end up becoming the husband and the father, and the family gets blown to smithereens. That’s what’s happened to black community, and it’s not me saying it. It’s countless African-Americans who say this. They were the first ones, in fact, to bring it to my attention, the way some of them look at it.

Now, this Rachel Hope babe, it turns out there’s a website out there called Partnered Parent, and she is trying to make a career out of this. She has her own magazine and a website. “Rachel Hope has a 22-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter, both from thriving parenting partnerships. While she seeks a third parenting partner for herself, Rachel’s overall mission is to include more and more parenting partners and their children in a growing family tribe and world community.

“As large numbers of people begin to realize their dream of kids in loving and sustainable families, partnered parenting will be recognized and celebrated among people of every gender, lifestyle, creed and race. … Rachel says, ‘I’m focusing on the practical issues that people need to address. A great joy for me is teaching others how to screen people on the Internet, how to arrange meetings with the best candidates, and how to negotiate an effective Partnered Parenting contract that will be in everyone’s best interests.'”

Now, we used to call that “marriage.”


RUSH: One more thing here on this website here that’s promoting “co-parenting” as the people that believe in this are said to be eager to blow up the notion of the 1950s nuclear family. I just want to assure all of you, the nuclear family goes back to the Bible. The fifties had no claim on it, and nothing to do with it. They just telling you that it is a fifties creation ’cause they want you to think it’s uncool and unhip.

Make no mistake, this is not just a little human interest story. There is an agenda to this like there is to everything the left and the Democrat Party and the media do. There is no news. There is no reporting. There is simply advancing the agenda. That is all it is. The news today is simply a soap opera with the requisite amount of suspense, drama, heroes, villains — and it is also just like a soap opera in the sense that they never deal with the reality of anything.

Obamacare is just some fascinating thing that has them interested in whether or not the great hero who might be on the verge of becoming a victim can save the day. The effect that it’s having on people is of no consequence, is of no interest to the people reporting it. They couldn’t care less what the real impact on people is of this thing. It’s just the latest thing to keep ’em interested, just the latest thing to keep ’em from getting bored. It’s all it is in terms of the media.

Now, in this website here trying to match potential co-parents, there’s an organization from Los Angeles called “Modamily.” It’s “modern family,” I guess, and the CEO and the founder of Modamily is a guy named Ivan Fatovic. “Ivan, what did you want to be when you grow up?” Well, you know what I wanted to do, Mr. Limbaugh? I wanted to run a website that blew up the nuclear family!”

I’m always fascinated by what people grow up to be, what they wanted to be, if they could ever imagine themselves doing what they’re doing. Anyway, Ivan (it might be E’vahn, I don’t know how he pronounces it) Fatovic said that his website “steers co-parents to the resources they will need after they connect with the right match. ‘You see a lawyer, get a co-parenting agreement, do background checks to make sure everything is OK,’ Fatovic said.”

That’s how you find your co-parent, and then that’s what you do afterwards. So they’re taking the prenup and they’re turning it into a whatever.
“Finances, costs, and custody are all issues to sort out. So is how couples plan to become pregnant.” Hey, just because you come up with a co-parent, it doesn’t mean that one of ’em’s gonna agree to sleep you. That’s a whole ‘nother thing. That’s not part of the deal. You gotta negotiate that, too. “Will it be natural or artificial insemination? Most likely, the latter.”

They say here that most likely you find a co-parenting partner, it’s gonna be artificial insemination. There isn’t gonna be… Maybe, I don’t know. Look. “Legal experts told ABC News that making babies this way could be fraught with potential pitfalls.” No kidding. You think so? (laughing) Folks, I’m telling you these people are being portrayed as the coming thing, the latest thing that’s gonna overtake the nuclear family — and they’re not.

They are (as most of these kind of crazy, kooky things are) a minority being promoted and amplified by a media that wants them being made to look bigger than they are. If you are in a nuclear family, you are now supposed to start feeling guilty and responsible for other people’s unhappiness, and you are to feel guilty just like you’re responsible for global warming.

