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RUSH: Glenn somewhere in Texas. I’ve got these sound bites. I gotta get to these sound bites, too, ’cause I promised you, but I have a mixture of things I want to try to get in before we finish. So Glenn somewhere in Texas, it’s great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. It’s great to talk to you. As I was telling your call-taker, I don’t know where I’m at right now. I was a longtime Democrat. I’m a union firefighter. My wife’s a teacher. We have a child with a disability, and it all started back during the sequester. You know, I’ve been saving for over a year to take my family on a vacation, and during the sequester they started telling us how they couldn’t cut back. This was gonna kill the government.

I just sat back, and I said, “You know, man, I’m struggling to get by. I’m paying back taxes. The government’s taking more and more money from me, and they can’t cut back? It’s just not making any sense.” So I’ve started listening to you here recently, and one of the things that keep hearing are references to “the low-information voter,” and I just think there’s another category out there, people like myself, a misinformed voter. I never thought of myself as low informed because, you know, I we got informationals from our union and, you know, various organizations.

But it’s just all one-sided, and then I was buying into it.

As I told your call-taker, I don’t know where I’m at anymore. I’ve always thought of myself as a southern Democrat, different than a Northeastern Democrat, different from a West Coast Democrat. But I’m losing faith in that system because I’m just realizing that the government’s telling us they can’t cut back, but everyone else is forced to. Here I am struggling, and I’m a union firefighter, my wife’s a teacher, and it just didn’t make sense. So I think when you reference the low-information, there are also the many low-informed voters out there.

RUSH: There’s no question you’re right about that. There is the misinformed voter, and there is also the low-information voter. Glenn, what’s happening is, it sounds like reality is starting to catch up with you, because you are exactly right. Here’s a federal government that has $17 trillion in debt. It’s spent, minimum, $17 trillion it doesn’t have. It collects $2.5 trillion from you and me and everybody else every year, and let them be faced with doing with a dollar less and they cannot deal with it.

Yet when they turn around and raise fees or taxes on you, you’re supposed to deal with it. You’re supposed to manage. You’re supposed to do it for the good of your government and so forth. Now, you say you’ve been a lifelong Democrat, a southern Democrat. What you’re coming up against is a hard, cold reality that you’re really not one, the way you’re thinking. You’re not one. You’re not a southern, northern, eastern, western, whatever, Democrat. You’re not an above-ground, below-ground Democrat at all with the thinking that you’re engaging in now because you are exactly right.

They spent $17 trillion that they don’t have. Under this man, Obama’s administration alone, $6 trillion has been spent that we don’t have — and they want more! They want more, and they claim that you are gonna have to pay it. You’re gonna have to pay more for health care. You’re gonna have to pay more in taxes. You’re gonna have to pay more for gasoline and oil because you’re polluting the world, Glenn. You and your family, people like you, you’re destroying the environment. That’s who those people are.

I think you’re educating yourself now — of course, with the assistance of this program, as you mentioned.

CALLER: Yeah, well, my wife’s not as quick to come across the aisle, you know. She’s still kind of burrowed in, but I keep at least trying.

RUSH: That’s because she thinks the Democrats care more about people than anybody else. That’s a ruse that they succeeded with. She thinks that the Republicans don’t care about people and the Democrats do and she thinks she cares about people. That’s one of the ruses that they’ve pulled is convince everybody that they own compassion. They don’t have compassion for anybody. They use people.


RUSH: They destroy people’s families. They destroy people’s lives. I have a story — I didn’t have a chance to get to it — about the obesity in this country. There’s a story today that most of the childhood obesity is minority, African-American, and this story links it to food stamps, which makes total sense. We have nearly 40, 49 million Americans on food stamps, and they can buy whatever they want with it.

The Democrat Party has made everybody they can think that they’re victims, which makes them entitled, which makes them feel like they’re owed something, because they’ve been victimized, in most part, by this evil country, and its evil past or whatever. Even the food stamp program — designed in compassion, designed to assist the starving, designed to assist our fellow citizens in need — is now contributing (I believe it, by the way) to a rampant epidemic of obesity in the minority community.

There’s no question about it. Liberalism divides, damages, destroys. There isn’t any real compassion in it. All there is is a phony message of compassion, and I’m sure that’s why your wife is finding it more difficult to cross the aisle. She’s falling for the emotional play. It’s a Washington Times story: “Obama’s Obesity Epidemic — More Food Stamps Mean Fatter Kids.” I just to show you I wasn’t making it up.

All right. Glenn, I appreciate the call.

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