You are to feel guilty because somehow you have the means to have a nuclear family, and it just isn’t fair! Other people that don’t are victims of you and you have to make it right — and how do make it right? Well, you look the other way while all this is happening and maybe you pay additional taxes to support it or whatever, but you are being guilt tripped. I know the cycle here. I know how this all happens.


RUSH: I’m trying to stay away from that. Look, folks, this co-parenting thing, it started in the gay community, and I know that, but I don’t want to focus on that. That doesn’t matter.

I don’t need that element of the story, ’cause that’ll just provide a target for people to start going after rather than the focus of what this thing means. I don’t care where it started. I know full well what’s going on behind this co-parenting thing. I know full well what’s going on, and you do too, behind this effort to bust up the nuclear family. You know damn well it’s just like every other tradition or institution that has defined this country since the founding.

They’re all under assault, every damn one of them every day, primarily by people who for just, whatever reason, don’t think they fit in with it and nobody wants to feel abnormally, kooky or weird so they try to redefine what’s normal. That’s what’s going on and it’s been going on for my whole life and it’s not gonna stop. The difference is now is that you’ve got a whole political party that sponsors and promotes that, raises money for people, and then pays them back with votes.


RUSH: I want to try to combine all the elements here, and phone calls are one of them. So we’ll start in Newport Beach, California. Hi, Steve. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I’ve really enjoyed your show over the last couple decades. I just wanted to comment about your analysis on the New York Times and their liberal bias.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’m a lifelong Republican. I believe there’s a liberal bias in the media, but don’t forget that just like your show is the Lord to your audience, the New York Times tailors their stories to their audience, and the biggest gay and lesbian community in the country is in New York, so it shouldn’t surprise anybody that their articles are tailored to that particular audience. Just saying.

RUSH: I don’t dispute that at all. But I’m gonna be honest with you. I’ve got an agenda here. I’m trying to save America. The New York Times has an agenda, there’s no question. Of course they’re serving their audience, you’re exactly right. But the New York Times also sets the table for news coverage in newsrooms everywhere across the country. What’s in the New York Times is where news directors at smaller outlets and the networks get their guidance on what’s important, what’s news and so forth. They’ve played that role for the longest time, longer than I’ve been alive, and it’s alive and well today, but there’s no question that they care more about just serving an audience. They are trying to effect outcomes. There’s no question about it.

CALLER: Well, if we’re really concerned about the situation, and I am, complaining about the media is really the cart — is, you know — the horse is out of the barn. We really need to focus on education and get in front of the problem instead of worrying about what’s said after the fact as people who are adults and out of the system.

RUSH: Uh, no question. I mean, you’re singing my song here. You’re singing my song here because I think having lost education is one of the reasons we’re where we are. However, I’m not gonna just give up and say, “Okay, well, we’ve lost the media and the media is who they are.” I’m not complaining about that. I’m not one of those. Those people who do that bug me, too. I’m not complaining about ’em. And if I sound like I’m complaining, let me just correct you. I’m not complaining. I’m informing.

I’m gonna tell you something, Steve. There’s a whole bunch of low-information people in this country who have no clue that the media is biased. They just believe everything in it, whether it’s TMZ or CNN or Yahoo news, they just believe it. And one of the many things that I’m trying to do here is offer education to people and help them creatively, thinkingly analyze what they are told and by whom so that they can perhaps learn to be discriminating in whether or not what they’re hearing and seeing and reading is truthful. It’s no different, the education that’s taking place outside the classroom, it’s happening here on the radio, and it’s occurring among people who have already come out of the education system and now they’re adults leading their lives.

And it’s working, by the way. I get more and more e-mail, phone calls from people, “You know, I used to think X, but I finally stumbled across you, and now I know what I was doing wrong,” or “what I believed wasn’t true.” The difference is, I will admit my agenda, proudly. I’m proud of my agenda. I’m proud of what I believe in. I’m proud of what I’m trying to achieve. The New York Times and the rest of the media will not even admit they have an agenda. That’s a big difference. Great call, Steve. Thanks much.


RUSH: I went to the e-mail in the break, and it was typical. I fully expected it. “Rush, why can’t you just leave well enough alone? They’re not hurting you. Okay, so a bunch of people want to hook up and become parents; what do you care, Rush? Why can’t you just leave it alone? Why can’t you just let people –” Because they are the ones who can’t leave it alone. This is the point. I don’t care. I don’t care whether it’s smoking, vegetarianism, whatever it is, it’s the left that’s not content to live their lives the way they want to. They force their way on everybody else or penalize people who don’t live and speak the way they do.

I’m totally content, if some oddballs want to start a website and come up with a way to have babies without actually knowing themselves and having sex, have at it. But don’t at the same time tell me that I’m the weird one. Don’t tell me and everybody else that we’re the problem and the kooks and that we’re the ones that are making you do the strange stuff. Own it if you want to.

Folks, you know as well as I do, it isn’t us that are trying to force change and force our way on people. It’s the exact opposite. We’re here minding our own business. We’re playing by the rules. We’re trying to do the best we can. We know we’re not perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. We’re trying to keep our kids healthy. We’re trying to keep ’em away from bad influences, crime, drugs, you name it, and yet there are these forces pushing at us from every which way, and they’re trying to redefine what normal is. No, I’m not surprised I got that e-mail. I think it’s a seminar e-mailer. If you speak out against any of this extremism that the left engages in you become a target or they’re gonna shut you up or do some other thing to you to try to intimidate you into being quiet.

They are not going to be judged. They are not going to have anybody inspect or examine them. No way. I don’t know who first coined the term, but “the culture war,” there’s no question about it. Pat Buchanan has written about it. Judge Bork wrote about it. It’s common, but imagine that you are a Millennial, and you read a story, or you hear me, El Rushbo, tell you about a story, how women are hooking up to get pregnant. They’re not moving in with each other. They’re co-parents, but that’s it. I mean, they’re just inspecting people on websites and all that, but it’s an organization of women who are hooking up, trying to get pregnant.

Now, imagine that you are a Millennial, and you hear this, and you’re being told, “Well, this is the new normal. To hell with this dating and courting and love and marriage and all that. Just go to the website, vet somebody, find a way to artificially inseminate whoever and have a kid.” On the one hand, the Millennials are being told that their abortions should be free, paid for by taxpayers. On the other hand, they’ve gotta go to a damn website to find a man willing to donate a sperm so they get pregnant.

Would you not be confused if you were a Millennial? What are you supposed to? Have the abortion, or go to a website, find some sperm, and get pregnant? (interruption) What did you say, Snerdley? You think the abortion is — it is a tough choice. What are you supposed to do? It’s confusing. And the website people who are pushing this co-parenting business, they’re trying to pass themselves off as the new normal. Well, yeah, this is the generation of guys that don’t want to own cars. You know, that really bugs Snerdley. When he found out that there was a survey of a bunch of Millennials, primarily that live in big cities who have no interest in cars, “They’re not real guys. You can’t be a guy and not want a car or care about cars,” or what have you. And that’s just a sign of different places that we all come from. It is. This is exactly my point.

This is why, and it’s why I’m trying to tell people to hold on. This kind of stuff that we’re talking about, this all-out assault on the nuclear family, and on the other side here, this co-parenting. And then on the other side have an abortion paid for by your neighbors, this is why people think the country’s falling party. And I’m telling you, that is purposeful. That is the result of an agenda. Do you want to be led by the miserable, folks? Do you want to be led by the discontented and the unhappy? I mean, sometimes you’re discontented. I’m talking about people who are institutionally so. Forever mad, cannot be pleased, cannot be happy, it isn’t in their makeup. I don’t want them defining anything. I don’t want that kind of negativism dominating culture and life and everything.

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